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Extreme customer experience


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Published in: Marketing
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Extreme customer experience

  2. 2. Love for marketing. Passionate about digital. Believer in the Power of STORIES. Xtension Filip Modderie
  4. 4. WHY? Customer Experience?
  5. 5. Why Customer Experience? Everything becomes a COMMODITY some day.
  6. 6. Why Customer Experience? EXPERIENCE remains the only DIFFERENTIATOR.
  7. 7. Why Customer Experience?
  8. 8. Why Customer Experience?
  9. 9. Why customer experience?
  10. 10. WHAT are you selling?
  11. 11. A record? Music? A FEELING!
  12. 12. The success of tomorrowland Creating an experience Creating a tribe
  13. 13. Why Customer Experience? Experience > Possession Source: To do or to have? That’s the question. Leaf van Boven & Thomas Gilovich
  14. 14. Why Customer Experience?
  15. 15. WHY? Extreme?
  16. 16. Everybody can be AVERAGE tomorrow.
  17. 17. The only SUSTAINABLE Differentiator. It’s relative NPS that counts!
  18. 18. New technology gets adopted very fast. 85 years Telephone 20 years Mobile phone 10 years? Smartphone
  19. 19. Attention becomes a scare good. “When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive” James Gleick
  20. 20. Why Extreme? You! Your Thinking
  21. 21. Why Customer Experience? “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make. It is the art of creating genuine customer value.” Philip Kotler
  22. 22. Let’s start… … with a question? Who witnessed the following?
  23. 23. Customer Experience?? “Yes, but can you show me the business case behind it?”
  24. 24. Customer experience in the boardroom. Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index (
  25. 25. Customer experience in your process. Cost reduction = €€€€
  26. 26. Customer experience in your process. Churn reduction = 4%
  27. 27. “Yes, but can you add the cost of people who will use this easy process to cheat?”
  28. 28. “And what about the cost of checking and double checking…” And p*ss of your customers?
  29. 29. “CFO asks CEO: "What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?” CEO: “What happens if we don't, and they stay?”
  30. 30. Examples! Customer Experience.
  31. 31. Belgian best practice.
  32. 32. Competition is another ballgame
  33. 33. Do you know how fun this is?
  34. 34. And how fun it can be?
  35. 35. “BUT what about privacy & security?”
  36. 36. Do you really care about your customers privacy or about your legal risk?
  37. 37. Privacy is in the eye of the beholder. Do not patronise your customer.
  38. 38. This does NOT mean you can share their data they trusted you with.
  39. 39. It DOES mean don’t use it as a excuse to make things more difficult.
  40. 40. Experience does not stop at your company. Customer Experience. Does NOT stop at your company boundaries.
  41. 41. An personal Experience. Online presence payment InventoryChoiceTraffic
  42. 42. A personal Experience. Online presence payment InventoryChoiceTraffic
  43. 43. A personal Experience. Online presence payment InventoryChoiceTraffic
  44. 44. A personal Experience. Online presence payment InventoryChoiceTraffic DELIVERY 10 DAYS & COUNTING
  45. 45. The customer does not think value chain. Customers only feel Their need or problem Vs. solution
  46. 46. The customer does not think value chain. That’s why it’s really sad challenging to be in the energy sector. We don’t provide the power. We only are responsible for 35% of the invoice. We don’t control the government. But all customers call us.
  47. 47. The experience outside the happy FLOW
  48. 48. KPI’s? How to start? 1. KPI
  49. 49. KPI’s? 98,7% Availability
  50. 50. KPI’s? Customers don’t care! It’s a 0 or 1 game.
  51. 51. KPI’s? NPS Net Promotor Score NPS: registered TM by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company.
  52. 52. Net promotor score: what is it? Source: score-infographic
  53. 53. KPI’s? All customers Easy Benchmark
  54. 54. KPI’s? But not actionable.
  55. 55. Warning! Analysis paralysis.
  56. 56. It’s about the attention of management, people, the organisation.
  57. 57. KPI’s? How to start? 2. Customer Journey
  58. 58. Experience the experience.
  59. 59. End-to-end!
  60. 60. You is better than nobody.
  61. 61. Or just talk to somebody external J
  62. 62. Go out and experience!
  63. 63. THANK you for listening. Kudos for your interaction. ETERNAL for connecting. Xtension Filip Modderie
  64. 64. ?Did you learn something or are inspired to do something different today? ?Would you recommend others to this presentation? Customer experience: Measure! 544236
  65. 65. THANK you for listening. Kudos for your interaction. ETERNAL for connecting. Xtension Filip Modderie
  66. 66. Kudos to