Enterprise wikis: an introduction


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A brief presentation of wikis in enterprises: definition, characteristics, benefits, etc.

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Enterprise wikis: an introduction

  1. Enterprise wikis : an introduction by XWiki
  2. What is a wiki?
  3. Naissance en 1995 "the simplest online database that could possibly work". 1995: Birth of the wiki
  4. Wikipedia: a success!
  5. « A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content. » (from Wikipedia itself) Definition
  6. The wiki, a new way to work together
  7. First was the document
  8. Then was the e-mail
  9. Eventually came the wiki...
  10. Wiki = e-mail for groups
  11. Working better together
  12. Wikis' added value
  13. Flexibility
  14. Transparency
  15. Extensibility
  16. Speed
  17. Dynamysm
  18. Uniqueness
  19. Openness
  20. Customization
  21. A wiki, what for?
  22. Collaborate Cooperate Organize Structure Select Comment Discuss Exchange Find Tag cloud Create
  23. Wiki use examples
  24. Knowledge Management Acquiring, improving and sharing corporate knowledge.
  25. Intranet Information publishing for a company's employees.
  26. Project management Before the project: centralize project-related information. During the project: follow the project's evolution. After the project: business cases, etc.
  27. Document creation Create, modify, improve and review documents together.
  28. Group collaboration A wiki can be used as a company's main collaboration tool.
  29. Support Provide support to your customers and product users.
  30. Knowledge base Create a FAQ or a knowledge base for your clients.
  31. Wikis and ROI
  32. «  What is important cannot always be measured and what can be measured is not always important » (Albert Einstein) Value creation
  33. Benefits from wikis Time gain Cost reduction Better knowledge sharing Higher autonomy
  34. Benefits from wikis Development of a feeling of belonging Improved reactivity Knowledge transfert Exchange fluidity
  35. Benefits from wikis Identify experts Better team spirit And the list goes on !
  36. The future of wikis
  37. Gartner's predictions
  38. For the coming years « Gartner predicts that wikis – such as the popular Wikipedia online encyclopedia – should become commonplace in at least 50 percent of enterprises worldwide within the next four years. » (Aaron Tan, ZDNet Asia, 7 juin 2005)
  39. Why choosing XWiki?
  40. XWiki : more than a wiki ! An application development tool that can be used to answer a wide range of needs and use cases A wiki you can easily connect with existing tools (such as LDAP) Wide range of customization and setup options
  41. XWiki, the company A team mixing many compatencies Innovative and optimized project management practices Sound technological partners A company ahead of its market Effective Research & Development
  42. www.xwiki.com - contact@xwiki.com +33 (0)1 45 42 40 90