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CESA Executive Elections 2014: All Nominees


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CESA Executive Elections 2014: All Nominees

  1. 1. ELIZABETH STAINER 1. As one of the 1st Year reps for CESA this year, I've gained a lot of experience representing Con Ed students. I loved working with CESA this year and I would love to be able to continue planning and assisting with events and fundraising. Because of my involvement with CESA, I know and understand how to best represent you and how to make Con Ed events better for you. 2. Throughout the year, I've been very involved in the Trent community. I have participated in leadership events, open houses, and more. I had so much fun working with all the different organizations around campus, and I've learned so much from them. 3. I'm approachable and open to ideas! I love the Con Ed program and I want to make it better than ever. I'd love to have your ideas for events, social nights, professional development, and more. I want to hear your ideas, bring them forward and make this a great year for Con Ed students!
  2. 2. CHLOE CLARK · Through the four years of high school, I was President of my schools’ Athletic Council and active member of our President’s Council. These positions gave me experience working in a team to create an inclusive, fun-filled environment as we planned school-wide and communitywide events for everyone to participate in. · In the last two years of high school, I contributed over 600 hours of my time to volunteer community service because I became dedicated to my volunteer positions and because I enjoyed the work I was doing. I will put in the exact amount of commitment and perseverance to being the CESA 2nd Year Representative · During my first year, here at Trent, I have attended a vast majority of CESA events, Trent events, and Peterborough community events. These include To B.Ed and Beyond, QCE 2014, Con-Ed Formal, ISW 2013/2014, Family Literacy Day, and many more. By attending these events I have gained insight to what kind of community surrounds us and will strive to provide opportunities for everyone to become involved in CESA, Trent, and Peterborough events.
  3. 3. AMANDA GLAZER In the past I have been very involved in my high school's drama festival every year. I was Vice President one year and President for the next and I also helped to direct the plays giving me excellent leadership skills. I am currently tutoring with the Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough for a grade six who needs help in math. I am very understanding and easy to talk to so your ideas and questions will always be considered. Thirdly, I love Con-Ed! I want to make our program the best it can possibly be. I'd like to do whatever I can to make our next two years the best years.
  4. 4. DANIEL HARREN 1) Team and leadership positions: Before starting at Trent, I played on many rep hockey and soccer teams as a teenager. On these teams, the players, coaches, officials, and parents always saw me as a leader through my demeanor inside and outside the realm of sport. These experiences have allowed me to learn many lessons and apply them through various positions, such as student council, which would be an asset for a position such as this. My comfort level in being seen as a leader in all of my positions previously held would help me in decision making, speaking, and relations with students and staff. 2) CESA knowledge: Through my almost three years here at Trent, I have helped with and attended multiple CESA events. Through these experiences, I have made many connections, learned new aspects of teaching practices, the program, and the student body as a whole. The experience that I possess from simply helping and attending these events could be drawn from when making decisions in relation to events and development. I have learned a lot through CESA and I would really enjoy being able to continue to connect with others and myself through a position such as this. 3) Outgoing and friendly personality: My outgoing personality would be beneficial when speaking and communicating with others about what they expect of myself as a CESA representative and from CESA as a whole. My personality allows me to be myself when speaking to others, those of whom I know as well as complete strangers. I believe this will help tremendously when trying to make connections with others and when trying to make others feel comfortable talking to me.
  5. 5. MAUREEN LANGABEER 1. I believe that I possess the necessary skills needed to effectively communicate with the Concurrent Education Student body. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are essential tools in capturing people’s attention today and these outlets are things I use daily and enjoy very much. Who would have thought my love (and so called addiction) for social media would be put to a good use for something other than procrastination! 2. This past school year I have served as a Member At Large on CESA and was a part of the very first Con-Ed ISW day. I have loved every minute of this involvement and next year I am hoping to gain more responsibility and take on a new role within CESA. The position of Communications Coordinator is the perfect solution for this! I will be very committed and dedicated to the position and ensure that the role is fulfilled in the best way possible! 3. Getting involved is one of the best ways to make connections while in university and in the Concurrent Education program there are many events to get students involved. Through Email, Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets I will promote all upcoming events and ensure that every student in the program is up to date and aware of all the exciting Concurrent Education news, because after all, it’s better in B.Ed.!!
