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Xyngular opportunity ,RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS 2011


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You + Xyngular = 2011 Grammy Awards In HOLLYWOOD!

Nobody has a better compensation plan than Xyngular! Nobody! The unilevels of the past, the forced matrix and the binary are the equivalent of riding a horse as opposed to driving a car…stop living in the Stone Age! Only Xyngular has revolutionary products, pays you daily, and sends you around the world for your hard work!

And now, Xyngular is taking you to a place no other company can dream of-The Red Carpet in Hollywood for the Grammy Awards on Sunday February 13, 2011! You’ll get tickets to the live telecast and official after party! Sound great? Trust us, IT IS! Choose to live your life like ours-THE XYNGULAR WAY!

If you happened to miss the announcement (we hope nobody did!) or just want to hear it again to make sure you weren’t dreaming, click here to download an mp3 of the call with Marc Schenkel. Post this mp3 on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you can to get the word out! Xyngular is changing the industry with this life-changing promotion, so let’s make sure EVERYONE knows about it!

As part of this incredible promo, the Distributor with the most personally sponsored new front-line Group Volume for August will receive two all-inclusive, all access tickets to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 13, 2011. Past Grammy performers have included Lady Gaga, Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, and now YOU have the chance to rub shoulders with all the who’s who of Hollywood! Included in this chance of a lifetime will be accommodation at the Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles, 2 all-access VIP tickets to the Grammy telecast, access to the pre-telecast and red carpet, and a chance to attend the Grammy after party to really hang with the stars! This is the chance of a lifetime! A promotion like this has never been seen before in Network Marketing, and Xyngular is proud to bring it to our Distributors!

• For the promo, orders to be counted must be at 120 PV and above from new front-line Distributors who sign up in August.

• There must also be a September auto ship received of at least 120 PV for the August volume to count. (For instance, if Tom enrolls at 360 PV, once his September auto ship is sent at a minimum of at least 120 PV is sent, his 360 PV from August will be counted).

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Xyngular opportunity ,RED CARPET GRAMMY AWARDS 2011

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  8. 12. <ul><li>“ If you want to distance yourself from the masses and enjoy a unique lifestyle, understand this – your habits will determine your future…It’s that important. </li></ul><ul><li>Remember, successful people don’t drift to the top. It takes focused action, personal discipline and lots of energy every day to make things happen. The habits you develop from this day forward will ultimately determine how your future works out. Rich or poor – Healthy or unhealthy – Fulfilled or unfulfilled – Happy or unhappy – it’s your choice so choose wisely.” </li></ul>