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Free Garden Therapy Manuals


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Free Garden Therapy Manuals

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Free Garden Therapy Manuals

  1. 1. ` GARDENING THERAPY Resource List of Articles, Books, Manuals, DVD's, Training Programs and Professional Associations To obtain the best results in making all the Links to work properly, Please use the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, or, Download the File as a PDF File, and open the PDF File and Click on the Links. Thank You. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, Please Download the File as a PDF File, and open the PDF File and Click on the Links. Thank You. TOPICS COVERED: Horticulture Therapy Healing Gardens Sensory Gardens Garden Therapy Garden Therapy for the Disabled Garden Therapy for the Mentally Challenged Garden Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease Garden Therapy for Depression Garden Therapy for Autistic Children Garden Therapy for the Blind and the Visually Impaired Garden Therapy for Hospitals Garden Therapy for Nursing Homes Garden Therapy for Seniors Garden Therapy for the Handicapped Garden Therapy for Prisons, Jails and Correction Facilities Garden Therapy for Botanical Garden Garden Therapy and Community Gardens Garden Therapy for Single Mothers Garden Therapy for Stress Garden Therapy for Veterans Garden Therapy at Veterans Facilities Garden Therapy for Soldiers Garden Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorders People Plant Connections Gardening and Physical Fitness Greenhouse and Garden Therapy for Disabled People Accessible Gardening Wheelchair Gardening Vertical Gardening and Garden Therapy Container Gardening and Garden Therapy
  2. 2. Adaptive Garden Equipment for Garden Therapy Tools for Garden Therapy Urban Trees and Mental Health Parks and Garden Therapy Nature and Learning Greening School Grounds by Design Garden Therapy for Schools Plants in the Classroom for Enhanced Learning Garden Therapy for Pre Schools Garden Therapy for Daycare Garden Therapy for Elementary School Bullies Garden Therapy and Community Development Garden Therapy and Food Security Garden Therapy for Low Income People Garden Therapy for Homeless People Garden Therapy and Crime Reduction Garden Therapy and Neighborhood Security ~ Advanced Organic Gardening Technologies INCREASE PLANT PRODUCTIVITY by 300 PERCENT ~ GARDEN THERAPY ARTICLES Accessible Gardening for Therapeutic Horticulture The Always Able Gardener Benefits of Community Gardens: Health Improvement - Physical and Mental, Decrease in Crime Enabling Gardens - Raised Bed Farming A Child’s Right to Play: A Therapeutic Landscape
  3. 3. Accessibility Assessment of Four Hospital Gardens in Texas Accessible Gardening - Surf Coast Shire Council Accessible Gardening Tools uu Accessible Gardening: Vertical Gardening - Factsheet Adaptive Gardening Techniques for the Visually Impaired, Oregon State University Extension Assessng an Intergeneratonal Horticulture Therapy Program By Hook or By Crook: Gardening: With Disabilities, by Univ New Hampshire Growing Community: Starting and Nurturing Community Gardens; by Claire Nettle Connection to the Natural World Definitions and Positions - Horticultural Therapy Design Guidelines of a Therapeutic Garden for Autistic Children
  4. 4. Design, Landscape, and Health - Horticultural Therapy Designing School Grounds to Meet the Needs of the Whole Child Developing the Whole Child - Horticultural Therapy Elder Accessible Gardening - A Community-Building Option Environmental Interventions for Healthy Development of Young Children in the Outdoors Evaluating a Children's Hospital Garden Environment Experiencing a Garden: A Healing Garden for People Suffering from Burnout Diseases Gardening for Life, by WSU Master Gardeners Greening Montessori School Grounds by Design Healing Gardens; by Betsy Severtsen Healing Gardens: Creating Places for Restoration, Meditation, and Sanctuary
  5. 5. Healing Gardens for Children Healing Gardens Resources Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals Health Benefits of Including Nature within Hospitals Healthy Planet, Healthy Children: Designing Nature into the Daily Spaces of Childhood Introducing healing gardens into a compact university campus Nature-Based Learning and Play for Autistic and Special Needs Children Playgrounds: A 150-Year-Old Model Playgrounds at the Crossroads Reasons to Smile at Teardrop Restorative Environment: Caregivers Evaluation of Hosptitalized Childrens Preference Towards Garden Sensory Integration and Contact with Nature: Designing Outdoor Inclusive Environments
