5 months anniversary


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5 months anniversary

  1. 1. Happy Anniversary Hunnie<3 5 months... 06.02.07-11.02.07 The bands on our finger will remind us of everything we are to each other...
  2. 2. This tells the story of two people…who, no matter what happen stand by each other’s side through thick and thin. They are each other’s foundation, without each other the world seems so cold and dull, very lonely and gray. With their love for each other, their world start to bloom with a radiant color creating two heart but one soul. They were united by the bands on their finger, together hand in hand they walk the long road ahead of them never leaving each other behind. They know that a lot of obstacles are going to come their way but through their strong will’s to fight no matter what come their way, this love story is going to go on and on…until eternity the girl had promised the guy to be with him for infinity…Many laughter and many tears had fallen…but it’s all worth it, with no regret they keep on loving and giving it their best. Many promises had been made and all with be carved in their hearts, for they will keep it with them for life. They comfort each other in whatever they do, and are proud of their significant individual. They want to let the whole world knows who is important to them, “this is him/her so don’t try to mess with him/her or you’ll get hurt”. One is a knight in shining armor and superman, another is a guardian angel and superwoman…together they make a great team. ^__^ A step into each other’s lives had created the greatest love story anyone had known. Love is understanding and patience, it teaches these two that no matter how much the differences between them are, together as one is what they will become. Like magnets, they stick together “even if you put them at the repel side they will swing back again”( boy said). So, here goes the reminisced memories that had played like a film in their minds and hearts…. EM YEU ANH…< 3 The Greatest Love Story.....
  3. 3. Five Months Ago….06.02.07
  4. 4. Everlasting Love...
  5. 6. Four Months Ago…07.02.07
  6. 7. Three Months Ago…08.02.07
  7. 13. Two Months Ago…09.02.07 The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. ~ by Helen Keller ~
  8. 14. Look hunnie ;] too bad they don’t have me as the heo >.< but I’ll always be your heo con ^__^