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Simple presentation of Virtual Machines

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Virtual Machines

  1. 1. Get fimilar withVirtual Machines(for Desktop PCs)
  2. 2. What is a Virtual Machine ?ApplicationOperating System(Linux, Windows etc.)Hardware(CPU/RAM/HDD/Network)
  3. 3. What type of hypervisor is this?Type 2
  4. 4. What kind of software will u need torun a VM ?Virtual Box(it‘s free and no registration needed)
  5. 5. What Operating Systems can Ivirtualize ?Any OS wich is supported!SUSE, Ubuntu, Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.
  6. 6. What are reasons for virtualization ?• A VM can work like normal PC• There is no difference in running software andapplications• VMs run isolated• VMs can run parellel on a system withdifferent Operating Systems• Safe Costs of purchasing new hardware• Consume less energy
  7. 7. How to get started ?Watch my tutorial on Youtube„Install Virtual Box and setup an Ubuntu VM“
  8. 8. More Information• VMware– VMware Player– VMware Workstation– VMware ESXi• Citrix– XenServer, XenApp or XenDesktop• Microsoft Hyper-V