  6. 6. EMILY PLATT -I'm always available and reachable as well as organized to ensure people get the latest information and are constantly up to date. -I'm very approachable and eager to become involved as well as get other involved by giving them all the opportunities needed to do so. -I use many social media platforms already so I will be able to get information across in an exciting and energetic way!
  7. 7. MELISSA FLETCHER 1. I am currently a member at large on CESA and am familiar with the general responsibilities (attending meetings, writing Red Apple Articles, and attending CESA run events) 2. I am organized and can communicate effectively. I work well both individually and collaboratively. 3. I love brainstorming ideas and creating designs for different clothing items. (I submitted a couple designs and suggestions for the Better in B.Ed Social Night this year)
  8. 8. TIFFANY BATHURST 1. I have years two years of experience as a camp coordinator and program coordinator for the City of Ottawa, so I'm sure there are some mutual coordinator related tasks across both of these positions. Running a camp and/or community program for children requires a lot of detailed organization and creative planning, paperwork, and the list goes on and on! I feel that as a camp/program coordinator I have mastered being able to juggle all of the responsibilities the position entails. I would love to share and apply the experience and knowledge I have accumulated as a camp/program coordinator to other opportunities. 2. I have a desire to volunteer, get involved and help out. Our Queen's Trent program is amazing, and I would love to give back to it. Con Ed students wear their clothing proudly and I think that the clothing order is a wonderful way to express our love for what we do. 3. I believe that as clothing coordinator I will be able to fully utilize my high degree of enthusiasm and determination, my strong organizational skills, and my ability to work well with others.
  9. 9. CAITLIN LEBLANC 1. I had the opportunity of attending the Queens-Trent Conference on Education 2014. I learned a lot from this conference that will help me in my future teaching career. This conference was a very rewarding experience and I feel that I can apply what I learned this year at the conference to assist the Senior Professional Development Coordinator in planning a conference that is just as fun and rewarding for whoever attends the Queens-Trent Conference on Education 2015. I feel that the Queens-Trent Conference on Education is a very rewarding opportunity for all of us Con-Eddies as Queens is a very big part of who we are! 2. I feel that my passion for teaching would be evident in the effort that I will put into assisting with planning this conference. When I went to the conference this year I felt even more passionate about teaching and I want to help ensure that you feel that passion too! The conference is a great opportunity for up and coming teachers to gain knowledge on many aspects of teaching, as well as to develop strategies to teaching that can enhance our teaching styles to be the best teachers that we can be!! 3. Finally, from attending the Queens-Trent Conference along with many other events run by CESA during my first year at Trent, I have had the opportunity of meeting so many amazing people. My goal is to provide the opportunity for everyone to interact and learn from each other. The friendships that I made at the conference helped to make the experience even more rewarding and I hope to help make that possible at the 2015 conference as well. Building friendships with students from both Trent and Queens are an important part of our learning and I hope to play a part on making the Queens-Trent Conference on Education even better than the last!
  10. 10. LAURA HEIMPEL 1. My involvement here at Trent University over the past 4 years has been quite diverse. I have been lucky enough to participate in a number of different programs through Trent such as both Tutoring and Senior Outreach Program through Frontier College, Peer Support Leader for Champlain College, and Penpal volunteer. My experience with a range of different organizations within Trent and the Peterborough Community has impacted my decision to run for Community and Human Issues representative. I hope to offer similar volunteer opportunities which will help you connect to both the Trent and Peterborough community. 2. My commitment to current issues in teaching. Queens-Trent Concurrent Education program has taught me a great deal about diversity within the classroom. Not only has the information brought awareness to my own teaching practices, but I hope to instill and promote these types of issues to both current and incoming students in order to aid them in exploring a wide range of issues, such as gender and sexuality as well as special needs, in order to help pre-service teachers develop their personal portfolios and expand their own teaching practices. My 3rd year placement experience provided me insight to the complexity of special education and I would love the opportunity to facilitate this experience to all Con-Ed students. 3. My love and dedication for volunteering to support community initiatives/projects. In high school, I was an executive member on my school's Relay For Life committee which raised funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The event brought together both the school and Halton community in order to collectively fight the battle against cancer. The continuous support from the community helped to make this event truly successful and helped sustain strong community ties. During my 3rd year at Trent, I was on the ISW Charity Committee which continues to raise funds for the Kawartha Haliburton's Children Foundation. My participation on the committee will definitely aid me in providing future fundraising opportunities for the CESA community to help support Outreach projects in the Peterborough Community. My experience both in working with the community as well as actively participating in projects will help me to provide similar opportunities for volunteer experience. Both Relay for Life and ISW Charity Committee were two of the most rewarding experiences at Trent and I hope to get the chance to continue to offer great volunteer experience for fellow teachers in the CESA community.
