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Pay punch

  1. 1. PayPunchPayPunch The Ultimate Time and Attendance Solution Thank you for joining. We will begin in a few minutes … Small Company with Big Ambitions
  2. 2. About the CompanyAbout the Company PayPunch Time and Attendance system was developed in 2004 and Attendance Solution for one of our customers and since then we continue developing and providing this solution for hundreds of customers each year Xpress Software was founded in 1996 Initially Xpress Software started as Enterprise Resource Planning software provider for local businesses in Toronto, Canada Today, PayPunch is used effectively worldwide by companies in: Retail, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, automotive and a number of other industries.
  3. 3. Developers of PayPunchDevelopers of PayPunch  We have all the answers  We offer our clients top notch technical support  We can accommodate special customization requests  We are the software company which means that we emphasize on the software functionality making sure that it is easy to use, has all necessary functionality and can be integrated with your payroll software
  4. 4. With PayPunch you can:With PayPunch you can: Automate payroll processing Eliminate buddy‐punching Eliminate time‐cards Eliminate early punch‐ins Eliminate unauthorized overtime Eliminate hours of payroll calculations
  5. 5. PayPunch helps you to:PayPunch helps you to: Consolidate all the data for 1 or multiple locations Ensure accuracy and reduce wasted time Manage shifts and exceptions (sick days, holidays, vacations, etc.) Export time card data to Excel or a text file (.csv) which can be imported into your accounting system.
  6. 6. PayPunch System OverviewPayPunch System Overview PayPunch Time and Attendance System consists of 3 main parts: Punch clock device such as Biometric Fingerprint Reader, Hand Reader, Proximity Card or HID Reader. Universal Biometric Driver (UBD) software which provides communication between device and PayPunch database. PayPunch software which provides user interface to review and modify punches, print various reports and export data to your payroll system.
  7. 7. PayPunch SolutionPayPunch Solution
  8. 8. Punch Clock DevicesPunch Clock Devices Fingerprint Readers – user is identified by the fingerprint stored on the device. Finger is scanned. HandPunch Reader – user is identified by the geometry of the whole hand. Hand volume, finger length and other hand parameters are measured. Proximity/HID Card Reader – user is identified by the card. This is similar to Fingerprint Reader, but uses Proximity Cards or HID Cards to register user.
  9. 9. PayPunch integration with your payrollPayPunch integration with your payroll PayPunch includes an export functionality that allows user to export all attendance hours to a CSV or Excel file to be imported into Payroll program.