My best friend.


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My best friend.

  1. 1. Emma Diesing8313 Waterford Dr.Lambertville, MI 48144Bedford Junior High School8405 Jackman RoadTemperance, MI 48182 “The Man I Call My Own Personal Michigan Hero” What is classified as a best friend? A best friend is someone who is always there, therewhen in time of need, always by your side through thick and thin, someone who encourages youto try harder, gets all that you have, and lets you show them what you really are. This person I goto for everything including my fears, biggest struggles, and my life decisions. This man I amhonored to call my grandpa, my best friend, and my personal Michigan hero. I have memorable times with my grandpa; I will never forget all the precious times wehave spent together. I’m usually laughing until I am on the ground because of his sense ofhumor. He is probably the funniest man on this planet, and says the hilarious things at the righttime. His adages are dramatic, meaning less, but will get you to laugh in an instant. If you wantto admittedly have a smile on your face, go straight to him and you’ll have the biggest beam onyour face in a blink of an eye. Other then the humorous times we experience, we seem to always have a seriousconversation once in awhile. I could tell him anything, and my secrets are kept safe inside hisheart. I could run to him with anything and would have an honest opinion in a matter of seconds.My grandpa is always there for me, and makes sure to remind me every time I leave his house togive him a call if there is anyway he can support me. He is always there if I need a lift to afriend’s house, or cheer practice. I’m so thankful to have him as mine, and my grandpa. My grandpa and I have this chemistry; we click so well it’s undesirable. We seem tounderstand each other better then anyone else, and when he laughs, I laugh. When he smiles, Ismile its like were connected, like a link or chain. When I spend the night at his house we rent 1
  2. 2. Emma Diesing8313 Waterford Dr.Lambertville, MI 48144Bedford Junior High School8405 Jackman RoadTemperance, MI 48182four or five movies and stay up till four enjoying each others company. I feel so secure when Iam around him, and nothing can tear me down or hurt me. I benefit from every minute with him. This is why I live; and why my sense of humor shows so proudly. It’s because of my bestfriend showing me that it’s okay to be myself and its okay to be different and okay to never beaffected by what other people think of you. I believe I can do anything I want in this worldbecause I have the one person to inspire me. I love my grandpa so much, and he will never knowwhat he has planted in my heart. He will never know what he has given me which includes thestrength and ability to strive for my life goals. I wouldn’t be the same without him. I’ll love mygrandpa for eternity. 2