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gvSIG Desktop 1.10 and 1.11 new features


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A recopilation of main features added on recent gvSIG Desktop releases

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gvSIG Desktop 1.10 and 1.11 new features

  1. 1. gvSIG 1.10 and gvSIG 1.11 new features Jorge Sanz [email_address] gvSIG Association
  2. 2. gvSIG 1.10 new features bug fixes, OS and java support, SEXTANTE, Munich contributions...
  3. 3. gvSIG 1.10 bug fixes
  4. 4. OS and Java support <ul><li>Windows Vista and 7 compatibility </li><ul><li>Problem with raster libraries fixed </li></ul><li>Java VM 1.6 with 1.5 compatibility </li></ul>
  5. 5. SEXTANTE 0.6 <ul><li>with GRASS 6.4 interface included </li></ul>
  6. 6. NavTable <ul><li>easy navigation on alphanumeric data </li></ul>Navtable.avi
  7. 7. Pie and bar chart legend <ul><li>showing several attributes at the same time </li></ul>Chart_legend.ogv
  8. 8. Relative paths support
  9. 9. gvSIG 1.11 new features Munich contributions, add-ons installer, user manual...
  10. 10. New features gvSIG 1.11 <ul><li>Munich municipality sponsored features
  11. 11. add-ons installer (beta).
  12. 12. NavTable new version.
  13. 13. gvSIG user manual included (available in the help menu).
  14. 14. bugfixes contributed by the developers community. </li></ul>
  15. 15. Munich sponsored features <ul><li>copy/paste geometries between layers </li><ul><li>allows to copy elements from one layer to other in editing mode </li></ul><li>lateral buffer </li><ul><li>buffer a line only by one of its sides </li></ul><li>split line in equidistant sections </li></ul>Munich_tools_1.ogv
  16. 16. Munich sponsored features cont. <ul><li>add consecutive numbers on attribute tables </li><ul><li>using the field calculator </li></ul><li>find and select duplicated records on tables </li></ul>Munich_tools_2.ogv
  17. 17. Add-ons, Navtable, Manual <ul><li>new NavTable version (bug fixes)
  18. 18. new add-ons installer </li><ul><li>beta version
  19. 19. adding new extensions à la Firefox </li></ul><li>user manual included </li><ul><li>English/Spanish </li></ul></ul>Add-ons_manager.ogv gvSIG_user_manual.ogv
  20. 20. CodeSprint bug fixing
  21. 21. Jorge Sanz [email_address] Technical Colaborations Manager of the gvSIG project thank you!!