Speak: 5 paragraph essay<br />How did you survive high school? Did you play sports just to be a jock? Were you something y...
Speak essay.
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Speak essay.


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Speak essay.

  1. 1. Speak: 5 paragraph essay<br />How did you survive high school? Did you play sports just to be a jock? Were you something your not to be part of the popular group? Or were you scared to even talk to anyone so you sat alone at lunch? As a freshman, you’re told these are going to be the most memorable four years of your life, but in everyone’s head there always is a doubt. What if I don’t fit in? What if I lose my best friend? The nerves are hitting you and you can’t control them. You have no idea what to expect walking into that giant building. In the novel Speak, Melinda Sordino is a freshman girl trying to fit in and be accepted. With a new school and the summer behind her, she tries to start over and forget about the past. Alike all other freshman Melinda faces problems such as past friends, arrogant teachers, and the lunchroom.<br />It kills you inside when your old friends walk by like you never even existed, or the people who were always there are now against you. Melinda states this while walking down the hallway, “Her eyes meet mine for a second. ‘I hate you,’ she mouths silently.”(5) In high school it’s hard to make friends, sometimes because you don’t want to leave your old ones. You’re timid and shy self won’t let you build up the courage to talk to someone new. Making friends is hard; keeping your old ones is even harder in highschool.<br />Teachers, you either love them or you hate them. Some change your life and some you want to run from. For Melinda she despised Mr. Neck and they never got along, “I got my eye on you. Front row.” For every freshman teachers are in the back of their mind. They hear about the bad ones, the good ones and of course the mean ones. Most students have a little idea of what they are getting into because of older siblings or upper classmen. Teachers can make or break your freshman year.<br />The lunchroom is supposed to be social hour, talking with your friends and enjoying the half hour of social time. Every freshman’s worse nightmare is sitting alone at lunch or knowing no one in it. Or another big one, getting picked on. “Thwap! A lump of potatoes and gravy hits me square in the center of my chest.”(8) Lunch problems are a big deal in school and a lot of people try to avoid them.<br />Freshman year is a big struggle, it is different for everyone and it is a great year of your life. You learn to make new friends and grow into a bigger and better person and learn to love who you are. You find out who your true friends are and who you are as a person. Melinda has it rough for a freshman and it was hard for her.<br />