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Mexican Landscape of DS & AI


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This deck lays out the landscape for AI & DS in the Mexican Market. From MOOCs to national academic programs, and from our weaknesses as a country, to how we can tackle them.

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Mexican Landscape of DS & AI

  1. 1. Where to go from here? 1001 ways (or less) to continue diving into DS & AI until you become a Jedi.
  2. 2. Can Mexico become a DS+AI industry hub? 113K Software Engineers a year. 350 Mathematicians + Actuaries + Physicists + Statisticians. Distinction between Data Science & Data Engineering not clear. Lots of great Data Engineers. Not many Data Scientists. Lots of Data Engineers trying to be Data Scientists w/o Prob&Stats. +
  3. 3. So? What could go wrong? Important telecoms firm giving credit to the wrong people. Relevant internet company missing respiratory illness predictions. Important software vendor creating a racist, sexually charged chatbot. Important internet firm mislabeling 2 african americans as gorillas. 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Trump's victory.
  4. 4. But firms are to blame too, right? CTOs drink the "Big Data" kool-aid and call their "buddy" at an IT Vendor. Vendor promises unprecedented return if firm buys their "fridges". Board grants budget out of ignorance. CTO buys boxes. CTO migrates DWH from RDBMS to Hadoop. For them, this is DS. Next Q arrives. No ROI. Project canceled. Boxes returned. CTO no longer able to innovate. SWEngs quit and call themselves DS.
  5. 5. Should Mexico become a DS+AI hub? Northern border closed to our products & services. Peak oil. Rampant corruption. Weak internal market. Crappy macroeconomic variables. Low spending in science & technology. Both private & public.
  6. 6. Yes, it must! We do it wrong, all analytics will be taken to India (as in the 90s). "Low-cost Country" card no longer works. Worldwide automation will make our cheap manpower useless. Either we get on this train, or we see our country slowly break.
  7. 7. How can you help? Go into a full-fledged academic program. Go back (briefly) to school. Build your own MSc with multiple MOOCs. Join professional groups. Join communities.
  8. 8. Applied Maths @ ITAM, UNAM, IPN Physics @ UNAM, ITESM Economics @ ITAM, UNAM MSc Data Science @ ITAM MSc Analytical Intelligence @ UAnáhuac Academic Programs in MX* + * Evaluations of 63 candidates for Data Science positions offered at Mexican Stock Exchange, GBM, TERAN/TBWA, Klustera, Globant, Citi, Konfio, OPI and ConCrédito.
  9. 9. Intro to Mathematical Thinking: Stanford + Coursera Intro to Logic: Stanford + Coursera Business Analytics: Wharton + Coursera Data Science Specialization: JHU + Coursera Machine Learning: Stanford + Coursera Executive Data Science: JHU + Coursera DIY MSc: 2-year MOOC Roadmap* * See ratings on
  10. 10. Sociedad de Científicos de Datos de México For those wanting to go more into academia. SocialTIC Less Data Science, More DataViz: Social Impact, Infoactivism, Govt Accountability, Data Journalism. Instituto Internacional de Ciencia de Datos For those more interested in data governance and "enterprise" DS. Professional Groups
  11. 11. The Data Pub (FB: /thedatapub, TW: @thedatapub) 1050 members. Meetups on the last Thursday of every month. Present 2 Analytics + DS projects where business comes first, math comes second, and tech comes third. Job posting - because some firms still mistake DS for DEs. Badges - because LinkedIn's endorsement are The Bonfire of Vanities. Join Communities
  12. 12. Thanks! @xuxoramos LinkedIn Github FB