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Find the Missing Link with LinkedIn: Drive Leads, Visibility + Sales with Low-Tech Tactics that WORK


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LinkedIn has made almost as many changes as Facebook! Who can keep up much less get any real business benefits from it? In this session, Social Media Strategist Lena West will share some of the valuable tactics she teaches her Private Coaching Clients. You’ll leave with easy things you can do on LinkedIn that will make a difference in your LinkedIn presence and wallet. Discover the #1 mistake 60% of LinkedIn users make that cost them business and puts a ding in their reputation, how to EASILY and painlessly build your LinkedIn network and why your “best friends” on LinkedIn are the letters E and R. Learn why it may not be ideal to start your own group, and what you probably want to do instead, how Google will lead you to LinkedIn victory with minimal effort and high returns, and more!

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Find the Missing Link with LinkedIn: Drive Leads, Visibility + Sales with Low-Tech Tactics that WORK

  1. 1. FIND THE MISSING LINK WITH LINKEDIN Drive Leads, Visibility + Sales with Low-Tech Tactics that WORK
  2. 2. Old Paradigm… Led to… Study hard Work hard Be determined Keep your head down Do a good job Good grades High test scores Pats-on-the-back Kept your job Merit-based promotion
  3. 3. The Good Results Women have earned more college degrees than men since the mid-90’s Nearly 40% of MBA students are women Almost 50% of the workforce is women
  4. 4. The Not-So-Good Results In Fortune 500 firms, only 15% of senior leaders and 3% of CEOs are women Only about 10% of women-owned companies receive equity capital Majority of elected officials are male
  5. 5. Still??? WHY????
  6. 6. Sylvia Ann Hewlett The Sponsor Effect: Breaking Through the Last Glass Ceiling Men outscore women, by a large margin, in understanding some critical realities about career advancement. Women, are likelier to feel that hard work alone is the key to the top – and that means we often underestimate the value of being visible and well-connected.
  7. 7. So What Needs to Be Done? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Promote yourself Highlight your accomplishments Be visible (organization and industry) Build a supportive network Lather, rinse + repeat
  8. 8. PROMOTE #1 mistake 60% of LinkedIn users make?
  9. 9. HIGHLIGHT Status updates + groups
  10. 10. VISIBILITY Bought to you by the letters ‘E’ and ‘R’
  11. 11. BUILD There’s an app for that!
  12. 12. Results 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Better visibility on Google Don’t have to manage or grow a group Have a system for “card pileup” Increased visibility among peers + industry Value-based promotions + projects Choice of positions + projects
  13. 13. Q+A Questions?
  14. 14. Up Level Your Social Results $97/mo. + TODAY ONLY: 20-minute one-on-one call with me
  15. 15. Connect with Me @LenaWest 888-78-SOCIAL