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Mind map pre-production


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Mind map pre-production

  1. 1. Ideas  for  Soap  Opera   Name   Life,  Love  &  Lies   -­‐ Life,  casual   everyday   ongoing  life   that  teens  live.   -­‐ Love,  romance   –   relationships   between   family  and   friends   -­‐ Lies  –  Deceit   between   couples  and   family.   Young  &  Reckless   -­‐ Young,   focusing  on   our  target   audience  so   they  can   relate  to  the   soap  opera.   -­‐ Reckless,   quick   decisions,  bad   and  good.     Character  Names   Groom   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Best  Man   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Bride   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐   Setting/Location   Wedding   -­‐ St.  Ignatius   Church   Reception   -­‐ Loyola  Center     Gregory   Marcus   Michael   James   Zach   Martin   Channel/Scheduling   Valerie   Eva   Evelyn   BBC  Three   -­‐ Omnibus  during   day,  new   episodes  at  night   -­‐ Prime  time,   mature  rating   20:00   -­‐ Prime  time       Target  Audience   Teenager  to  Young  Adult   -­‐ Relate  to  our   characters   (Katz)   -­‐ Most  likely  to   watch  during   prime  time       Cinematography/Editing   Establishing  shot   -­‐ Opening   church  doors,   POV.   Long  shot   -­‐ Altar  to   church  doors,   everyone   looking  at  the   bride   entering.   Tracking   -­‐ Down  the   aisle  until  on   altar.   Cross-­‐cutting   -­‐ Mid  shots  of   Best  Man  and   Family  as  well   as  the  altar.   Cut-­‐ins   -­‐ Of  the  phone   with  text   Tilt   -­‐ Toe  to  head   when  at  the   altar  with  a   separation   border  in   between   cutting  off   holding  hands     Character  Type   Bride   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Groom   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Best  Man   -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Femme  Fatale   Seductive   Promiscuous   Nonchalant   Happy   Excited   Guilty   Angry   Bitter   Steve  Neale   Repeating   -­‐ Marriage   -­‐ Romance   -­‐ Teen   pregnancy   -­‐ Relationships   Different   -­‐ Location,   suburban,   residential   -­‐ Naming  show,   American