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Zabbix over the Internet


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Zabbix over the Internet by Walter Heck at Zabbix Conference 2011

Published in: Technology, Design
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Zabbix over the Internet

  1. 1. Running Zabbix over the internetActive-only hosts over the web September 30th, 2011 Zabbix Conference, Riga, Latvia Walter Heck,
  2. 2. Introduction 2Server Monitoring as a Service (SMaaS) has the future in small/medium scale dedicated/virtual server monitoring
  3. 3. Who am I? 3• Walter Heck, 30 years old• Founder OlinData / Tribily• Ex-Delphi programmer• Narcoleptic• Traveler / hitchhiker / couchsurfer / diver / hiker / geek / environmentalist / metalhead
  4. 4. In-house vs External 4Special circumstances:• No access to client server• No access to client firewall• Have to assume the ‘dumbest’ user (KISS)
  5. 5. Restrictions 5 • Active only • Only open firewall on our server on one port • No proxies • No Distributed Monitoring • Targeting SME users
  6. 6. Targets 6• Don’t monitor too much• Don’t monitor too often• When external scripts needed, use bash preferrably, or otherwise perl or php• Prefer zabbix-triggered sender scripts over cron- triggered senders
  7. 7. Challenges 7• Agent doesn’t currently support encryption or authentication • Patch in the works, will contribute back if Zabbix SIA allows it• Developing templates for software/hardware we dont have in production• Worldwide alerting through text message (SMS) • Clickatell most wide coverage
  8. 8. Backend 8• Zabbix on a single server• Drupal Frontend + Zabbix frontend • On webserver with 10 other sites• Dual master MySQL setup • 8G RAM, 2* 750G HD’s, 2*4 core CPU• Hosted at Hetzner • Cheap, good connectivity • Reserve unlimited rackspace
  9. 9. Future plans 9• Offer our own repackaging for major distros • Simplify setup for customers• Worldwide phone call alerts • Global SIP/VOIP gateway?• Allow clients to plug in templates from
  10. 10. 10Questions / Feedback ?
  11. 11. The End! /@walterheck