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Water Wise Gardening


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Water Wise Gardening

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Water Wise Gardening

  1. 1. ` Links to FREE Water Wise Gardening Manuals, Books and Articles LINKS: To obtain the best results in making all the Links to work properly, Please Download the File as a PDF File. hen open the PDF File and Click on the Links. Thank You. Performance of 67 Native Midwestern U.S. Perennials in A Low Maintenance Landscape Put Down Some Roots: Plant A Prairie of Naqtive Plants and Imrprove the Environment Resources for Native Plant Gardening, Restoration and Exploration - Maryland Santa Barbara Foothills Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers Santa Monica Mountains Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers South Central Virginia Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers
  2. 2. ~ Southeastern Pennsylvania Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers Southwest Oregon Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers The Best Plants for 30 Tough Sites - University of Minnesota Turf and Native Grasses for Naturalized Roughs - Golf Institute Upper Midwest Plants for Native Bees Upper Midwest Plants for Native Bees - the Xerces Society West Los Angeles Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers 6 Simple Steps to A Water-Wise Garden 7 Basic Steps for Creating Water Efficient Landscapes 10 Easy Ways to Save Water Outdoors - Southern California
  3. 3. ~ 10 Steps to Outdoor Water Conservation - Anaheim, California 10 Tips to Help Your Vegetable Garden Beat the Heat - New York Botanical Garden 2007 Annual Report on the Water-Wise Program - Tampa Bay Water 2011 Heirloom Seed List A California-Friendly Guide to Native and Drought Tolerant Gardens A Comparison of Native and Traditional Gardens in Santa Monica, California A Guide for Less Toxic Yard and Garden - City of Chula Vista A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Landscaping: Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook - University of Florida A Guide to Growing Native Plants in Kapiti, New Zealand
  4. 4. ~ A Guide to Landscaping with Native Plants in the Barnegat Bay Watershed A Guide to Louisiana-Friendly Landscaping - Louisiana State University A Guide to Permanent Water Savings in Your Home A Guide to Planting Waterwise - Lincoln, Nebraska A Guide to the Water Needs of Landscape Plants A Guide To Understanding Plant Response To Drought - North California A Guide to Watering Your Garden - Australia Water Corporation A Healthy Garden Is A Waterwise Garden - South Australia A Homeowner’s Guide to A Water Smart Landscape - Water Smart
  5. 5. ~ A Water Conservation Handbook for Idaho and Eastern Washington A Waterwise Guide: Ways to Use Less Water - Dubbo, Australia Actions in the Garden and Backyard: Working with Nature - New Zealand Alabama Smart Yard - Alabama Master Gardeners Alternative Vegetable Gardening - University of Florida An introduction to using native plants in restoration projects - University of Washington An Introduction to Water Use Management and Water Efficiency Practices - New Hampshire An Introduction to Water-Efficient Landscaping - Chapel Hill, North Carolina Anaheim's Waterwise Garden: Principles of Waterwise Landscaping - Anaheim, California
  6. 6. ~ Annuals for Nebraska Landscapes - University of Nebraska Appropriate Landscaping to Conserve Water - University of Massachusetts Amherst Are You Water Wise. Find Out - Sierra Vista Watershed, Arizona Assessing the Landscape of Local Food in Appalachia Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants - Michigan State University Bay Area Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers Bay Friendly Gardening: From Your Backyard to the Bay Bayscaping to Conserve Water: A Homeowner's Guide - Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Be Yard Smart: A Guide to Environmental Gardening - University of Nebraska
  7. 7. ~ Beautiful Waterwise Gardens - Southern Australia Beautifully Parched Water Efficient Garden Beginner Guide to Desert Restoration Being Water Wise During Summer - Bay Area, California Best Practice Guidelines for A Water Efficient Garden - Sydney Water Boost Your Soil with Green Manures California Friendly Garden: Mulch Your Plant Beds California Friendly Landscape Makeover - Encinitas, California California Guide to Water Wise Gardening - California American Water’s