  6. 6. The Need for Nature: A Childhood Right Therapeutic Garden Design: Environmental Sources and Wellbeing Using gardening to change lives - Horticultural Therapy Well-being by Nature: Therapeutic Gardens for Children Why Nature is Important to Older People and People with Dementia A Garden of Hope: The Restorative Power of Plants in Horticultural Therapy Agriculture and Health Care: The Care of Plants and Animals for Therapy and Rehabilitation AHRC Wheelchair Accessible Greenhouse An Environmental Approach to Positive Emotion: Flowers Assesing an Intergenerational Horticulture Therapy Program for Elderly Adults and Preschool Children Care Farms and Care Gardens - Horticulture as therapy in the UK
  7. 7. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Horticultural Therapy Promgram: Making a Difference Community Gardens Help to Tackle Obesity Designing Therapeutic Environments for Inmates and Prison Staff Effects of Green House Nursing Homes on Residents’ Families Garden as Environmental Interventon in Restoration Process of Hospitalized Children Gardening as a therapeutic intervention in mental health Gardening from the Heart - Horticultural Therapy Gardening from the Heart - Horticultural Therapy for Citizens with Special Needs Gardening With Seniors - Rutgers Cook College Gardens for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease Gardens in Rehabilitation Bibuliography - Legacy Therapeutic Got Lettuce: Hiring People with Disabilities
  8. 8. Greenhouse: Fertile Ground for Growing Minds Greenhouse Horticultural Therapy Program at School for the Disabled - Safety and Signage Considerations Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System Growing Food, Healing Lives - Linking Community Food Security and Domestic Violence Healing Garden - St. Luke’s Medical Center Healing Gardens in Hospitals Health Benefits of Urban Agriculture Horticultural Therapy - Gloucester, Virginia Horticultural Therapy - University of Florida Horticultural Therapy: An Emerging Field of Clinical Practice Horticultural Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  9. 9. Horticultural Therapy Bibliography - AHA Horticultural Therapy Fact Sheet - Rutgers Cook College Horticultural Therapy has Beneficial Effects on Brain Functions in Cerebrovascular Diseases Horticultural Therapy: How Can It Make a Difference in Your Everyday Life Horticultural Therapy in a Psychiatric Hospital: Picking the Fruit Horticultural Therapy Training Programs - New York Botanical Garden Horticulture Therapy Activities for Exceptional Students Horticulture Therapy: Cultivating Health and Harmony at the Riverview Nursing Home Horticulture Therapy: Improving the Body, Mind and Spirit With Your Help Horticulture Therapy in Dementia Care Impact on Behavioral Symptoms, Physical and Cognitive Activities How Garfield, New Jersey, Got Its Kids Moving More and Eating Better
  10. 10. Human Issues in Horticultural Introduction to Horticultural Therapy Benefits Introduction to Horticultural Therapy - New York Botanical Garden Little Green Lunch - Healthy Daycare Lynchburg Grows: Organic Greenhouse and Disabled People Making Gardening Easier: Gardening with Limited Range of Motion Master Gardeners Promote Therapy Through Horticulture Michigan Horticultural Therapy Association 33rd Annual Conference Nature and Health in Sweden Nature as clinical psychological intervention: evidence, applications and implications People-Plant Interaction: The physiological, psychological and sociological effects of plants on people Plants and Green Spaces – their Unique Contribution to Local Communities
  11. 11. The Powerful Link Between Conserving Land and Preserving Health Practicing Horticulture with Incarcerated Individuals Prosing Horticultural Therapy Programs in Residential or Day Treatment Facilities Raised Garden Beds work for people of all abilities Rehabilitation in the Garden: Developing the Garden as a Tool to Achieve Functional Therapeutic Outcomes The Role and Application of Horticultural Therapy With Institutionaliized Older People The Role of Horticultural Therapy in the Therapeutic Community Seeds of Promise: Planting Gardens of Hope Sensory Garden in Special Schools: The Issues, Design and Use Spectrum Seawater Community: A Sensory Project for Autistic Children Therapeutic Garden Design Recommended Reading List
