Water Wiki, a global platform for water community


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Water Wiki, a global platform for water community

  1. 1. Water Wiki A Global platform for water community Ludovic DUBOST David BURNS XWiki SAS IWA (International Water Association)December 1st 2011 - London
  2. 2. AgendaWho we areObjectives of WaterWikiOverview of WaterWikiInside WaterWikiProject Delivery
  3. 3. XWiki SASAn independent company created in 2004A professional open source software which helpcompanies organize information30000 downloads / monthRecognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant1,5 M€ of Revenue in 2010 internationally
  4. 4. XWiki SASProfessional services: consulting, training, development,support, cloud and hostingMore than 150 big companies have trusted XWiki and 300projects have been implementedSolutions for Business Needs: Knowledge Bases,Education
  5. 5. International Water AssociationA global network for water professionals« The International Water Association (IWA) is the global network of 10,000 water professionals spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle »IWA Publishing (the wholly owned subsidiary of IWA) is a leading international publisher on all aspects of water, wastewater and related environmental fields.
  6. 6. ObjectivesCreate a resource hub that would provide relevantinformation to the global water communityHave a freely accessible place for the watercommunity to interact and share knowledge http://iwawaterwiki.org/
  7. 7. WaterWiki OverviewThe IWA Water Wiki is an Open Access website that has grown rapidly into an essential information source for water professionals.shared library of water & environmental informationreference, case study & conference archiveuser-friendlycontent is user-submitted and appears live instantlyquality controlnetworking features
  8. 8. ProfilesRegister on the IWA WaterWiki andcreate a personal profile.Include affiliations, CV, researchinterests and contact details.Tracking contributions: a profile pageautomatically records all contributionsto the Wiki.Communicate and Interact with theglobal water community: Find out whoare the most active members on theWaterWiki. Users can make contact withother professionals in their researcharea.
  9. 9. ArticlesArticles on all areas of water, wastewater and environmental science.Read articles: there are currently over 900 reference articles covering a broad range of subjects from water and wastewater treatment to utility management and governance.Contribute: contributors can create their own reference article and highlight the importance of their research to the water community.Link articles to published work: users can create an article and include links to their online web pages and publications.Open Access Archive for case studies, reports, public domain…
  10. 10. Events ExtraEvents Extra provides a permanent host forconference materials: poster presentations,materials from workshops, reports etc.An Open Access publishing outlet for materialnot suitable for traditional publication in a journal,book etc.
  11. 11. Quality ControlCommunity Manager: Dedicated manageralways available to monitor content and helpwith technical difficulties.Active Users: All users are encouraged tomoderate content, review articles and addtheir own comments to new additions.Editorial Committee: Group of volunteereditors available to moderate content, sourcenew articles and review existing material.
  12. 12. NetworkingUsers can share ideas and disseminate information with theDiscussion ForumComments tab: adding comments to individual articles usingthe discussion tabUser Directory: looking through the list of active users on thesite. Making contact with specialists in any area and askingquestions about research.Blog: finding out about up and coming events and learn aboutthe latest WaterWiki developments on the Wiki Blog.Wiki Newsletter: staying informed about the latest Wikidevelopments.
  13. 13. Group SpacesWe are offering work groups an opportunity toset up their own group space on the WaterWiki.This is designed as an informal work space wheregroup members can communicate and networkonline, instantly add content for all groupmembers to see and include useful mailingaddresses for all of your contacts.Archive Materials and disseminatedocumentation for FREE.Control over viewing: group managers canhave complete control over who can access theirgroup space.
  14. 14. Database of OrganizationsCreate a profile for an organization,working group, or research project.Include a description of the organizationand highlight its importance to the watercommunityAdd links to web pages and onlinepublicationsAdd contact details
  15. 15. Inside WaterWikiWhy choose XWiki EnterpriseInside the Organization featureStatistics
  16. 16. Why choose XWiki OpenSource? The strenghts of XWiki are the following:reliability, flexibility, expansion possibilities, user friendliness. In particular the groups/users and rights management systems, not greatly required in our original specifications have been very useful as we have developed." (David Burns, Digital Marketing Manager at IWA Publishing)
  17. 17. XWiki Enterprise XWiki: the easiest way to organize information XWiki extends the features of traditionnal wikis A wiki for companies
  18. 18. Inside theOrganization feature
  19. 19. Inside theOrganization feature
  20. 20. Filtering
  21. 21. Still a Wiki History Differences
  22. 22. StatisticsLaunched December 20092,200+ Registered users900+ Articles / Case Studies / Reports139 Organizations106 Events Extra uploads22 Group Work Spaces19,000+ visitors per monthGreater number of visitors from developing countries than otherIWA Publishing websites.
  23. 23. Next StepsXWiki Upgrade to XWiki Enterprise 3.1New lookImproved groupsImproved reportingAccess to newXWiki features : - Office Preview- Improved Wysiwyg
  24. 24. Project DeliveryTeamsProject PhasesKey adoption factors
  25. 25. TeamsContent Team :IWA Technical Team : XWiki SAS Main Contributors : IWA Experts (50)
  26. 26. Project PhasesJanuary 2009: IdeaMarch 2009: Project launchedJune 2009: Solution SelectionJune-Oct 2009: Iterative DevelopmentOctober 2009 : Internal Beta TestDecember 2009 : Public Launch targetting IWA ExpertsAugust-Sept 2010 : Improvements launchedDecember 2010 : Extension to larger audience
  27. 27. Key Adoption FactorsStart with relevant content to provide initial valueMake it easy to contribute (documentation)Suggest how people should contributeDedicate a community managerRegular contacts with the user base (inbound and outbound) both virtual and realUser driven regular improvements and technical team responsiveness
  28. 28. Key Adoption FactorsTrafic volume: Articles Knowledge BaseRepeat visits: Networking features (Blog, Groups) and also NewsletterContributions: Community manager work and getting initial contributors to become ambassadors
  29. 29. Thanks for your attention! Any questions? Contact us: contact@xwiki.com +33 1 45 42 40 90 http://www.xwiki.com David BURNS dburns@iwap.co.uk IWA (IWA Publishing)