  8. 8. ~ California Native Plants Resource Guide California Natives: Smart and Good-Looking: Tips to Save Money and Water California Urban Drought Guidebook California Water Stewards: Innovative On-Farm Water Management Practices California's Drought Resistent Gardens are Hot Cases in Water Conservation: How Efficiency Programs Help Water Utilities Save Water and Avoid Costs Child Friendly Water-Wise Gardening China Sustainable Neighborhood Project Choose Water Wise Plants - Waterwise New Zealand
  9. 9. ~ Choosing the Right Plants for A Beautiful, Trouble Free Garden - Natural Lawn Clean Waters: Rethinking Plant Selection for the Home Landscape - University of Connecticut Coastal Gardens: A Planting Guide for Kangaroo Island Coastal Gardens A Planting Guide for the South West Capes Coastal Region - Yallingup, Australia Coastal Mississippi Wildflowers Community Development through Gardening Manual Community Waterwise Display Garden - Goulburn Valley Water, Australia Connecticut Native Tree and Shrub Availability List Consejos Para Ahorrar Agu Hogar Y Jardín
  10. 10. ~ Conservation Gardening: Sustainable Practices for a Healthy Landscape - University of North Carolina Conservation Landscaping for Water Quality Conserve Water: Backyard Actions for A Cleaner Chesapeake Bay - Maryland Department of Agriculture Conserving Oklahoma's Water Conserving Water in the Garden: Designing and Installing a New Landscape - Oregon State University Conserving Water in the Garden: Growing a Vegetable Garden - Oregon State University Conserving Water on Home Lawns and Landscapes in New Jersey Conserving Water Outdoors - Texas Water Board Conserving Water Through Better Irrigation Management - Denton County
  11. 11. ~ Container Vegetable Gardening: Healthy Harvests from Small Spaces - University of Maryland Coping with Drought in the Landscape - University of Florida Cover Crops for Soil Improvement in Horticultural Crops - Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture CPR for Ojai Valley Watershed - California Create A Dry Tolerant Garden - Australia Create Your Own Waterwise Garden - Ipswich, Australia Creating A Drought Resistant Garden - New Zealand Creating A Water-Efficient Garden: Saving Water Is A Way of Life - Capetown, New Zealand Creating A Waterwise Coastal Garden - Cambridge, Australia
  12. 12. ~ Creating A Waterwise Community Garden: Best Practice Guidelines - Australia Creating A Waterwise Garden - Australia Water Corporation Creating A Waterwise Landscape - Conservation Garden Park, Utah Creating A Water-Wise Landscape - Virginia Cooperative Extension Creating A Waterwise Veggie Garden - Australia Water Corporation Creating A Waterwise Verge Garden - Australia Water Corporation Creating Water Conserving Gardens for Your Home - Hayward, California Creating Your Own Waterwise Garden - Penrith, Australia Creative Drought Tolerant Garden Design - Campbell, South Australia
  13. 13. ~ Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University Defensible Space Can Be Beautiful: Resources for Fire Gardens Delaware Native Plants for Native Bees Design A Waterwise Garden: Coastal Garden Design - Australia Design A Waterwise Garden: Mediterranean Garden Design - Australia Design A Waterwise Garden: Native Garden Design - Australia Design A Waterwise Garden: Tropical Garden Design - Australia Designing Water Smart Landscapes - Texas A&M System Developing A Water-Efficient Landscape - University of Nevada, Reno
  14. 14. ~ Drip Irrigation for the Mojave Desert Drip Irrigation Made Simple - Do It Yourself Guide Drought - Clemson University Drought Advisory: Watering Home Gardens and Landscape Plants - Washington State University Drought Alert: Water Efficient Practices for Saving Your Landscape - Texas A&M Drought and Landscape Plants - Bartlett Research Drought Conditions and Your Plants - Alabama A&M University Drought Conditions Call for Water-Wise Gardening - Hawaii Drought Continues Again This Summer: Green Roofs A Growing Option - Oklahoma State University
  15. 15. ~ Drought Fact Sheet: Preparing for Drought - Geauga County, Ohio Drought Fact Sheet: Saving Water in the Garden - Australia Drought Gardening - University of Vermont Drought Gardening: Keyhole Gardening Success - Texas Master Gardeners, Burnet County Drought Impacts on Landscape Plantings and Lawns - University of Missouri Drought is No Time for High Maintenance Plants - Baker County, Florida Drought Maintains Its Grip on North Central Oklahoma Drought Means More Efficient Water Use Is Urgently Required Drought Proof Your Garden with Waterwise Tips - Scrott Brown, Australia
