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Cozi sweepstake case study


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Sverve (, a venture-backed influencer marketing platform that connects social media influencers with brands for online marketing and with peers for social networking, debuted its new Pinterest Sweepstakes solution. All brands need to do is join Sverve for free, fill in a simple form and they will instantly have a Pinterest sweepstakes up and running, avoiding the time, hassle and expense that normally comes with arranging a successful promotion—no need for developers, graphic designers, lawyers or marketing teams.

Sverve has a rapidly growing community of over 10,000 social media influencers who are highly active on Pinterest and other social networks. Sverve automatically activates its network of pinners to promote sweepstakes to their 20 million followers on Pinterest. Influencers earn money themselves for each referral they provide for active sweepstakes.

Sverve offers a fully automated turnkey solution for just a $495 activation fee. The out-of-the-box solution creates a branded sweepstake page, includes legal terms, and distributes prizes to make it a breeze for brands to run their Pinterest sweepstakes. Brands can also track real-time analytics, including views, entries and pins, on their campaign dashboard. More information can be found at

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Cozi sweepstake case study

  1. 1. Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  2. 2. Create & Power a Pinterest Sweepstake in minutes! • Out of the box branded landing page (No Coding!) • Terms & Conditions covered* (No Legal!) • Thousands of Influencers activated to promote (Hours of Marketing Saved!) • Tracking is simple and streamlined *SVERVE even covers winner Selection & prize distribution! Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  3. 3. COZI: #NoFailDinnerIdeas Goal Client COZI [] 744 Budget $0.67 $500* CPA Followers Views 19,773 Build followership and brand awareness Followers 8,706 *Stats as of the 20th day of 30 day Sweepstake Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  4. 4. Branded Sweepstake page Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  5. 5. CoZI Campaign Dashboard Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  6. 6. EASY TO Track CAMPAIGN pins Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  7. 7. Spike in repins & Followers Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  8. 8. Numerous Organic Pins Search for NoFailDinnerIdeas Hashtag on Pinterest Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  9. 9. Client testimonial “…we’ve struggled to find ways to gain followers on our social platforms, especially Pinterest. Sverve’s newest sweepstake platform for Pinterest has already gained us 300 followers and we are not even a week in! We could not be happier with the results we’ve seen so far….” -Lauren Boriotti, Marketing Manager, Cozi Inc Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY
  10. 10. Power of Sverve’s reach 20M 35M Pinterest Followers Facebook Likes 26M 63M Twitter Followers Monthly Unique Visitors Pinterest Sweepstakes MADE EASY