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Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2:How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. BRAND IDENTITY: CREATING BAMFORD I wanted BAMFORD to represent it’s demographic viewers; the working/middle class, 15-30 year olds. The characters are all adolescent so I wanted to create a brand that portrayed that. So we decided that the show would be aired on E4, a popular channel aimed at our demographic. Using the E4 style guide, I could use the FINAL BILLBOARD POSTER same font, colour, positioning and logo that are used on the actual channel. This is E4’s brand identity, I used it because the soap will appear on the channel.
  3. 3. I liked the idea of using tape in the ancillary’s as it makes the features look ‘stuck on’ and randomly placed – attracting the younger members of the target audience.There is also correlation between theimages I used: both of the images usedon the magazine were also used on theposter – people who see the poster, willrecognise it from the magazine, and viceversa.
  4. 4. REPRESENTING AGE: Hair Styles and Make-up: Hair is styled to look like they made an effort, relates to teenage girls always feeling like they need to look the best they can.Teenagers: In Stars are the samehoodies, stereotypic age as the youngerally worn by ‘youths’. target audience.Young audiencemembers can relate. Storylines based on social themes – will appeal to a wider audience than what the soap offers.
  5. 5. GENRE: WHAT IS BAMFORD? We wanted BAMFORD to be relatable, so we made the character storylines relevant to today’s social themes: teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol etc. The time that the program is aired is also relevant to the target audience; “Monday 9pm on E4” lets the audience know that the show is not suitable for younger audiences but is not an ‘adults only’ program. During the program, our demographic will beTRAILER IMAGE... getting ready for bed – a late-night entertainment show.
  6. 6. OUR AUDIENCE: •Enjoys other soaps •Likes to listen to popular music •Likes reading books •Has a laptop rather than a home •Likes watching TV and DVD’s computer •In education/training or employment •Drives a family car; i.e. •Enjoys to go out at weekends with Ford, Citroen, Renault etc. friends •Uses Facebook and Twitter to keep •Has a sweet tooth – enjoys the sweet up to date with their favourite celebs things in life •Enjoys wearing fashionable •Has a blackberry, or a less expensive clothes, may not be able to afford version it, but saves money for when they can.
  7. 7. REPRESENTING STOCKPORT: BAMFORD’S HOME TOWN I used the name BAMFORD because it is the main social link in the soap. It is regional representationWhen people watch Coronation Street, theyknow it is set in Manchester. When the When people watch EastEnders , theycredits for the soap appear, we see terraced know it is set in East London. I t ahouses – the audience can relate to this; it regional representation – theis a realistic image of life in Manchester’s audience can relate to them becausesuburbs. their lives are so alike; working hard to make ends meet.