  16. 16. ~ Drought Resistant Landscape Plants - University Of Georgia Drought Response: How to keep your landscape alive during the drought - Texas Drought Smart Gardening Using Native Australian Plants Drought Stress - Master Gardeners Frederick County, Maryland Drought Tolerant Garden - Washington State University, Pullman Drought Tolerant Landscapes - Canyon Lake, California Drought Tolerant Landscaping - Toronto, Canada Drought Tolerant Plants - Christchurch, New Zealand Drought Tolerant Plants - Sea Grant California
  17. 17. ~ Drought Tolerant Plants for New Hampshire Landscapes Drought Tolerant Plants Suitable for Arkansas Landscapes - Unversity of Arkansas Drought Tolerant Trees for the Southeast Drought Tolerant, High Color and Low Maintenance Landscape - Hillsborough, Florida Drought Tolerant, Waterwise Plants Manual - Victoria, Australia Drought: Weathering Troubled Times - University of Wyoming Drought Will Be Tough, But Not Fatal to Gardens Drought, water-wise gardens and saving water in landscapes - University of California, Ventura Drought-Ready Communities: A Guide to Community Drought Preparedness - University of Nebraska
  18. 18. ~ Drought-Resistant Plants for Dry Gardens - Australia Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Alabama - Alabama A&M University Drought-Tolerant Landscapes for Sun City, Texas Drought-Tolerant Ornamentals Drought-Tolerant Plants - Purdue University Drought-Tolerant Plants - RHS, United Kingdom Drought-Tolerant Plants - United Kingdom Drought-Tolerant Plants for North and Central Florida Drought-tolerant Small Trees for Maine Landscapes - University of Maine
  19. 19. ~ Drought-Tolerant Trees - University of Tennessee Drought-Tolerant, Low-Maintenance Plants for South Florida Yards and Landscapes - University of Florida Drought-Tolerant, Water-Wise Plants - Victoria, Australia Dryland Agriculture in Africa and Asia DSRSD’s Water Conservation Garden - New Zealand Easy Gardening with California Native Plants Manual Easy Water-Wise Gardening - San Diego, California Eco-Landscaping Guide - Northern Cook County, Illinois Ecological Farming: Agriculture Drought-Resistant Agriculture
  20. 20. ~ Ecological Landscaping: for Communities, Small to Large - Ontario, Canada Efficient and Effective Gardening Made Easy - Concordia College Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation Guideline - Queensland, Australia Efficient Irrigation of Trees and Shrubs - Utah State University Efficient Landscape Irrigation during Drought and with Limited Water Availability in Colorado Efficient Use of Water in the Home Landscape and Garden - Texas A&M Efficient Water Management in Your Landscape - Utah State University Efficient Watering Methods - Sustainable Gardening Australia Eight Ways to Be Water Wise in Your Garden - Sacramento, California
  21. 21. ~ Environmentally Friendly Yard Alternatives Establishing A Native Garden - Backyard for Wildlife Fact Sheet Establishing Native Habitats for Mississippi's Native Pollinators Establishing Native Plants Along West Virginia Highways Evaluating Options for Water Sensitive Urban Design: A National Guide Expert Advice for Gardening in A Drought - St Edmundsbury Borough Council, UK Extreme Heat Can Take A Toll on Plants - Cleveland County, Oklahoma Extreme Weather, Climate and Preparedness in the American Mind Fair Oaks Horticulture Center Water Efficient Landscape Plant List
  22. 22. ~ Fall and the Drought-Tolerant Garden - Nipomo, California Fire Resistive Plants Firewise Landscape and Home Design Five Steps to A New Water Efficient Garen - Tarrant County, Texas Forest Gardening - Low Impact Gardening with Native Plants - A Gardener’s Guide for Missouri Gardening with Native Plants - Boulder, Colorado Gardening with Native Plants - California Native Plant Society Gardening with Native Plants - Capital Regional District, BC, Canada
  23. 23. ~ Gardening with Native Plants - Container Gardening Gardening with Native Plants - Eastern Washington Gardening with Native Plants - Flathead Valley, Montana Gardening with Native Plants - Georgia Nativfe Plant Society Gardening with Native Plants - Indiana Gardening with Native Plants - Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society Gardening with Native Plants - Kansas Native Plant Society Gardening with Native Plants - Marianist Environmental Education Center, Ohio Gardening with Native Plants - Michigan State University
