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    Dear Jessica,

    I wrote you earlier but you did not respond to my mail. Like I wrote you earlier, I am Attorney Matiko Timbo, a lawyer by profession, based in Lome - Togo. In my first mail I mentioned to you about a late client of mine (a native of your country) who died with his wife and only child in an accident On the 21st of April, 2005, without any disclosed relative. I need your urgent assistance claiming the sum of U.S. $ 12,500,000.00 million belonging to my late client, which is deposited in a bank Togo. He was my client and a major supplier contractor for big oil companies.
    I am contacting you due to the similarity of your surname with my late client. Therefore, I am calling your attention because that the bank asked me to bring his closest kin.
    Indicate your interest by writing back directly to my e-mail: ( for more details.


    Barrister Matiko Timbo (ESQ.)
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  1. 1. Emma Diesing<br />Mr. Phillips<br />English 9B<br /> 17 May, 2011<br /> My Best Friend <br /> Jessica, “you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. You're my love and my best friend. And every day that goes by, it seems like I discover something new about you to love. It's incredible to me how one person can make such a big difference in my life. You touch my heart in a way I never knew before.” This is how I feel about my best friend Jessica Kreger. She is my life, not because of whom she is but who she has made me become. We have been best friends since seventh grade when we met on a soccer team and instantly we were friends. She has something that I just can’t get enough of. She’s gorgeous inside and out. And has the best sense of humor and when I am with her all we do is laugh. She is really a special person to me.<br />Her personality is contagious; she rubs off on me. She can be serious and funny at the same time and is always there to listen to me when I’m having a bad day. And obviously is doing a good job because she’s been my best friend for three years. We have the same personality, we get each other’s humor and that’s why I think we’ve been so close for so long. She’s like my sister and I couldn’t imagine never having her by my side. Jessica isn’t the touchy feely kind, she never gives me hugs, or tells me I’m her best friend but I know I am. She’s not the type to run around and tell everyone I mean so much to her but I know I bring out the best in her like she does to me.<br />Jessica is the best secret keeper. She would never tell a soul what I tell her, she’s a vault with all my secrets inside of her. She’s not the best advice giver but she’s always there to talk to and we always keep each other updated on what’s happening with each other’s family and other outside friends. We usually hangout twice or more a week, because I love hanging out with her every chance I get. Usually every Friday night we go to my house and talk and either go to the movies or shopping. And then she leaves in the morning and on Saturday she comes back over and we do the same thing all over again. I really do enjoy her company more than anything.<br />Like I said before, she is the sister god forgot to give me. I really do consider her my sister. My family loves her; my dad calls her his forth daughter. This to me means a lot because he doesn’t say that about just everyone. My sister Grace the other day said “We have six people in my family. Dad, Mom, Emma, Claire, Grace and Jessica” Because she is part of our family and I don’t think she knows how much me and my family adore her. <br />Jessica Lynn Kreger to me isn’t just my best friend she’s part of me. No one could ever take away the memories we’ve made. Because everything is in my heart and I will never forget. She makes me smile and is perfect in my eyes and I will never be the same after meeting her. I want her to be my Maid of honor at my wedding and the god mother of my children. I love her to death. <br />