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How to Send an Email at STLCC


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New to sending emails from your STLCC student account? Never fear! This presentation will walk you through the steps, and it will even show you how to attach a document to your message. Please watch in FULL SCREEN mode for clearest viewing.

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How to Send an Email at STLCC

  1. 1. Sending Email a presentation for students at St. Louis Community College
  2. 2. Sending Email
  3. 3. Sending Email
  4. 4. Sending Email
  5. 5. Sending Email
  6. 6. Sending Email
  7. 7. Sending Email
  8. 8. Sending Email
  9. 9. Sending Email
  10. 10. Sending Email
  11. 11. Sending Email
  12. 12. Sending Email
  13. 13. Sending Email
  14. 14. Sending Email To sum up: Enter your recipient’s email address in the “To” line, and make sure it is spelled correctly. Always include a brief & clear subject. Make sure your message has three distinct parts: • a greeting • a body • a closing with your full name Carefully proofread for typos & other writing errors before sending.