  24. 24. ~ Gardening with Native Plants - Montana Native Plant Society Gardening with Native Plants - Native Plant Society of Oregon Gardening with Native Plants - Nine Mile Creek Watersheed District, Minnesota Gardening with Native Plants - Pacific Northwest Gardening with Native Plants - Pasadena, California Gardening with Native Plants - Pittsfield Demonstration Gardens, Michigan Gardening with Native Plants - Seattle, Washington Gardening with Native Plants - Skagit County, Washington Gardening with Native Plants - Texas Native Plants Container Gardening
  25. 25. ~ Gardening with Native Plants - Troy, Ohio Gardening with Native Plants - Urban Areas of the Pacific Northwest Garden Care of A Sustainable Garden - Brisbane, Australia Garden Smart Colorado: A Guide to Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden Garden Tips for the West Kimberley Garden Watersaver - Gold Coast, Australia Gardening At School Manual Gardening for Native Bees in Utah and Beyond Gardening in Drought Conditions - Parker County, Texas
  26. 26. ~ Gardening to Conserve Maine's Native Landscape: Plants to Use and Plants to Avoid Gardening with Indigenous Plants in Moreland - Australia Gardening with Native Plants - Victoria, British Columbia Gardening with New York City Native Plants Gardening with Water - Waitakere, New Zealand Gardening Without Water Waste - Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Georgia Urban Drought Guidebook Get Started with Basic Water Conservation Education Arizona Go Wild with Wild Yards - West Virginia
  27. 27. ~ Going Native: Rethinking Plant Selection for the Home Landscape - Sea Grant Great Ideas to Help You Save Water - Victoria, Australia Great Tips to Making Your Garden More Water Efficient and Sustainable - South East Water Australia Green Roofs - Cooling Los Angeles: A Resource Guide Manual Green Roofs and Facades: A Habitat Template Approach Green Roofs for A Wide Brown Land - the University of Melbourne Green Thumbs Up for the Water Wise Demonstration Garden - Cape Fear Botanical Garden Green Your Congregation Grow A Downspout Bog Garden
  28. 28. ~ Growing Herbs in Your Landscape, A Good Use of Water Growing Natural Capital to Develop Resilient Dryland Farm Landscapes - New Zealand Growing Vegetables in New Mexico - New Mexico State Unviersity Guide to Good Garden Watering - Irrigation Association of Australia Guide To Native Vegetation For Deep Creek Lake - Marlyand Guide to Saving Water At Home and in the Garden Guidelines for Santee Water Efficient Landscape HabiTurf: the Ecological Lawn - Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Hawaii Wetlands and the Pacific Island Plant Restoration Database
  29. 29. ~ Hawaii Backyard Conservation: Ideas for Every Homeowner Healthy Garden Soils and Drought Mitigation - Oklahoma State University Helianthus Lemon Queen: A Waterwise Perennial - Oregon Hellgate Native Garden and Ecology Guide - University of Montana Home Fruit Planting Guide - Oklahoma State University Home Landscape Watering During Drought Home Vegetable Gardening in New Mexico Homeowner Internet Resource Guide for watershed friendly gardening Homeowner Resources for watershed friendly gardening - Fairfax County, Virginia
  30. 30. ~ Homeowner’s Guide to Using Water Wisely - Tucson, Arizona Homeowner’s Introducing Native Plant Information Sheets - Springfield Township, Michigan Homestead Gardening Manual - CRS Technical Resources How Dry Seasons Affect Landscape Plants - University of Kentucky How to Garden During Drought Conditions - Penn State How to Landscape with Native Plants at Home - James River Association, Virginia How to Reduce Drought Risk - University of Nebraska How to Save Water During Droughts - Harris County Master Gardener Idaho Native Plant Garden
  31. 31. ~ Ideas for Lawn Watering and Maintenance - Dayton, Washington Illinois Greenacres: Natural Landscaping Resource List Illinois Native Landscaping Book Recommendations Improving Water Quality and Water Efficiency to Protect Mandurah's Future Incorporating Pacific Northwest Native Plants Into Your Water-Wise Landscapes Indiana Greenacres: Natural Landscaping Resource List Indigenous Gardening - South Africa Information Resources for Drought-Tolerant Gardens - Washington University Intensive Vegetable Gardening - New Hampshire University
  32. 32. ~ Introduction to Rainharvesting Greywater Reuse Water-Efficient Gardening - New Zealand Irrigate for the Future - Save, Cypriot Irrigating the Vegetable Garden - Colorado University Irrigating Your Vegetable Garden - University of Nevada, Reno Irrigation for A Growing World: the Intelligent Use of Water Irrigation Systems and Irrigation Management in Xeric Gardens - New Mexico State University Is Your Home Waterwise, It's Easy to Find Out - Redwood City, California Is Your Yard Water Efficient - Holliston, Massachusetts Kansas 2012 Drought Update - Kansas Water Office
