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Frontop Digital Brochure 2


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Price Info and Service Info for Architect Practice Channels

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Frontop Digital Brochure 2

  1. 1. Who are we• We are Frontop Digital. We named ourselves Frontop, because we think we are at the frontier of technology advance and we represent the top quality of the industry.• We founded in 2002 in Guangzhou. Through 10 years developing, We are now one of the largest company in Digital Display industry here in China.
  2. 2. Architectural Computer Graphics CoreBusiness Areas Real Estate Digital Presentation
  3. 3. Architectural Computer Graphics Architectural Proposal Presentation Architectural Animation Architectural Renderings REAL TOUCH
  4. 4. Architectural Rendering Why us?• Over 10 years of experience in the field• A sophisticate quality control protocol• More reasonable price compare to our competitors of the same quality range
  5. 5. Hotels
  6. 6. Retails
  7. 7. Price Quote• Eye Level View• 4000 RMB• Bird’s Eye View• View RMBEye Level Bird’s Eye 7000 View Planning4000RMB/ 6000RMB/ 8000RMB/• Planning 650USD 950USD 1250USD• 10000 RMB
  8. 8. Thank you Email us for more information