  12. 12. Therapeutic Gardens at Veterans Facilities Training and Practice in Horticultural Therapy Transforming Counseling Pedagogy With Horticulture Therapy Using Community Gardens to Augment Food Security Efforts in Low-Income Communities What Makes a Garden a Healing Garden Benefits of Gardening for Children Biophilia: Does Visual Contact with Nature Impact on Health and Well-Being Design Guidelines of a Therapeutic Garden for Austic Children Development of the Nature Based Therapy Concept for Patients with Stress Realated Illness Effects of gardens on health outcomes Effects of School Gardens on Students and Schools: Conceptualization and Considerations for Maximizing Healthy Development Environmental Correlates to Behavioral Health Outcomes in Alzheimer’s Special Care Units
  13. 13. Evaluation of Community Gardens Evidence Based Environmental Design for Improving Medical Outcomes Garden Beautiful Charity Project: Child Advocacy Center, Therapeutic Garden Gardens and Health; by Clare Cooper Marcus Green and Healthy Buildings for the Healthcare Industry Growing Food Where it is Needed Growing School and Youth Gardens in New York City - Manual Healing by Design: Healing Gardens and Therapeutic Landscapes Healing Gardens in Hospitals - Clare Cooper Marcus Healing Gardens of New York: Planting seeds, changing lives Health and Nature: The Influence of Nature on Design of the Environment of Care
  14. 14. Influence of an Outdoor Garden on Mood and Stress in Older Persons Parks and Other Green Environments: Essential Components of a Healthy Human Habitat Planning Your Green Roof - Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Healing Garden Researach Abstracts to Support Hospital Gardens Resource List for Therapeutic Garden - Books, Organizations - Iowa State University Revisiting garden-based learning in basic education The Influence of a Greeen Environment and Horticultural Activities on the Subjective Wellbeing of the Elderly Living in Long Term Care The mental and physical health outcomes of green exercise Therapeutic Effects of Garden Preference of Ill Children towards Garden over Ward in Malaysian Hospital Environment Therapeutic Garden Design - ASLA Spring 2006 Understanding the Contribution Parks and Green Spaces can make to Improving People’s Lives
  15. 15. Well-Being in the Therapeutic Garden for Patients with Dementia Adaptive Gardening Tools to Make Gardening Easier Allotments Gardening for Healthy Living Benefits of Parks: Why America Needs More City Parks and Open Space Easy Gardening: Mulching Flower Power: How Gardens Can Improve Your Residents’ Health Growing Gardens: Cultivating Community Healing the Mind, Body - Gardening Therapy Horticultural Therapy for Homeless People Horticulture as Therapy - Mississippi State University Horticulture, Humans and Health: Science and Psychology Validate Ancient Cultures Human Issues in Horticulture
  16. 16. Landscaping provides a helping hand to local Veterans Making Gardening Easier: Adapting Garden Tools to Overcome Physical Challenges Making Gardening Easier: Adaptive Gardening Techniques for the Visually Impaired Making Gardening Easier: Gardening Adaptations for people with Gripping and Lifting Problems Making Gardening Easier: Gardening Ideas for Children with Special Needs Raised Bed Gardening - Oklahoma State University Raised beds - Carry on Gardening Raised Beds Can Make Gardening Easier Social and Therapeutic Horticulture: the state of practice in the UK Urban Agriculture on the Rooftop Manual - Cornell University A guide to including gardeners who have sight loss in your community A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening in Miami-Dade County, Florida
  17. 17. A Model of Integrated Primary Care: Anthroposophic Medicine - National Centre for Social Research A Place to Grow and a Place to Learn: School Gardens in Los Angeles Accessible Gardens: Gardening can be therapeutic for a sick or physically challenged person - WaterWise An Assessment of a Vocational Horticulture Training Program at a School for Juvenile Offenders An Evaluation of the Gardening Leave Project for Ex-Military Personel with PTSD and Other Mental Problems An Exploration of the Potential Benefits of Healing Gardens on Veterans with PTSD - Maunal Back to Nature and the Emerging Child Saving Movement: Restoring Children’s Outdoor Play Benefits of Enabled Gardening - Gardening for the Homeless Beyond Blue to Green: The benefits of contact with nature for mental health and well-being Building Wheelchair Accessible Raised Garden Beds Children’s Nature Deficit: What We Know - and Don’t Know
