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Letter to the church! real


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Letter to the church! real

  1. 1. St  Paul’s  Catholic  College     Manor  Lane   Sunbury-­‐on-­‐Thames   TW16  6JE     26th  Wednesday  2013     Dear  Sir  or  Madam,     For  educational  purposes  only,  we-­‐  A2  Media  Studies  students  of  St.  Paul’s  Catholic   college  located  in  Sunbury-­‐  On  –Thames,  would  like  to  film  at  St  Mary’s  Church   within  the  Sunbury  area.       The  filming  date  will  be  on  be  23rd  of  October  between  12:45-­‐16:45,  the  footage   would  only  be  used  in  a  media  production  for  A  Level  coursework,  which  is  a  soap   opera  trailer.  We  would  like  to  stress  that  no  harm  will  be  caused  to  the   environment  we  work  in  or  the  pedestrians  around  us.    We  will  not  be  using  any   other  equipment  other  than  costume  and  also  do  not  need  to  move  any  ornaments   around.     We  would  therefore  like  to  request  permission  to  film  at  St.  Mary’s  Church  on  this   specific  date.     If  you  need  to  contact  the  Head  of  Media  Studies  teacher  Mr.  N  Crafts,  he  can  be   reached  on  ncrafts@st-­‐  Or  alternatively  the  school  number  is   01932  783  811.     Yours  Sincerely,     Students  of  St  Paul’s  Catholic  College                         Nathan  Cordero   Charlene  Fernandes                               Sarah  Hutton.               Ridgeway  Mazvimavi