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Open your data with CartoDB


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Talk about use cases of publishing data using CartoDB

Published in: Technology
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Open your data with CartoDB

  1. 1. Open your data with CartoDB Geocamp ES, Sevilla, June 2015 Jorge Sanz — Solutions Engineer @xurxosanz Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses - Project Manager @vehrka
  2. 2. o cómo ir a por kiwis y volver con lana
  3. 3. Agenda • Climate data visualization • De casa al cole • Antipodes map • PLUTO Plus • And more
  4. 4.
  5. 5. 1. “All I can do in 48 hours” 2. Data extracted from an Amazon EBS volume 3. Had to buy paid account, moved to free after some cleaning :-) 4. Jekyll website with bootstrap 5. Hosting on Amazon S3: 6. CartoDB.js + leaflet + D3 for the table and graphs render) 7. Climate data visualization Details
  6. 6. WITH stations AS ( SELECT station_id id, name FROM stations WHERE cartodb_id = 3150 ) SELECT, o.obs_month, o.max_tmp, o.min_tmp, o.tmp, o.rain_count, o.snow_count, o.thunder_co FROM observations_month o, stations WHERE ORDER BY o.obs_month Climate data visualization
  7. 7.
  8. 8. 1. 5 people project at SummerHack VLC 2014 2. School data coming from an spreadsheet published by GVA 3. Precalculated data using OSRM 4. SPA with jQuery, bootstrap and CartoDB.js/leaflet 5. Mobile application (never released) with Apache Cordova 6. Hosting on S3: 7. 8. More details at De casa al cole Details
  9. 9. De casa al cole
  10. 10.
  11. 11. 1. 3 people pet project (xurxosanz, vehrka, antipodasnz) 2. Based on an idea from the Thesis of antipodasnz 3. Data coming from the Spanish Ed Ministry and NZ friends 4. Single page with some modals and a simple interface 5. Coded with Bootstrap, jQuery and OpenLayers 3 6. Custom logic coded in PL/pgSQL functions 7. Hosted on S3: 8. Code: Antipodes map Details
  12. 12. Antipodes map
  13. 13.
  14. 14. 1. Leapfrog from Chris Whong, Solutions Engineer at CartoDB 2. PLUTO is an Open Dataset from NYC 3. SPA built with Bootstrap, jQuery and CartoDB.js to interface with the SQL API 4. Code and hosting at github using GitHub Pages ○ ○ PLUTO Plus Details
  15. 15. PLUTO Plus SELECT * FROM plutoshapes a LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT bbl,firecomp,garagearea,healtharea FROM pluto14v2 ) b ON a.sbbl = b.bbl WHERE ST_INTERSECTS( ST_MakeEnvelope( -73.97182, 40.71021,-73.95352,40.71587, 4326), a.the_geom)
  16. 16. All these websites use anonymous API calls CartoDB allows anyone to create new tools and visualizations with any public dataset
  17. 17. Group of schools by province of Spain
  18. 18. Infulence area of Spanish teaching schools on NZ
  19. 19. Next time you see a nice dataset on CartoDB, fork any of the previous examples, write your own SQL, CartoCSS, web app, etc and share your new creation!
  20. 20. Thanks! Jorge Sanz — Solutions Engineer @xurxosanz Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses - Project Manager @vehrka