  18. 18. Cities and the Environment: Public Reactions to New Street Tree Planting City Seeds Urban Farm: A St. Patrick Center Mental Health Program City Trees, Nature and Physical Activity: Keeping People Fit and Healthy Community Engagement and Organic Gardening: Food Security, Community Cohesion and Healthy Food Community Garden Projects In Low-Income Areas: Addressing Food Insecurity and Community Development Community Gardens Benefits Complementary Therapies for Battling Breast Cancer Does Vegetation Reduce Crime: Environment in the Inner City Ecology and Aesthetics: the Healthy City Economics of Green Care in Agriculture Effectiveness of Horticulture Therapy in Intergrating People with Mental Illness into the Society
  19. 19. Enhancing the Experiences of Blind and Visually Impaired Vistors in Botanical Gardens - Manual Exploratory Research of Training and Practice in Horticultural Therapy Gardening for Children - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Gardening for People with Disabilities - List of Websites and More Gardening in Raised Beds and Containers for Older Gardeners Gardening proves to be the wonder drug for a wide variety of human ailments Gardens for Peace and Reconciliation in Bosnia - American Friends Service Committee - Green care in Agriculture: Health effects, Economics and Policies Green Chimneys Nature-Based Program for emotionally traumatized children Green Infrastructure as Network of Social Spaces for Health and Well-being - Malaysia. Green Space in the Sky: Ecological Solution for our Compact City
  20. 20. Growing food in cities: benefits of urban agriculture in the UK Growing physical, social and cognitive capacity: Engaging with natural environments Guerrilla Gardening; by David Tracey Health Benefits of School and Community Gardens Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas Community Gardens Health, Well-Being and Open Space: Literature Review Healthy Food, Healthy Community: A Community Action Guide Horticultural Therapy - Michigan State University Horticultural Therapy & WNF&GA: A Brief History Horticultural Therapy Bridges the Generational Gap, page 3 Horticultural Therapy: International Websites for Research Horticultural Therapy Reaction Paper
  21. 21. Horticultural Therapy Reading List - American Public Gardens Association Horticultural Therapy Services: Chicago Botanic Garden Horticulture Project for People with Mental Disorders or Epilepsy Horticulture therapy for disabled children gaining popularity in Kerala Horticulture Therapy in Dementia Care Impact on Behavioral: Symptoms, Physical and Cognitive Activities Household Gardening Projects in Asia How does taking part in a community allotment group affect the everyday lives, selfperception and social inclusion of participants How to make your Neighbourhood a better place to live - Manual Identified Benefits of Community Trees and Forests Implementation of Care Farming Programs for Disabled People - Manual Investigation of Horticultural Therapy as a Complementary Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress
  22. 22. Disorder Learning about the Good Earth: Gardening with Cognitive Challenges - Marbridge Center Low Input Techniques for Urban Gardens Marion Polk Food Share Community Gardens for At Risk Women, Infants and Children Nature is to Nurture: Saint Michael Health Care Center Normandy Therapy Garden – a community success story Older Gardeners as Keepers of the Earth Plant for Life: The Green Health Agenda Poster: Sensory Garden Design for Adolescents with Dual Sensory Impairment Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Treatment With an Emphasis on the Role of Nature in Healing Project Grow: Sowing Seeds, Skills and Hope Projects of therapeutic landscapes
  23. 23. Raised Garden for the Spinal Injuries and Rehabilitation Units Rebuilding the Relationship between People and Nature: The SATOYAMA Initiative Rehabilitation in the Garden: Developing the Garden as a Tool to Achieve Functional Therapeutic Outcomes Report on the Benefits of Urban Agriculture on City Youth Restoration, reconciliation, and reconnecting with nature nearby Restorative Commons: Creating Health and Well-Being Through Urban Landscapes Restoring Lives, Transforming Landscapes: The GreenHouse Program at Rikers Island Jail Seeds of Success: Growing Healthy Communities through Community Gardening Serving Up Justice: How to Design an Emergency Feeding Program And Build Community Food Security Social Enterprise: A new model for poverty reduction and employment generation Social Farming in Germany - Manual