  33. 33. ~ Kansas Garden Guide Manual - Kansas State University Kansas Native Plant Landscaping Fact Sheet Keeping Your Landscape Healthy During Drought - University of Nebraska Lady Banks Rose: A Waterwise Plant - Oregon Landscape Design for Water Conservation - University of Florida Landscape Irrigation and Florida Friendly Design Standards Landscape Sustainability - University of Nebraska Landscape Sustainability Checkup: Is Your Yard Ready to Be An Oregon Sustainable Landscape Landscape Water Conservation: Principles of Xeriscape - New Mexico State University Landscape with Flowers, Grasses, Shrubs and Trees of Illinois
  34. 34. ~ Landscaping for Water Conservation A Guide for New Jersey Landscaping for Water Quality: Concepts and Garden Designs for Homeowners, Adapted for Maryland Landscaping for Wildlife With Native Plants - North Carolina State University Landscaping Guidelines and Plant Palettes - Los Angeles, California Landscaping: Herbaceous Perennials for Wyoming - University of Wyoming Landscaping to Conserve Energy: Annotated Bibliography - University of Florida Landscaping with Native Plants Landscaping with Native Plants - Campaign for a Sustainable Indiana Landscaping with Native Plants - Great Lakes EPA
  35. 35. ~ Landscaping with Native Plants - Indianapolis, Indiana Landscaping with Native Plants - Purdue University, Indiana Landscaping with Native Plants - West Tennessee Landscaping with Native Plants in Pennsylvania Landscaping with Native Plants of Montana Landscaping with Native Plants of South Central Montana Landscaping with Plants Native to Indiana Larimer County Landscaping Guide Learning from the Drought - South Florida Water District
  36. 36. ~ Lesotho: Sustainable Food Security Practices Less Toxic Landscaping Resource Directory: For a Safer Outdoors Living Landscapes in North Dakota: A Guide to Native Plantscaping Living Landscapes in South Dakota: A Guide to Native Plantscaping Living Water Smart Outside Your Home - Gosford - Wyong, Nsw, Australia Los Angeles Basin Coastal Strip Top Butterfly Nectar Flowers Low Cost Outdoor Irrigation Optimization Using the Spray Smart Valve Low Maintenance Landscaping - Kansas State University Low Water Use - Drought Tolerant Plant Bibliography - Arizona
  37. 37. ~ Low Water Use Drought Tolerant Plant List - Glendale - Phoenix, Arizona Low Water Use Drought Tolerant Plant List - Prescott, Arizona Make Every Drop Count on Your Yard - University of Nebraska Making the Most of Used Water Managing Drought on Nursery Crops - North Carolina State University Manual for Turfgrass Maintenance with Reduced Environmental Impacts Master Gardener's Drought Garden - Washington State University Maui County Landscape and Gardening Handbook Mesa’s Demonstration Garden: A Guide to Waterwise Gardening
  38. 38. ~ Mesquite and Palo Verde Trees for the Urban Landscape - University of Arizonian Michigan Greenacres: Natural Landscaping Resource List Microclimate Gardening - South Australia Microirrigation - University of Florida Mid West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Coastal Garden - Water Corporation Mid West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Cottage Garden - Water Corporation Mid West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation Mid West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Native Garden - Water Corporation Mid West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Tropical Garden - Water Corporation
  39. 39. ~ Minnesota Greenacres: Natural Landscaping Resource List Model Regulation for Restricting Lawn Irrigation Model Regulation for Water Efficient Landscaping - New Hampshire More Drought Tolerant Fruit Trees - University of Florida Mulch and Your Garden - Waterwise, Queensland, Australia Mulches for the Home Landscape - University of Nebraska Mulching - Save, Cypriot Mulching Your Garden - Think Water, Australia Munch and Crunch Garden: Raised Bed Edible Garden - Kids Grow Garden
  40. 40. ~ My Smart Garden - Victoria, Australia Native by Design Conference: Gardening for a Sustainable Future Native Landscaping for Birds, Bees, Butterflies, and Other Wildlife - Ohio State University Native Landscaping: The New Tradition - Wisconsin Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Maryland Coastal Plain Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat Improvement in New Jersey’s Coastal Plain Region Native Plants of East Central Illinois and their Preferred Locations Native Florida Plants for Home Landscapes
