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Pt 5


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Pt 5

  1. 1. BACK
  2. 2. To make the star stand out in front of the masthead, I went into Photoshop and selected the picture I wanted to change.By selecting the „QuickSelection‟ tool, I started to drawaround the star, careful to notcut out vital body parts, anddeleting the background till thestar was standing without abackground.
  3. 3. This is how I created the Masthead.To makethe circle,I selectedthe circlebuttonandfollowedthe sameprocedureto changethe colour.
  4. 4. This is how I added effects to the DPS picture. I downloaded a picture of my star and...
  5. 5. Looking through old publications of KERRANG!, NME and ROCK SOUND, I noticed that many of the covers featured a single male star – whether they are part of a band or not. This is what gave me the inspiration to have my star standing alone.BACK
  6. 6. Masthead Strap Gratification Eye contact – engages audience Unique selling points Anchored – he is pointing up at who he isColumns – rule of Barcode, date andthirds price Features that could interest sub- cultures
  7. 7. Made by Bauer. Made by IPC Made by Editions Who also make Q, Who also make Freeway which is EMPIRE and MOJO. UNCUT. a French institution, Patrick Napier is the director.BACK
  8. 8. A magazine for, “Individually minded, independent of thought and musically experienced, an audience defined by attitude, passion and loyalty.”On the Bauerwebsite itsays... After clicking on „brands‟ It lists all the magazines, radio stations and TV channels that the company own. One of them is KERRANG!
  9. 9. Another is Q: a magazine for, “Open mindedexperience seekers, the Q audience don‟t definethemselves by the music they listen to. Music isan important passion, but their love of music willnever be to the detriment of their other passions,such as film, sport and comedy.”
  10. 10. Latest issue – advertising so if the readers want to know more they have to buy it. This would appeal to audiences because they want toKERRANG! know about the latest issue before they go out and buy it.WEBSITE AllowingNews the fans tocolumn – get thethis shows latest fromthe RADIO, TV their faveaudience TICKETS rock stars.that the Allowssite is up- them toto-date PLATFORMS: interact with theand they magazine.can trust it. PODCASTThis willappeal I want mybecause audience tofans will be able to access thelike to be magazineup-to-date. easily. This will make the reader feel special because the site is letting them see behind the scenes of their favourite stars.
  11. 11. It is advertising the latest issue. This allows the audience to check the issue out before they buy it. It could also bring in potential readers.Q WEBSITE Interaction with the siteThe use of will makethe colour theRED will audiencemake the feelreader feel involved.comfortable They willif they read also feel that theirQ, the RED voice is„Q‟ is the being heardbrand by theidentity. magazine. Like KERRANG!, there is a news column, this will show that the website is up-to-date with facts about their favourite rock stars.
  12. 12. In some ways, these two magazines are similar, but there are majordifferences.I believe that KERRANG! Is aimed at a younger audience and maybewhen they are „too old‟ to read KERRANG! they will move onto readingQ because they feature older music bands.You can‟t grow out of a magazine, you can move onto another. I can tell there are some differences between the two, they represent the same band in two totally different ways. For Q they have left them standing, and in KERRANG! They have chosen a live photo for the main front cover. This shows a difference in the genre of the magazine.
  13. 13. SUBSCRIPTION OF MY MAGAZINEOn KERRANG! Website. On „’ Because I am aiming my magazine at a young audience, I think I should have a discount for students. This will appeal to them because they may not have the amount of money that other magazines say you have to pay for subscription.
  14. 14. In order for people to buy mymagazine, I need to advertise it.One way of advertising it is throughanother magazine with the samegenre as mine. This magazinewould be KERRANG!. I couldpublish one edition of the magazineand let KERRANG! Readers read itfor free (that is if Bauer take me on).This would be reaching my targetaudience with my brand.If the magazine is popular withKERRANG! Readers, I will publish itas a nationwide magazine. When Igain enough profit, I may be able toadvertise it myself through radio andTV channels of the same genre.
  15. 15. ManchesterMy magazine features bothAmerican and British bands, so Iwould distribute it mainly inBritain but I will sample it inAmerica. If it is successful, I willslowly bring it into smallAmerican Cities. I feel that Britishmusic needs to be appreciated bythe British public. I will alsofeature some American bandsbecause the music business hasdiversity, so why not advertise it. Franklin Tennessee Wales
  17. 17. CONTENTS
  19. 19. CONCERNING FRONT COVERS... Make target audience seem clear Masthead needs Make to be bigger mastheadDon‟t use brighter, ifpre-set on a darkpatterns backgroundfor abrandidentity Use a better picture with Make theDon‟t use more room „button‟ standword art for for columns out more andsubheadings maybe move it higher up the Overall, I have learnt that: page 1) Masthead needs to be bright and bold. 2) Anchoring is essential to know who the star is. 3) Make sure the picture is good quality and has room for columns
  20. 20. CONCERNING CONTENTS... Make sure target audience is clear. Make sub-headings smaller as they take up too much roomDon‟t list too many Overall, I have learnt that:features as it looks 1) sub-headings should becluttered and short and conciseunprofessional 2) Contents should not be cluttered as it looks unprofessional 3) Make sure the target audience is clear
  21. 21. CONCERNING DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS...If possible, make the main image fill Make pull-out quote biggerthe whole of the first page Don‟t write too much as it looks clutteredDrop capshould be Overall, I have learnt that:on the 1) Too many pictures lookmain body unprofessionalof text not 2) Drop caps should be on the mainthe stand- body of text, not the stand-firstfirst 3) Pull-out quotes should be big and Try not to use too many bright, and anchored if possible to photos, continue the article the star over the page as to say there are more photos there