Transport wine over long distance


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Transport wine over long distance

  1. 1. The Transport of Wine over Long Distance By: Vanilla Peng
  2. 2. Introduction In my presentation, I will show you the transport wine method in ancient times. Then some modern methods of wine transportation. And some challenges facing and a overview of current industry.
  3. 3. Greece Wine History  Tracing the history of Greece, the first found wine production was in the middle of 3rd century BC, on the island named Crete.  There were several clay wine presses, wine cups, amphorae and wine seeds discovered throughout the Crete island.(All about Greek Wine, n.d.)
  4. 4. Amphora  There was a container called amphora found in Greece.  It was used to store and transport wine. Source from: romana/wine/amphorae.jpg
  5. 5. •By the first century BC, wine were distributed by the Romans, with other products, throughout the Mediterranean using amphorae in shape 1. •By the end of the century, the shape of amphorae had been improved to shape 2 to 4. They were lighter than the shape 1. It continued to be used until the end of the first century AD. Because there was a dramatic drop in wine exports. ( Amphora, n.d. ) Figure source from: pg
  6. 6. Nowadays Wine Transport There were several ways and materials using for transporting wine over long distance now on.  Flexitank  PET bottle  Cardboard case and box
  7. 7. FLEXITANK In general, flexitanks are used for bulk liquid transfer. This transportation method had some advantages and disadvantages which may give the company who are now using flexitanks for businesses thinking of improvements in the future(Graham,2007). Source from: https://encrypted- MNzA3ciAbkB6hqZ_reWX7pWDqze5
  8. 8. Advantages •Less shipping cost than other methods •Lower shipping cost in European Union due to levied duty •Bottling prices in British lower than in New Zealand. Disadvantages •Carbon emission during shipping •Wine may oxidise during transportation. Should be look after really well •Premium wine cannot be shipped this way. Source from:
  9. 9. Flexitank preparation and discharge procedures Preparation xMA
  10. 10. PET bottle  Here is a photo of PET bottle. Comparing with glass bottles, PET bottles had lower weight. That are not as fragile as glass bottles during transportation. But the plastic material may affect wine flavour. Source from: content/uploads_wijnidee/oldsite/plasticwijnfleswolfb001.jpg
  11. 11. Cardboard cases and boxes Source from : e-Custom-Wine-Boxes-Boxes-For-Wine-Bottles-With- Cardboard-Dividers.jpg Source from:
  12. 12. Why wine has been transported? The influences of the industry? As we all know, New Zealand has good climate and technique of grapegrowing and winemaking. Wines were used to serve local people. But nowadays, the demand of New Zealand wine overseas has been grown very quickly. Export wine overseas has become a good business chance of New Zealand wine industry. As well as export wine, the imported wine is blooming. Customers wanted to try different varieties from different climate with different winemaking styles. That made the wine Transport become important part of wine business. Environmental problem is one of the challenges for wine transportation, such as carbon emission.
  13. 13. Comparison of ancient and modern
  14. 14. New design for easy-transport Source from: content/uploads/2011/04/Targe t_Wine_Cube_Front1.jpg
  15. 15. Conclusion  In conclude, the methods of wine transportation in ancient time and modern time have been shown by pictures and notes. The comparison and challenges of transport wine have be discussed.
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