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Project managment - What a project is .


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Project managment - What a project is .

  1. 1. Creative Minds presents : Project management Creative minds team : 1- Abu bakr muhammed 2-Ahmed El-Sayed 3- Ahmed Sakr 4-Amr Muhammed 5- Kerolus Magdy 6- Mahmoud Mash-hour
  2. 2. Pr o j e c tWhat does “PROJECT” means ?A Project is a time-based attempt or endeavormade to produce some kind of a tangible orintangible result (a unique product, service,benefit, competitive advantage, etc.).
  3. 3. What does that mean ?! Features of project :Has defined beginning, end, schedule, and approachUse resources specifically allocated to the work End results have specific goals (time, cost, performance/quality) Usually involves a team of people
  4. 4. Example of a project : Your LIFE is simply … a project!
  5. 5. Phases of project
  6. 6. Phases of project Phase 1: Initiating- Recognize the project- What the project should accomplish- The overall project goal- General expectations of customers, management,or other stakeholders as appropriate- The general project scope- Select initial members of the project team
  7. 7. Phases of project Phase 2: Planning Start End- Refining the project scope- Listing tasks and activities- Optimally Sequencing activities- Developing a working schedule and budget forassigning resources- Getting the plan approved by stakeholders
  8. 8. Phases of project Phase 3 – Executing problems- Leading the team Hard- Meeting with team members Work- Communicating with stakeholders- Fire-fighting to resolve problems- Securing necessary resources to complete theproject plan
  9. 9. Phases of project Phase 4 – Controlling-Monitoring deviation from the plan-Taking corrective action to match actual progress withthe plan-Receiving and evaluating project changes requested-Rescheduling the project as necessary-Adapting resource levels as necessary-Changing the project scope-Returning to the planning stage
  10. 10. Phases of project Phase 5 – Closing- Acknowledging achievement and results- Shutting down the operations and disbanding the team- Learning from the project experience- Reviewing the project process and outcomes- Writing a final project report
  11. 11. Live cycle of the project
  12. 12. S Specific M A RTime- Measurable Tbased SMART G o a Relevant Attainable l s
  13. 13. S Specific M A R "Focus creates a powerful force: goal T power. The moment you focus on a goal, your goal becomes a magnet, pulling Gyou and your resources toward it. The more ofocused your energies, the more power you generate." a l s
  14. 14. S M Measurable A R T GNumbers are an essential part of business o a l s
  15. 15. S Attainable M A R Dream big and aim for the stars but keep Tone foot firmly based in reality. Check withyour industry association to get a handle on G realistic growth in your industry to set o smart goals. a l s
  16. 16. S M Relevant A R T Achievable business goals are based on Gthe current conditions and realities of the o business climate a l s
  17. 17. S Time-based M A R TWhether your business goal , Choose a time-frame to accomplish your goal. G o a l s
  18. 18. S Be SMART M A R Break down each goal into a specific set of T tasks and activities G Review your goals periodically and make adjustments if necessary o aGoal setting for your business is an essential tool lfor success. Remember to be SMART. s
  19. 19. Project Management Processes For A Project P r o 1) Identify What is Necessary to c Meet Project Objectives . e 2) Keep the ‘Big Picture’ in Mind. s 3) Remember, Stakeholders Matter. 4) Balance. s e s
  20. 20. Steps to create an effective project plan :• Share The Work, Include Your Team• Keep the Project Plan Handy, and Easy To Update•Be Thorough, But Remember “ProgressiveElaboration” •Time is Not the Enemy
  21. 21. References
  22. 22. AAny Question ? s k !
  23. 23. T h a n k s E v e rThank you  .. Hope you this . y o Prepared by : n Ahmed Sakr e +20 122 899 6567 !