  41. 41. ~ Native Garden Resources - City of Santa Monica, California Native Plant Revegetation Guide for Colorado Native Plants for Delaware Landscapes Native Plants for Landscaping - Virginia Native Plant Society Native Plants for Midwestern Landscapes missing file Native Plants of Maryland: What, When and Where Native Vegetation - West Virginia Native West Virginia Foods for Backyard Gardeners Native Woodland Gardens for Homes
  42. 42. ~ Natural Gardening: Sustainable Techniques From Africa to Try in Your Garden - Send A Cow Natural Landscaping - University of Nevada Natural Landscaping Publications Natural Yard Care: Five Steps to Make Your Piece of the Planet A Healthier Place to Live - Seattle, Washington Naturalistic Landscaping: Concepts and Practices - Delaware Neighborly Natural Landscaping - Penn State New Hampshire Water Conservation Plan for Community Water Systems New Oklahoma Proven Plants, Drought Tolerant - Cleveland County, Oklahoma Nifty 50 Plants for Water Smart Landscapes
  43. 43. ~ North Coastal California Fire-Smart Landscaping North Dakota Home Garden Variety Trials North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Coastal Garden - Water Corporation North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Cottage Garden - Water Corporation North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Native Garden - Water Corporation North West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Tropical Garden - Water Corporation No-Till Gardening Oasis Water Efficient Gardens - San Diego, California
  44. 44. ~ Ocean Friendly Gardens: A Guide to Gardening for Cleaner Waves and Coasts - Surfrider Offsetting Drought for Small-Scale Vegetable Production in North Carolina Ohio Greenacres: Natural Landscaping Resource List Oklahoma Drought Region Expanding Rapidly - Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Homeowner's Handbook for Soil and Nutrient Management Oklahoma Native Plant and Seed Sources - Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Native Plant Society Newsletter - Autumn 2011 Oklahoma Native Plant Society Newsletter - Spring 2012 Oklahoma Native Plant Society Newsletter - Summer 2012
  45. 45. ~ Oklahoma Sierra Club Library of Environmental Documentaries Oklahoma's Native Vegetation Types Online Garden Guide: A Short Guide to the Plants in the Native Plants Garden - Bucknell University Out of Drought grows Wisdom - Innovative Technologies Outdoor Water Conservation Tips - Bellingham, Washington Outdoor Water Conservation Tips Prior to A Drought - Cornell University Outdoor Water-Saving Tips for Hood River, Oregon Paving Our Way to Water Shortages: How Sprawl Aggravates the Effects of Drought Perennials for Northern North Dakota
  46. 46. ~ Perennials in Water-Wise Landscapes - University of Nebraska Performance of Selected Native Plants under Deficit Irrigation Planning A Water-Efficient Garden - Waterwise Queensland Planning and Renovating Water-Wise Landscapes - Durham, North Carolina Plant Species for the High and Dry Research Garden San Miguel Basin - Colorado Plant Stress: Dealing with the Drought - University of Illinois Planting A Local Native Garden - Western Australia Planting Wildflowers on Private Property - West Virginia Plantings to Conserve Water During Droughts - Carroll County, Maryland
  47. 47. ~ Plants for A Livable Delaware - Landscaping with Native Plants Plants for Every Reason - Nevada County, California Plants for Gardening in Wet and Wooded Areas - Connecticut Plants for Southern California Homes, MWD - Glendora, California Plants That Thrive in Eastern Sierra Gardens Practical Tips for Saving Water in the Garden From Horticultural Consultant Suzanne Arca Principals of Landscape Water Conservation - Texas Proper Planting Results in Healthy, Water-Efficient Plants: Make Every Drop Count - University of Georgia Queensland Guideline for Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation
  48. 48. ~ Rain Water Harvesting - Multibrand, India Rainwater Harvesting: a Lifeline for Human Well-Being Rainwater Harvesting with Cisterns for Landscape Irrigation - Tampa Bay Water Rainwater Use - Queensland, Australia Recommendations for a Drought Resistant Florida Recommended Southwestern Native Plants for the El Paso Recommended Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota Gardens Residential Environmental Horticulture - University of Florida Residential Rainwater Harvesting - Flagstaff, Arizona
