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Publish Or Perish


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Publish Or Perish

  1. 1. Publish or Perish 2.0 The Technology Factor
  2. 2. Lena L. West award-winning social media consultant,  blogger, speaker, journalist and technologist experienced social media strategist and developer columnist and blogger for Entrepreneur Magazine blogger for FastCompany Magazine
  3. 3. When you understand the drivers, you understand the game. Video: Social Media Revolution The Imperative
  4. 4. Use your ‘why’ to guide you. Your ‘Why’?
  5. 5. Examine your marketing. What’s working? What’s not? You CAN Have It All
  6. 6. Selecting the wrong tool is costly. Real Women Do Social Media Case Study: MK Performance Group The Right Tool for the Job
  7. 7. Use your calendar ruthlessly. Use Your Calendar
  8. 8. Stay organized. Stay in control. Leverage Software
  9. 9. Which services/tools will you use? Which will you ignore? Create Your Short List
  10. 10. Set Boundaries Who will you “friend”? Who will you ignore? Set rules for reach service. Real Women Do Social Media Case Study: my Facebook/LinkedIn strategy
  11. 11. Social media doesn’t replace anything; it’s like make-up – it enhances. Real Women Do Social Media Case Study: Urban Interns Classic Cookies Avoid New ‘Wheels’
  12. 12. Have something to say and be willing to say it. Use ‘The Reciprocity Rule’. Get Business
  13. 13. On track or not? Recognize a derailed effort. Triage & troubleshoot. Measure
  14. 14. Questions? Q&A