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Research into existing products.

Published in: Education
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  2. 2. UNDERSTANDING OF CONVENTIONS.  Magazines - Mast head - Main Image - Strapline - Cover lines - Bar codes - Price / Date - Web address  Poster -Main image -Tagline -Connotative text -Social media links -Web address ( perhaps to the magazine?) -Point of call information (Broadcaster, Time and date)
  3. 3. MAGAZINE Inside Soap -Red and yellow colour scheme -Usage of the exclamation mark -Repetition “Every” -Cover line stories above mast head -Character interaction with the mast head. - Images placed within shapes- Background retained. These are all codes and conventions of a magazine that make them fit for purpose. I would like to “repeat” (Steve Neale) these so that my own work is successful. TV & Satellite week -The verbal code “NEW” encased in a box, adjacent to a new series or episode. -Angled images/cover lines -Date above the masthead -Focused on the main image- so takes up most of the magazine front cover space.
  4. 4. POSTER  This poster has the characters encompassed in fire, connoting their fiery personalities, and perhaps that they may all be in danger. The fact that they are all to be affected, by this fire is also emphasised, since no one is spared. However since they are all fairly young, the poster is trying to entice the younger audience members. In accordance with Hartley‟s subjectivity of Gender, it  The point of call information is highlighted in white to stand out, and is fairly simplistic, as it refers to the tagline and brand females in the middle and the two males on the name in the same sentence, with a simple “Starts Fri 5 Nov”. This symbolises their popularity and the fact that they are a very outskirts. This connotes how perhaps the female sex are well known „Soap‟. The broadcaster information is fairly large, in charge and of higher authority. The fact that they are with a channel 4 logo on the right. The body language of the characters also reveal that the female in the canter may be all unclothed is perhaps a physical representation of feeling lonely or victimised by the others, who seem to revel in their vulnerability or sexual prowess. the fire (a potential disequilibrium), whereas she seems to fear it. is clear that this is prominent in this soap, with three