  24. 24. Study of the Impacts of Gardening to older People: Wan Golden Organic Farming Project Sustainable Garden Project: Helping the elderly to remain living independently - Manual The Benefits of Plants and Landscaping The Case for Urban Agriculture: Regenerative, Human Scale Food Production in Urban Landscapes The Educational Values of Trees and Forests The Fruit of Urban Nature: Vital Neighborhood Spaces The Influence of Sensory Gardens on The BehavIour of ChIldren with Special Educational Needs The relationship between Urban Forestry and Poverty Alleviation The Street Tree Effect and Driver Safety The Vitality of Gardens: Energizing the Learning Environment Towards an integrated understanding of green space in the European built environment Transforming Counseling Pedagogy With Horticulture Therapy Techniques
  25. 25. Transportation and Food: The Importance of Access Trees and Vegetation: Reducing Urban Heat Islands - Compendium of Strategies Turning gardens into multisensory experiences Urban Agriculture Report: Waterloo Public Health Urban Heat Island and Climate Change: Possible Adaptations in Camden, New Jersey Urban horticulture in the Congo reaps $400 million for small growers Growing Greener Cities Urban Horticulture Reports from 2009 Conference Value, Benefits, and Costs of Urban Trees Wakala Sustainable Farm: Farming and Horticulture for People with Disabilities Wellbeing and the Natural Environment Wheelchair Gardening
  26. 26. A Home for the Heart: Rehabilitation Therapy for Cardiac Treatment and Healing Gardens A Theoretical Perspective for Using Horticultural Therapy With Children An Exploratory Study of Sensory Gardens Assessment of Biowalls: An Overview of Plant- and Microbial-based Indoor Air Purification System Best Practices in Urban Agriculture Beyond Food Security: Urban Agriculture as a Form of Resilience Broadmeadows Disability Services - Horticulture Therapy Program Business Models of Green Care in the Netherlands Can You Afford Not to Have Plants: Transform Your Health and Transform Your Bottom Line Can you dig it - The Ergonomics of Gardening Can You Dig it: Meeting community demand for allotments Care Farming: A Sustainable Approach to Multifunctionality In Agriculture
  27. 27. Care farming in the UK: Evidence and Opportunities Cities Alive: Green Roofs and Green Walls Conference Creating A Healthy Environment: The Impact of the Built Environment on Public Health Cultivating Dreams: Prision Gardening Therapy at San Quentin State Prison Cultivating the Butterfly Effect Design For Retirement And Healthcare Environments Report - Healing Gardens Development of Green Care in Western European Countries Effect of Green Care Farms on Qualtiy of Life of Demented Elderly Enhancing Justice and Sustainability at the Local Level: Affordable Policies for Urban Governments Evaluating Rooftop and Vertical Gardens as an Adaptation Strategy for Urban Areas External Costs: Socio-Environmental Damages due to Electricity and Transport
  28. 28. Farming for Health: Proceedings of the Community of Practice Farming for Health Farming For Health: The Situation In Flanders Flowers and Plants: More Than Just Beautiful Food Sovereignty for All: Overhauling the Food System with Faith-Based Initiatives - Handbook Gardening Behind Bars: Where Plants Have The Power To Transform Gardening for children - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Gardening for health - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Gardening for people with disabilities - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Gardening for seniors - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Gardens for the Senses - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Globalisation and the Impact on Health Got the Blues, then find some Greenspace: The Mental Health Benefits of Green Exercise Activities
  29. 29. and Green Care Green Care: A Conceptual Framework Green care in Agriculture: Health effects, Economics and Policies Green care in Agriculture: COST Action 866 Green Care in Norway Green Economic Development can be Good for Health Green Roofs and Vertical Gardens Green Roofs for Urban Agriculture Green Roofs for Urban Food Security and Environmental Sustainability Green Walls and Indoor Air Quality Green Walls Technology: Benefits and Design Greening our City: Improved Health and Sustainability, Economic Stability in Crisis Times
