Pt 3


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Pt 3

  1. 1. Masthead and Brand. Eye Contact Attention grabbing for the audience Dominant Colour SchemeUnique SellingPoint
  2. 2. COVER STAR:•Female, she is dressed in black tomatch the colour scheme.•She has a blank facial expression butshows attitude which sets tone ofmagazine. WHAT COLOURS ARE DOMINANT AND WHY?Red: it represents the genre andstands out against Lacuna’s hair. White: stands out on Lacuna’s clothes and is noticeable. Black: because it is the colour of Lacuna’s hair and clothes.
  3. 3. WHAT APPEARS ABOVE THEHALFWAY LINE THAT HELPS IT GAINAUDIENCES? Strap: shows reader what else is included in the magazine. Eye contact: the star is engaging the reader. Other band names – wider range of target audience
  4. 4. WHAT COVER MOUNT IS OFFERED?•Live poster special: appeals to thereader if they have seen the bandslive themselves. It is them naturallyrather than posed. 5 GRATIFICATIONS FOR THE AUDIENCE •Access to information about favourite bands – exclusivity makes the reader feel special. •Free items with magazine. •Something to talk about with friends with similar interests. •Sense of belonging – part of a social trend. •Feeling up-to-date with facts.
  5. 5. SHATTERED CAPITALS: shows genre ofmagazine. It is used on the unique sellingpoint to emphasise that the reader willalways like the magazine. Because theaudience want the posters, the font tiesin the fact that the reader will always‘want’ the magazine.BLOCK CAPITALS: This relatesto the star because ‘Lacuna’ doesnot look like a rock star. The fontshows that the star has attitudeeven though she doesn’t look likeit. It is bold and big and willattract the readers attention.
  6. 6. WHY MIGHT THREE OR MORESOCIAL GROUPS BE INTERESTEDIN THIS MAGAZINE?Because it features different genres anda variety of bands.NAME THEM: Heavy Metal, Emo, Rock,Screamo and Punk Rock.
  7. 7. Stand first Pull- out Quote, which is also being used Tag and house as the heading for the article Drop cap: tells style reader where to start. Extra facts –Unique because it isselling a ‘worldpoint – exclusive’ itappeals to makes thethe reader reader feel special knowing these extra facts. Pictures: show the stars naturally and live – lets the audience see both sides of the story.
  8. 8. I had a few names in mindfor my magazine; these Anarchyare a few: Crash! Rock Out! Thunder Thrash RIOT! Queen of Scream In the end I decided withNIGHTMARE Anarchy because it related to my genre.
  9. 9. Pictures taken directly from the video Stand Alone Quote Drop Cap Tab and Page number and House style house style Stand first CaptionHeading and Sub-heading
  10. 10. Q3.I rejected these pictures because they were either bad quality, a bad mise-en-sceneor it is not clear what is happening.These are bad pictures because they are highangle shots and decreases the power the starshave on the audience. The stars are meant to bedominating.