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Contacting our locations new newww


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Media A2 emails from our locations.

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Contacting our locations new newww

  1. 1. Contacting our Locations
  2. 2. Locations • Holiday Inn – No. There was no response, after a phone call from our group. Plus it would not be financially reasonable, if they said yes. • St Ignatius – No to Wedding but YES for the reception. Verbal consent was given, however after some more communication, the church decided that we could not use its interior for filming (Wedding). However on the upside, the manning room at the back is useable for our reception. • Open door church –No . After lots of communication via email and visits, this church was deemed unusable as our filming dates clashed with church activities. ( Wedding ) •St Marys- SUCCESS. A church in Sunbury, that agreed after verbal communication and several emails from ourselves and our media teacher. • St. Saviours-Failed. Verbal communication, resulted in a call from the church saying that they were busy during our filming dates. • St Lawrence- Plan B – Success. After a few calls, the church called back and said that we could use their location, in case of emergency. •Methodist church in Ashford- ?- Lack of communication; an option not fully explored.
  3. 3. St Ignatius 1 2
  4. 4. St Ignatius 3 4 5
  5. 5. Open door church 1
  6. 6. Open door church 2
  7. 7. Open door church 3
  8. 8. St Mary’s 1
  9. 9. St Mary’s 3 2
  10. 10. St Mary’s 4