  11. 11. GABRIELLE FREDERICKS 1. I have been a dedicated member of CESA this year as a Member at Large and want to take on a larger commitment on CESA next year. I have enjoyed being a member of CESA and want to make a bigger contribution to this great council! 2. I have two years of experience of being a secretary from my high school music council. 3. I am a very detail-oriented and organized person and would make sure to take accurate meeting minutes and send them and any other information to CESA members promptly.
  12. 12. SABRINA GROVE 1) I am very organized, though I know anyone running for this position will be. I have organized various canoe trips, up to 5 days, which requires detailed organizing of equipment, food, routes and paperwork. These trip planning experiences have attributed to making me organized in my daily life. 2) I am an effective communicator which would aid me in dispersing meeting details to other Executive members. I have previously helped organize various communication methods for staff of up to 40 people and currently manage staff at the Trent a Gym where I am in charge of scheduling and training. 3) I am outgoing and friendly. I like to be around people and have learned how to work with many different personality types through working at camp for 4 years. I try my hardest in anything I do and would put full effort into my role.
  13. 13. KARINA CLENDENNING 1. I've been a part of CESA for the past 3 years, so I have been exposed to and involved with many aspects of the executive, including treasurer duties such as applying for funding and determining the budget. 2. As I was a CESA social representative for 2 of those 3 years, I was responsible for using CESA's money in order to plan various social events! This means I already have experience working with CESA's money and sticking to their budget. 3. I am reliable, trustworthy, and just as importantly, organized!
  14. 14. SARAH WILLIAMS 1) For the past two years I have been a part of the CESA Exec as the Junior and now Senior Social Affairs Representative. This means that I have organized some of the awesome social events that we have held, such as the First Year Social, the Con Ed Better in B.ED Social Night, the Con Ed Coffee House, this year's Con Ed Formal, and the Super Fun Night at the Ceilie. I have a lot of experience on the CESA Exec and am very familiar with how things run and with what you, the members of CESA, want from your Exec. I hope to continue to be a positive representation of our wonderful program in the future! 2) For two years now, I have also been an ISW Staff Member for Lady Eaton College, and this year I am to be the Co-Chair for ISW at Lady Eaton College. Through these experiences, I have shown my enthusiasm and spirit as well as my ability to be a part of and to lead an effective team, which I think would be valuable in the position of CESA Vice-President. 3) I LOVE our program and care about the future of Education programs at Trent! I have been actively involved in keeping up to date on what has been happening with our program and with the CESA Exec's efforts to maintain our program and the wonderful things that our program and our students have brought to the school. I look forward to taking your ideas for how to make sure that all that our students have done for Trent remains important and useful for future Education students!
  15. 15. MICHELLE CARR 1) I have been on CESA for the past 2 years as Jr. then Sr. Red Apple Editor, so I am well-aware of how CESA operates and am dedicated to the organization. 2) I am involved in many other extra-curricular activities at Trent, including ISW staff, LEC Cabinet and Relay for Life Committee, which have allowed me to make many connections with students that would be valuable as CESA evolves with the upcoming changes. 3) My prior leadership experience, such as in the activities mentioned above and in my job and high school in Stratford, has given me the skills that I believe are necessary for the role of President, such as teamwork and leading by example. :)