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  1. 1. Thorn Lane and Hollyoaks - Thorn Lane Hollyoaks black wedding trailer.
  2. 2. Front view mid-shot of bride and her company- In Thorn Lane it is just her bridesmaids, whereas in Hollyoaks its her mother ( although it is traditionally a father ) and as shown previously in the trailer; her bridesmaids as well. Both images are mid shots, because the pregnancy needs to be revealed. However, in our ‘Soap’ she is still in her early weeks, and the fact that she is carrying, is not known to the audience as of yet. Cut-away shots are needed to break up the flow of narration, Thorn lane uses this opportunity to give an ‘enigma clue’ (Barthes) to the viewers, where as Hollyoaks uses it to reveal location, music source and time of day as shown through the day light streaming through.
  3. 3. Both these images denote the female protagonist expression; there is apprehension and fear present, and this is important to show since it reveals that the characters she is looking at maybe the “villain” (Propp) in this narrative. This Point of view shot reveals to the audience that these characters may be the villains, who may disapprove of this marriage; this is evident throughout the mise-en-scene, since the characters hold a very ‘disgusted’ look on their faces.
  4. 4. Another cut-away shot; this time a close up. In Thorn Lane’s trailer, we decided to do a tilt of the candle light on the alter. In fact in post-production we decided to reverse the tilt, so it tilted up to the light, which connotes their hopes as light has connotations of hope, God and happiness. God’s presence in this church is acknowledged in this way, and her deception is made even worse by this. The broken doll, also had symbolism since it was a subtle threat against the baby. The high angle shot was essential, it denoted their lower status in the church and represented God as he watched over them.
  5. 5. We quite liked the idea of having a shot of them so we could also see the priest,w ho is standing on a higher level, once again signifying hierarchy. The fact that the groom is below them, also emphasises the fact that she chose the man with a higher status. We ended our Church part of our trailer with the union of their marriage- the ring that is never ending because of its circular shape, “signifies” (De Saussure) how their marriage should have been forever. In the Hollyoaks trailer they end with the female protagonists face. This close up is reflected in our own piece however is focused on their hands. This also emphasises that there are two main characters in this trailer instead of one.
  6. 6. We thought it would be great to incorporate a cake within our own piece, so during the reception part, the cake made an appearance, however it didn’t have the conventional figures that stand over the cake, as the Hollyoaks trailer shows. Although, this was beneficial as it illustrated how their marriage is not as traditional. The roses that decorated the cake symbolise the thorns they are known for holding as well as the Point of call image and the Soap opera name “Thorn Lane”.