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gvSIG Desktop raster


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Review of gvSIG raster capabilities presented at the OSGIS 2011 event at Nottingham.

Published in: Technology
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gvSIG Desktop raster

  1. 1. gvSIG Desktop raster Mario Carrera Amelia del adelrey@gvsig.comJosé Vicente Higón Jorge
  2. 2. Raster file formats● gvSIG uses GDAL (format list)● Most used formats are available● img, tiff, jpeg 2000, adf, asc, hdr, … ● Not all formats activated ● Cant test them all ● To support .rik: ● Ask on mailing lists ● Provide some test data
  3. 3. WCSraster data is not just files!!
  4. 4. Basic functionalities● Raster metadata: size, bands, etc● Transparency: opacity, per pixel● Pixel information● Bands display selection● Export● Brightness and contrast● Basic enhacing● Scale dependent display
  5. 5. Basic functionalities
  6. 6. Histogram ● Raw data or visualized ● Normal, log. or accumulated view ● Export to DBF
  7. 7. Simbology ● Gradients ● Look-up tables ● Adapted to the raster pixels values ● GIMP support smart!!
  8. 8. Analysis view
  9. 9. Radiometric enhacements
  10. 10. Filters
  11. 11. Georeferencing
  12. 12. Vectorizationbased on Potrace
  13. 13. More raster features● Raster reprojection● Overviews generation● Regions of interest management● …● Remote Sensing extension (not stable)● SEXTANTE
  14. 14. New developments
  15. 15. thankyou!!
  16. 16. Credits● Dont support .rik?● GIMP Logo● Kittens by Christian Holmer