  49. 49. ~ Resource Efficient Landscapes and Irrigation - University of Florida Resource Guide for Sustainable Gardening - Manhattan Beach, California Resource Efficient Natural Landscaping Resources for Native Plant Gardening, Restoration - Maryland Resources for Native Plant Landscaping in the Flathead, Montana Rethinking the Yard in Drought-Stricken Regions Retrofitting An In-Ground Irrigation System Into Microirrigation - University of Florida Rising Energy Costs Another Good Reason to Save Water River-Friendly Landscaping at Home - Sacramento County, California Rules of Thumb for Water-Wise Gardening - Sacramento Suburban
  50. 50. ~ San Francisco Garden Native Plant List Santa Monica's Sustainable Landscaping Resource Guide Save A Drop, Save A Lot - Saskatchewan, Canada Save Water Gardens: Drought Tolerant Plant Lists - Australia Saving Rain for Thirsty Gardens: Rain Barrels and Cisterns - Oklahoma Saving Water and Money with Your Existing Lawn: Waterwise Gardening - Goulburn Valley Water, Australia Saving Water in the Garden - Australia Saving Water in the Home and Garden - Farmhand for Drought Relief Saving Water in Vegetable Gardens - University of California
  51. 51. ~ Selected Native Shrubs of Northern Nevada: Are They Right for the Home Landscape - University of Nevada Selecting Colorful Plants for Your Water-Wise Garden - Bay Area California Selecting Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Landscape - Richmond, Kentucky Selecting Native Plants for Home Landscapes in Central Oregon Selection and Culture of Landscape Plants in Utah, A Guide for High Mountain Valleys - Utah State University Setting Up A Waterwise Garden - Camellias, Australia Seven Tips to Help Your Landscape Beat the Heat this Summer Sky Garden: Gardening Doesn’t Have to Happen At Ground Level Smart Gardening: A How to Guide - Auckland, New Zealand
  52. 52. ~ Smart Gardening Information Sheet, Water Wise Gardening - Los Angeles, California Smart Gardening Workshop Brochure - Crescenta Valley, California Smart Gardens for A Dry Climate - Coliban, Australia Smart Watering - the Natural Lawn and Garden Soaker Hoses: Good for Your Garden, Your Wallet, and Our Environment Soil Conditioning and Mulching to Save Water in the Garden Soil Improvement Water Saving Ideas Solutions for Smart Irrigation Sourcebook on Natural Landscaping for Local Officials - Illinois
  53. 53. ~ South Carolina Smart Gardener Handbook South West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Coastal Garden - Water Corporation South West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Cottage Garden - Water Corporation South West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Mediterranean Garden - Water Corporation South West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Native Garden - Water Corporation South West Australia: Creating A Waterwise Tropical Garden - Water Corporation Southern Nevada Regional Plant List - City of Las Vegas Species Selection: Beautiful, Easy Care, Water Wise Plants - Canberra, Australia Sprayed Away: Seven Ways to Reduce Texas’ Outdoor Water Use
  54. 54. ~ Start New Plants of Right: Smart Watering Will Make A Big Difference Steps Towards A Sustainable Garden - Ararat Greenhouse Action Group Strategies for Eliminating Irrigation Overspray and Runoff - Santa Monica, California Summer 2012 Colorado Waterwise Newsletter Summer Care of the Home Vegetable Garden - Oklahoma State University Summer Smart Water Use: A Guide to Peak Season Water Demand Management - Massachusetts Sunshine Coast Waterwise Gardening Handbook Sustainable Gardening in Australia Sustainable Gardening in Frankston
  55. 55. ~ Sustainable Gardening in Stonnington Sustainable Gardening in the Mildura Region, Australia Sustainable Gardening Manual - Whittlesea, Australia Sustainable Landscapes - Sustainable Communities, Australia Sustainable Landscaping Practices - University of Wisconsin Sustainable Landscaping: Resource Efficient Landscapes for Santa Barbara County Sustainable Urban Water Use - University of North Carolina Sustainable Water-Wise Gardening - Town of Agawam, Ma Sustaining Gardens in Dry Times
  56. 56. ~ Tennessee's Native Plant Alternatives to Exotic Invasive Texas Book List of Water Smart Landscaping and Drought Tolerant Plants Texas Wildscapes: Gardening for Wildlife The Backyard Water Resources Guide - Connecticut The Drought Tolerant Garden - Monterey, California The Fundamentals of Waterwise Landscaping - New Mexico The Gardener's Guide to Global Warming: Challenges and Solutions The Many Benefits of Water Wise Gardening in the Dry Okanagan, Canada The Organic Green Revolution