  30. 30. Growing Season - Horticulture Therapy at San Francisco County Jail Growing With The Garden: A Curriculum For Practicing Horticulture With Incarcerated Individuals Guidelines for Starting a Horticultural Therapy Program by Partnering with Volunteers; by Joel Flagler Health and the Natural Outdoors: Strategic Workshop Report Health effects of viewing landscapes – Landscape types in environmental psychology Health Values from Ecosystems Healthy, Productive Workplaces: Towards a Case for Interior Plantscaping; by Andrew Smith Horticultural Therapy: Botanic Gardens Resources for Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation - Russian Language Horticultural Therapy International Websites for Research Horticultural Therapy Swiss Association Brochure Horticulture Therapy: Letting Nature Nurture
  31. 31. I Cure Myself with Nature - Italian Language Indoor Plants Effective in Reducing Airborne Particulates, Removing Pollution and Improving Air Quality Interior Plants for Sustainable Facility Ecology and Workplace Productivity Interior Plants for Sustainable Facility Management and Workplace Productivity Interior Plants: Their Influence on Airborne Microbes Inside Energy-Efficient Buildings Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Experience with Atomic Radiation Local Food for Sustainable Communities Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change Natural Playscapes: Creating Outdoor Play Environment for the Soul Nature Engagement to Foster Resilience in Military Communities Overview of Farming for Health
  32. 32. Overview of Social Farming and Rural Development People and Environment 2009 - Landscape Architecture Programme People with Learning Difficulties Develop Confidence through Care Farming Plants and Soil Microorganisms: Removal of Formaldehyde, Xylene and Ammonia from the Indoor Environment Plants Can Help Clean Indoor Air Plants Volume as a Factor Affecting Outdoor Ambient Air and Thermal Condition Plant-Soil Capacities to Remove Harmful Substances from Polluted Indoor Air Policy Frames Regarding Social Farming And Green Care In Flanders Potted Plants Really Do Clean Indoor Air Prisons Project: Assessing the Rehabilitative Potential of Science and Sustainability Education in Prisons: A Study of the Sustainable Proposing Horticultural Therapy Programs in Residential or Day Treatment Facilities
  33. 33. Raised Garden Beds Fact Sheet - Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria Redefining The Role Of Botanic Gardens: Towards A New Social Purpose Regional Platforms for Green Care Farming in The Netherlands Resources For Designing Welcoming, Inclusive And Accessible Gardens Scaling up Urban Agriculture in Toronto: Building the Infrastructure School - Community Garden Resources Sensory Gardens - Oklahoma State University Botanic Gardens Social Farming (SF) in Italy: an opportunity for local development Social Farming: An Opportunity for Northern Ireland Social Farming: Dealing with Communities Rebuilding Local Economy Social Farming: Social Services in Multifunctional Farms
  34. 34. Sowing in the autumn season: Exploring benefits of green care farms for dementia patients Supporting policies for Social Farming in Europe: Progressing Multifunctionality in Responsive Rural Areas Sustainable Communities: Nature Work and Mental Health The Effects of the Literature in the Garden Curriculum on Life Skills of Children The Green Fuse: Using Plants to Provide Ecosystem Services The Mental Health and Wellbeing Effects of a Walking and Outdoor Activity Based Therapy Project Therapeutic Garden Design and Veterans Affairs: Preparing for Future Needs Thrive Horticultural Therapy Organization's Annual Report - March 2010 Transformation through Service: Trans-species Psychology and Its Implications for Ecotherapy Urban Agriculture: Theory and Practice of Community Gardening Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Poverty Alleviation and Food Security Urban Agriculture on the Rooftop
  35. 35. Urban Greening Manual: How to Put Nature into Our Neighbourhoods Urban Resilience, Food Security and Ecological Health Promotion Use of Living Pot-Plants to Cleanse Indoor Air Using Gardening to Teach Life Skills to Jail Inmates Using Houseplants To Clean Indoor Air - University of Hawaii Well-Being: A Precious Natural Gift - Italian Language Working in The Garden as a Metaphor and Cutout of the Reality, Practice Ergotherapie - German Language Working with Persons Who Are Mentally Retarded - Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University Developing an Introduction to Horticultural Therapy Course for College Students Economic, Environmental, and Health-Well Being Benefits Associated with Green Industry Products Enabiling the Disabled
