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Smart board teaching resource for elementary math


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Teaching elementary mathematics calculation by using count gumball

Published in: Education
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Smart board teaching resource for elementary math

  1. 1. EDP 279 SMART Boards and Web Searches Xuelun Liu
  2. 2. Primary goal • Target learners: Elementary student • Subject area: Elementary math
  3. 3. Web link (URL) of Smartboard lesson • Gumball Math Teach: • nt/74/74183584-c69c-47e4-94cc- 17cc98ca71e4/gumball.notebook#
  4. 4. Overview of how you would use the resources • I would use this resource as teaching tool for elementary mathematics. Base on gumballs classify by different colors, student can easily understand the calculation behind it. • This resource also can used by the introduction for my elementary mathematics calculation.
  5. 5. How the lesson/resources you found would support Universal Design • This SmartBoard lesson is teach elementary student easy mathematics calculation based on different colors of gumball. • It designed for those student can’t understand mathematics calculation by directly teaching them math. So they can learn the calculation by count the number of different color of gumball.