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  1. 1. Emma Diesing<br />Mr. Phillips<br />English 9B<br />17 May 2011<br />The Alternating Ending to the Notebook<br />They fell in love, but by the end of the summer Allie ran off to school in Salem, and her mother, worried about Noah's lack of fortune, hid the letters he wrote to her daughter. Allie, after a few months without a letter back started to believe that Noah had not cared about her in a serious way. Noah, after two years without a reply, stopped writing. <br />Noah believed she had moved on and forgotten all about him, but she didn’t. Allie thought about him often, wondering what he was doing and how his life had turned out since the last time she saw him fourteen years ago. Until one day, while Allie was trying on wedding dresses she glanced at the ad in the paper and spotted a picture of a house for sale. She looked very closely at the man in the picture. It was Noah behind the dream house he had promised her fourteen years ago. Allie fainted on the spot. No one knew why Allie was lying on the ground till her mother picked up the paper and saw the man in the picture. That’s where it all started.<br />Allie was very sick for a long time after that, making runs to and from the local hospital and taking tons of medicine. The doctors thought it was some type of flu, and Allie and her family waited patiently for this little bug to go away. Lon was very scared, their wedding was only in four weeks and if Allie was sick he didn’t know if the wedding would still go on. Lon went on a business trip out of town and wouldn’t be home till three days before his and Allie’s wedding. He didn’t want to leave Allie but he had to. His work was his life Lon left on that <br />Monday.<br />On that Wednesday, Planning her wedding and getting everything together. Allie was making her bed, and a knock came from the door.<br />“Who is it?” Allie shouted.<br />But there was no answer. She walked to the door and opened it so just her face was the only thing the person on the other side of the door would see. <br />“Allie?” a man with shaggy brown hair and a rough beard said.<br />“This is she” Allie answered.<br />“Do you remember me?” the man said. <br />Allie recognized the voice. It had not changed in fourteen years. She was shocked. Could this really be him?<br />“Noah? How did you find me?” she said with half a smile on her face.<br />“I knew you’d be here, I asked around.” he said with a bigger smile on his.<br />Noah looked at her and thought nothing but of how beautiful she was. She looked no different from fourteen years ago. She still had her blonde flowing hair and her emerald eyes. The ones Noah fell in love with the summer they spent together. <br />Allie invited Noah in and they small talked for a while. She told him about Lon, that destroyed Noah but he was happy for her. He told her about the war, and how his father had passed away a few years ago. Allie listened deeply. Remembering all the memories she had with the man sitting in front of her. Then when there was a second he wasn’t talking she said,<br />“I saw your house in the paper. It looks beautiful.” <br />Noah looked shocked. Surprised she had seen it.<br />“Thank you, it wasn’t easy fixing it up. But after my father died I was inspired to finish it. He would have loved it.” He replied.<br />As soon as Allie went to go say something, Lon walked in the house. Surprised that he was home so early, Allie didn’t know what to do. Lon knew about Noah but never met him. He had heard her mom talk about him and how he was Allies first love. Allie introduced the two and they all sat down and talked. <br />It was about ten till Noah got up from the chair and suggested he’d leave. <br />“Goodbye Allie” he said as he walked out the front door.<br />“Goodbye Noah” She said. It was nice to see you. <br />Noah walked to his car and got in, taking one last look at Allie. This would be the last time Noah saw Allie. Allie was puzzled why he came. He never answered her question from when he first got there. She wondered why after fourteen years he tried to make contact with her. Maybe he tried after all. Maybe he still loved her. <br />It was over now, Noah was gone. The reason of Noah’s coming was to win Allie back. To restore what they had so long ago, but Allie would never know. <br />Both of their lives went on, Noah sold the house on the plantation and moved to a new little ranch in New Bern. He met a beautiful girl named Darcy Lang, and grew old with her. He never once talked to Allie Hamilton after the day he made the effort to see her. Noah died at the age of eighty six of old age.<br />Allie on the other hand lived the life. She had her dream wedding and honeymoon. Lon was great to her. She had three children and since Lon’s job as a lawyer it brought in a lot of income, Allie was a stay at home mom. Allie occasionally thought about Noah and if she made the right choice of letting him leave that night. She loved him of course, but not enough as she loved Lon. She was engaged to Lon, and she couldn’t do that to him. So for that reason she let Noah go, forever. Allie died at the age of ninety two; she died from Alzheimer’s.<br /> <br /> <br />