  36. 36. Gardening From the Heart Gates Horticulture Therapy Project Glossary of Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy Green Cities and Good Health Helping People With Disabilities Engage the World - Horticultural Therapy Horticultural Therapeutic Community Centers as Neighborhood Resource Center Horticulture Skills for the Workplace: Fundamentals for Implementing a Horticultural Skills Program at Institutions Landscaping and Horticulture for Lauren Schwartz’s Memorial Greenhouse Michigan Horticultural Therapy Association 30th Annual Conference Nature Therapy: Theory and Methods, Application in Practice Patient and Staff Behavioral Responses to Flower Arrangements at a Psychiatric Hospital
  37. 37. Potential Benefits And Challenges To Collaboration Between Small Farmers And Veterans Restorative Experiences for Returning Warriors - Garden Therapy Social Services as Supplementary On-Farm Activity for Mentally Disabled People Sustainable Garden Project: The Need to Assist Frail Elderly People The Self, Meaning and Sustainability Towards A Happier Life: Therapeutic Horticulture As A Means Of Mental Health Rehabilitation Veterans Find New Mission in Organic Farming ~ GARDEN THERAPY BOOKS Adaptive Garden Equipment: A Resource Manual for Patients, Families, and Professionals; by Julia Beems A Garden for You: Practical Guide to Tools, Equipment and Design for Older People and People with Disabilities; by Fred Walden A Handbook on Horticultural Therapy; by Genevieve J Jonas
  38. 38. A Hortitherapy Program for the Visually Handicapped; by Phyllis Robinson Gilreath A Manual for blind gardeners: Some suggested aids; by Kathleen Fleet A manual for blind gardeners; by Frank Eyre A Personal Philosophy and Practical Approach to Horticultural Therapy; by Norman Allan A Personal philosophy and practical approach to horticultural therapy; by Norman Allan A Resource Guide for Horticultural Therapy Programs for Botanical Gardens and Arboreta; by Ann Parsons A Table-Top Planter for the Handicapped: Planter Handbook; by Peter R Thoday The Able Gardener: Overcoming Barriers of Age & Physical Limitations; by Kathleen Yeomans Accessible Gardening for People With Physical Disabilities: A Guide to Methods, Tools, and Plants; by Janeen R. Adil Accessible Gardening: Tips & Techniques for Seniors & the Disabled; by Joann Woy
  39. 39. Accessible Landscapes: Designing for Inclusion; by Phillip S. Evans Accessible landscapes: Based on a review of Garden Festival Wales; by Wales Council for the Disabled African-American Gardens and Yards in the Rural South; by Richard Westmacott Allergy-Free Gardening: The Revolutionary Guide to Healthy Landscaping; by Thomas Leo Ogren Attitudes of horticulture teachers toward handicapped students; by Ohio State University Careers in Focus: Landscaping and Horticulture; by J.G. Ferguson Container Gardening for the Handicapped: Ideas on How to Garden if You are Hanicapped; by Frank J. Schweller Creating Eden: Garden as a Healing Space; by Marilyn Barrett Creating Gardening Independence: A Practical Guide to Setting Up and Running a Garden Advisor Scheme; by Doreen Marsden Creative Gardening with a Computer for the Older Generation; by Creative Gardening with a Computer for the Older Generation; by James Gatenby
  40. 40. Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime; by Kenneth I. Helphand Designs on the Landscape: everyday landscapes, values, and practice; by Roy A. Preece Design for Nature in Dementia Care; by Garuth Chalfont Doing Time in the Garden: Life Lessons through Prison Horticulture; by James Jiler Dump Your Stress in the Compost Pile; by Douglas Schar Easy Lifelong Gardening: A Practical Guide for Seniors; by John H. Pierce Ecological Gardening: Your Path to a Healthy Garden; by Marjorie Harris Ecological Gardening; by Sally Cunningham Defiant Gardens: Making Gardens in Wartime; by Kenneth Helphand
