CESA Executive Fall Elections 2013


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CESA Executive Fall Elections 2013

  1. 1. CESA Executive Fall Elections 2013
  2. 2. Jr. Red Apple Editor Gabrielle Fredericks Keerthiga Kulenthiran Morgan Smith
  3. 3. Gabrielle Fredericks 1. I'm very creative and would be good at coming up with themes/designs for the newsletter. 2. I'm very organized and always get things done on time. 3. I'm really enthusiastic, so I would be able to get people to submit articles for the newsletter.
  4. 4. Keerthiga Kulenthiran 1. I understand the importance of providing my fellow Concurrent Education peers with correct and sufficient information at all times. I understand that in order to fulfil the responsibilities and duties that come with being the Jr. Red Apple Editor I must also work collaboratively with my Senior Editor to ensure that all mistakes, printing errors and incorrect information are seen before the newsletter is gone to print. 2. I am also someone who is experienced in the field of Media Arts and publishing as being appointed as the student editor of the 2011/2012 Acton District High School yearbook. It was my responsibility to edit and correct any mistakes found in the layout of the pages, students' names, outdated photos and ensuring that all necessary pages were submitted prior to the print deadline. With two other students assisting me in photos and creating layouts it was my duty to ensure that every page contained as much detail as possible, all captions and names were correct and every photograph truly reflected the events and happenings of the 2011/12 school year. 3. I also believe that as an Editor it is our responsibility to ensure that we ourselves are proud of EVERY issue of The Red Apple that is published because if we are passionate about every written article, photographs and the overall layout, then our readers will truly look forward to the next issue of the Red Apple and enjoy everything that Queen's-Trent Concurrent Education Students have to say about their journey as they progress each year.
  5. 5. Morgan Smith 1. Confidence in Communication (being actively involved in theater provided me with the confidence I need in order to communicate or speak publically): I will be able to speak my mind (respectfully, of course) as well as communicate your views and notions about our program effectively 2. Inspiration (Writing) - I thoroughly enjoy reading about personal experiences as well as writing my own pieces: I would support other points of view as well as provide my own feedback   3. Honest/reliable: I speak my mind and tell it like it is. If I am doubting my abilities I hardly ever give up!: I am a perfectionist-procrastinator (yes it is a real thing) That is why I rely on COFFEE! It is a great motivator. Without a doubt, coffee is my go-to source for accomplishing my goals
  6. 6. Jr. Social Representative Sabrina Calogeracos Amanda Glazer Emmalei Matthews Kristen Morton Laura Schindel Hanna Sorgini Mackenzie Sykes Maggie Webster
  7. 7. Sabrina Calogeracos 1. I have been involved in student council for all 4 years of my high school so I know how to brainstorm, communicate, organize, etc   2. I was the elected leader for a high school group that ran school wide events to raise funds for charities. This gave me much experience in event planning and executing, and having the sense of which sorts of events my peers would indeed attend   3. I 'm considered a creative person and this will help in both advertising and thinking of unique and fun events everyone will want to attend :)
  8. 8. Amanda Glazer 1.  I have four years' experience being on an executive team, I have held various positions including Treasurer, Vice President and President.    2. I am very social and easy to get along with so any ideas you have you can come to me and i won't judge or dismiss them.    3. And I also think that to make our remaining years in Con-Ed memorable, enjoyable, and worthwhile, that every voice needs to count and we need to work together. 
  9. 9. Emmalei Matthews 1. I was on my high school's Link Crew where I helped plan many events for grade 9's. 2. I was also on the school's Improv team which makes me very creative! 3. I also have very good team work and leadership skills.
  10. 10. Kristen Morton 1. President of Free the Children in high school -Organized fundraising events -Guided members in pursuing their ideas -Handled financial matter   2. Volunteered in Ethiopia (Summer 2013) -Lead small groups in reading English -Organized games and activities -Taught common English words and expressions 3. ISW member -Helped first year students integrate into University -Ensured planned events ran smoothly -Made a great effort to meet most of the students and staff members
  11. 11. Laura Schindel 1. At my dance studio in Toronto I was our student PR representative, meaning that I planned, organized, ran, and emcee'd events and fundraisers for up to 500 people. 2. I am also a very organized and detailed oriented, so I always make sure all my t's are crossed and i's are dotted. 3. Finally and most importantly I like the hard work and work extremely well under pressure and when people depend on me. For example, I was the president of my high school's art council and during last year's teacher's strike I was required to run different assemblies and events and meetings without teacher support, I will admit that it was stressful but they were a success. I'm a natural leader and I get things done.
  12. 12. Hanna Sorgini 1. I think this would be a great opportunity and already know I would love it because I was on my grade 12 prom committee and enjoyed planning such a successful event. 2. I would also be good for this position because being part of student council throughout high school I had to come up with ideas as well as bring other's ideas to the clubs attention for events throughout the year. 3. Mostly I would love and be good for this position because I am enthusiastic and love to hear about other's ideas as well as what others think of my ideas!
  13. 13. Mackenzie Sykes 1. I love planning and organizing events and enjoy working on committees. 2. School spirit and Con Ed spirit is important to me and I would love to have a chance to contribute something to the program. 3. I have prior experience planning social events on the Students' Council at my high school for 4 years, including my final year as president of the council.
  14. 14. Maggie Webster 1. First of all, I am very interested in getting involved at Trent and I think that being a member of CESA would be an amazing opportunity to do just that. 2. What's more, I was a member of my high school's students' counsel for all four years and therefore have experience organizing and running events. 3. I also think that I have the positive and friendly personality that this position requires. 
  15. 15. Now it’s time to vote! Please select ONE nominee in each section who you feel would be best suited for the position. Thanks! 