  57. 57. ~ The Right Landscaping Choices Can Cut your Water Bill in Half - Cambria, California The Right Plants in the Right Place: Water-Wise Landscaping - University of Wyoming The Smart Gardener: How to Eliminate the Need for Fertilizers, Pesticides, and Other Nasty Substances - Canada The Smart Way to Water-Efficient Landscapes The Waterwise Garden Book - Hastings, Australia The Waterwise Garden Irrigator Program: A Cooperative Model for Urban Water Conservation - Australia There Are A Number of Ways to Save Water - San Jacinto, California Tips for Gardening in Dry Weather
  58. 58. ~ Tips for Installing Drip Irrigation At Home - Saving Water Tips for Water Efficiency - Master Gardeners of Nevada County, California Tips on How to Save Water - Northern Territory, Australia Top 10 Tips Saving Water in the Garden - Western Australia Top 20 Natives for Water Smart Gardens in Australia Top Tips for Having A Water-Smart Garden - Bristol, UK Top Tools for Water Conservation - Waterwise Gardening, Los Alamos Tree Care During a Drought Fact Sheet - Colorado Springs Understanding Your Plants - South Australia
  59. 59. ~ Urban Landscape Guide Manual - San Antonio, Texas Urban Landscape Plantings: A Selection of Plant Species Suitable for the Melbourne Airport and Surrounding Environs. Urban Vegetable Gardening For the Texas High Plains and Surrounding Regions Using Drought Tolerant Plants in Our Gardens - Acton Garden Club, Massachusetts Using Mobile Phones for Promoting Water Conservation Using Water Efficiently: Ideas for Residences Using Water Efficiently in the Home Landscape - University of New Hampshire Utah Native Plant Propagation Handbook Utilizing Drought Tolerant Landscape Strategies to Treat Runoff Pollutants
  60. 60. ~ Vegetable Gardening Handbook for Beginners - Los Angeles County Vegetable Variety Recommendations for New Mexico Vermi-Composting: Where the Worm Squirms and You Benefit - University of Florida Want to Conserve Water But Still Have A Lawn. Go Native Want To Save Water In Your Garden. Plant Native and Drought Tolerant Plants - City of South Pasadena Want to Save Water, Consider Green Landscaping - Portland, Oregon Warm Weather Tips for Outdoor Water Conservation - San Diego Watch the Water: Educator Resources About Water Conservation Water Conservation , Rain Water, Gray Water
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  62. 62. ~ Water Conservation Tips for a Difficult Time Water Conservation Tips for Landscaping - University of Arkansas Water Conservation Tips for the Home Lawn and Garden - University of California Water Conservation Using Greywater - Clallam County, Washington Water Conservation with Xeriscape Principles: Careful Plant Selection Can Help Reduce Irrigation Needs Water Conserving Benefits of Trees Water Efficiency: An at Home Guide - Water for Tomorrow, Ontario, Canada Water Efficiency for your Home: Save Water, Energy and Money Water Efficiency in Your Own Back Yard - Ohio
  63. 63. ~ Water Efficiency Manual - Raleigh, North Carolina Water Efficiency Practices for Domestic Indoor Water Use - New Hampshire Water Efficient Demonstration Gardens - Willamette Valley, Oregon Water Efficient Design of Sustainable Green Open Spaces: A Knowledge Based Computer-Aided Design Tool Water Efficient Garden - Tualatin Riverkeepers Water Efficient Gardening - Clallam County, Washington Water Efficient Gardening and Landscaping - University of Missouri, Columbia Water Efficient Gardens - Resource Smart, Australia Water Efficient Gardens Manual - New South Wales, Australia
  64. 64. ~ Water Efficient Landscape Design Manual - County of San Diego Water Efficient Landscape Gardens for the Sacramento Region - California Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines - Campbell, California Water Efficient Landscape Guidelines - Costa Mesa, California Water Efficient Landscapes - California Water Efficient Landscaping: Backyard Conservation Water Efficient Landscaping Ideas - Hayward, California Water Efficient Landscaping - Garden plant list - University of California, Sacramento Water Efficient Plants for the North Okanagan - Greater Vernon Garden City Society
  65. 65. ~ Water Efficient Plants for the Sierra Foothills, Zone 7 - Nevada County, California Water Efficient Practices for Saving Your Landscape - Texas A&M Watering the Vegetable Garden - Clemson University, South Carolina Water-Wise Landscaping guide for water management planning - Utah State University Water in Permaculture Water Saving Tips for Your Garden - Waterwise Queensland, Australia Water Sensitive Urban Design Vegetation Selection Guide - Darwin, Australia Water Smart Gardening Series - San Clemente, California Water Smart Gardening - Fresh Food People, Australia
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