  41. 41. Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind; by Linda Buzzell The Enabling Garden: Creating Barrier-Free Gardens; by Gene Rothert Equipment for Disabled People; by Royal Horticultural Society, D Hollinrake The Experience of Landscape; by Jay H. Appleton The Experience of Nature: A Psychological Perspective; by Rachel Kaplan Farming for Health: Green-Care Farming Across Europe and the United States of America; by Jan Hassink Fitness the Dynamic Gardening Way: A Health and Wellness Lifestyles; by Jeffery P. Restuccio Florida Gardening for Seniors; by Hank Bruce The Garden and the Handicapped Child; by Patricia Elliott Garden for Life: Horticulture for people with special needs; by Lynn Dennis
  42. 42. Garden Projects for the Classroom & Special Learning Programs; by Hank Bruce Garden Therapy (Elf Self Help); by Ted O'Neal Garden therapy manual: a manual designed to assist clubs in planning and producing a garden-related program of activity for handicapped persons; by National Council of State Garden Clubs Garden Your Way to Health and Fitness; by Bunny Guinness Gardener's Fitness: Weeding Out the Aches and Pains; by Barbara Pearlman Gardener's Yoga: Bend and Stretch, Dig and Grow; by Veronica D'Orazio Gardening and Eating for Living: organic gardening for health and wellness; by Caralyn Lagrange Gardening as therapy; by Margaret E Coxon Gardening as Therapy; by Margaret W Walline Gardening as Therapy: A Resource Manual for Horticultural Therapy Programs for the Fall Season; by
  43. 43. University of British Columbia, Botanical Garden Gardening as Therapy - Spring Season; by University of British Columbia, Botanical Garden Gardening: Equipment for Disabled People; by D. Hollinrake Gardening for a Fabulous Life!: Quit Therapy: Grab a Shovel; by Gary Sherwood Gardening for a Lifetime: How to Garden Wiser as You Grow Older; by Sydney Eddison Gardening for Fragrance Gardening for the Elderly and Handicapped; by Leslie Snook Gardening for the handicapped; by Betty Massingham Gardening for the Handicapped: and the Disenchanted; by Kate Hadfield Gardening for the Physically Handicapped and Elderly; by Mary Chaplin Gardening from the Heart: Why Gardeners Garden; by Carol Olwell
  44. 44. Gardening in Raised Beds and Containers for the elderly and physically handicapped; by Paula Diane Relf Gardening in Retirement; by Bernard Salt Gardening in Retirement; by Alec Bristow Gardening Is for Everyone: a week-by-week guide for people with handicaps; by Audrey Cloet Gardening Projects for Horticultural Therapy Programs; by Hank Bruce Gardening Through Your Golden Years; by James Wesley Wilson Gardening within Arm's Reach: Gardening and Experiencing Nature for the Visually Handicapped; by Hans Schuman Gardens for the Senses, Gardening as Therapy; by Hank Bruce Gardens, Grounds and the Countryside: Design, Adaptation and Use for Handicapped People
  45. 45. Gardens in Healthcare Facilities: Uses, Therapeutic Benefits, and Design Recommendations; by Marni Barnes Gardens Are for People; by Thomas D. Church Generations Gardening Together: Sourcebook for Intergenerational Therapeutic Horticulture; by Jean M. Larson Get Fit Through Gardening: Advice, Tips, and Tools for Better Health; by Jeffrey P. Restuccio Getting on with gardening: a guide for blind and partially sighted gardeners; by Lucy Morrell Green Care: A Conceptual Framework; by J. Sempik Green Care Farms Promote Activity Among Elderly People With Dementia; by Simone R. De Bruin Green Care in Agriculture: Health Effects, Economics and Policies; by Christos Gallis Greenhouse Designs for the Handicapped; by Charles V Privette Greening in the Red Zone: Disaster, Resilience and Community Greening; by Marianne E. Krasny Green Nature/Human Nature: The Meaning of Plants in Our Lives; by Charles A. Lewis
  46. 46. Grow it Yourself: Gardening with a Physical Disability; by Roddy Llewellyn Growing Clean Water: Nature's Solution to Water Pollution; by B. C. Wolverton Growing Up Green: A Simple Gardening Book for Children and Adults; by Charles E. Majuri Growing with Care: Using Greenery, Gardens, and Nature With Aging and Special Populations by Betsy Kreidler Growing with Gardening: A Twelve-month Guide for Therapy, Recreation, and Education by Bibby Moore Growing Together: A Practical Guide to Promoting Social Inclusion Through Gardening and Horticulture; by Joe Sempik Growth Through Nature: A Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities; by Stephanie Molen The Healing Dimensions of People-Plant Relations: Proceedings of a Research Symposium; by Mark Francis The Healing Fields: Working with Psychotherapy and Nature to Rebuild Shattered Lives; by Sonja Linden
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