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Search #3: Marching Band


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Search #3: Marching Band

An assignment using SnagIt8 for upcoming project for my Multimedia Class.

Program Used:

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Search #3: Marching Band

  1. 1. Marching Band Jimmy Nguyen Period 6
  2. 2. Search in web under ‘marching band’
  3. 3. Search in web under ‘marching tips’
  4. 4. Search in video under ‘marching band’
  5. 5. Search in video under ‘marching competition’
  6. 6. Search in news under ‘marching band’
  7. 7. Search in news under ‘marching awards’
  8. 8. Search in images under ‘marching band’
  9. 9. Search in images under ‘CA marching bands’
  10. 10. Search in photos under ‘marching band’
  11. 11. Search in products under ‘marching band’