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Zabbix by Alexei Vladishev - FISL12 - 2011


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Zabbix Presentation on FISL12 2011 in Porto Alegre, Brazil by Alexei Vladishev (Founder and CEO from Zabbix SIA)

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  • which php framework (related to MVC) dose zabbix use when developing frontend? Yii?CakePHP?
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Zabbix by Alexei Vladishev - FISL12 - 2011

  1. 1. ZabbixFree Software that helps FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  2. 2. About meName: Alexei VladishevEmail: alex@zabbix.comTwitter: zabbixHome: www.zabbix.comAuthor of ZabbixFounder and CEO of Zabbix SIA, company-developerof Zabbix software located in Latvia FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  3. 3. What is my talk about?• History of Zabbix• What is Zabbix• Zabbix Team• Zabbix Philosophy and Design principles• What’s next? Zabbix 2.0• Looking further: Zabbix 2.x FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  4. 4. History of Zabbix Once upon a time... FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  5. 5. Zabbix timeline• Everything started with an idea of a better monitoring tool • Zabbix 1.0alpha1: April 7th, 2001 • Zabbix 1.0: March 2004 (first stable) • Zabbix 1.8: December 2009• Why Zabbix? • Software ready, but no name yet • All cool names like “NetMon”, “SuperWatcher”, “OpenMon”, “OpenView” etc were already taken • Google (Altavista?) returned 0 results on Zabbix• Current state • Zabbix 1.8.5 (stable) released on April 1st, 2011 FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  6. 6. Progress weve made... Today10 years ago •500-600 downloads per day on avg•1-2 downloads per day•No WEB site, no forums •Active community•No company •Company behind Zabbix•No commercial services •Users around the World•Very small community •Part of nearly all distributions•Just one developer •Team of developers FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  7. 7. A few Zabbix books• Two books on Zabbix are available: in English and Japanese• Zabbix is no longer a stranger, it’s a well known solution FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  8. 8. Celebrating 10 year anniversary•September 30 - October 1, Riga, Latvia FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  9. 9. Is it a typical Open Source story?• An idea of a better monitoring solution• Was released as a free software• A company was established for commercial services• It is quite typical story: • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, SuSE), etc etc FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  10. 10. What is Zabbix? A project of my life... FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  11. 11. What is Zabbix?• Zabbix - is enterprise level Open Source (GPLv2, Free!) monitoring software• One of the most popular and complete monitoring systems• Competes with commercial tools from HP, IBM, other vendors• Estimated number of users is more than 30.000• Scales up-to 100.000 of devices and 1.000.000 of checks• Large-scale distributed monitoring• Can monitor absolutely all platforms and devices! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  12. 12. Why monitor?Zabbix can help!•To identify and fix problems early. Do not wait customers calling!•To measure and analyze availability and performance•More productive work of system administrators•To plan hardware upgrades/restructure in advance•To cut administrative costs by automating, no manual monitoring FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  13. 13. Typical use cases• What’s current systems state? Visualization is important!• What’s the root cause of my problem?• I want to be warned if something happens• A problem must be escalated after N minutes• My system has to do something in case of a problem• Ihardwarehave long-term information (trends) to plan want to upgrades• I need SLA numbers for all my services FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  14. 14. Zabbix is about assuring quality of services:availability & performance. FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  15. 15. All included! • Possible models • Enterprise and Community versions • All includedZabbix is a True Open Source, no proprietary addons,“professional” or “enterprise” versions FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  16. 16. What is Free Software?Free. Is is not about price, it is about freedom!•Think as free as in free speech, not as in free beer: • Freedom to use program for any purpose • Freedom to study how the program works • Freedom to redistribute the software • Freedom to improve the program and release your improvements FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  17. 17. Proprietary Software?! Think twice...• It comes with certain limitations • No source code is available • Contract imposed limitations (max number of devices) • For non-commercial use only • Technical restrictions (number of CPUs), size of data • Be careful: any of your freedoms can be restricted for your money! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  18. 18. Zabbix Team People behind Zabbix... FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  19. 19. Zabbix Company• Zabbix Company was established 6 years ago• Our team grew to 16 people• Customers with more than 200.000 of monitored devices• We have 4 Premium Partners (Japan, UK, Austria, Spain)• More than 20 Partners and Resellers around the World FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  20. 20. Zabbix Team: some of us FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  21. 21. Free Software.How do we make a living then? FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  22. 22. 0% revenue on license fees, because Zabbix is FREE FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  23. 23. Community vs Customers Both are very important to us!• Community • Zabbix wouldn’t be so popular without community • Helping new users (IRC, forums, mailing lists) • New products: ZapCat, Zabcon, mobile clients (Mozaby), and more• Customers and partners • Growth of our company depends on customers and partners FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  24. 24. Community andcustomers make Zabbix better FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  25. 25. Zabbix Philosophy ...and principles FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  26. 26. Our principles• We never compare Zabbix with other Open Source monitoring software. Let users do it!• Be driven by technology, not marketing• Listen to our users and our community• Our mission • Develop an exceptional monitoring solution people can trust FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  27. 27. Core design principles • Keep things simple (KISS) • Respect users: always think about maintenance issues • Evolution, not revolution! No big jumps. • Be efficient: use as few system resources as possible (memory/CPU usage) • Aimed for very high performance • Low number of third-party dependencies FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  28. 28. Important decisions made 12 years ago• WEB front-end • Open and customizable• Everything is sored in a traditional database. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite. No RRD.• No use of threads, different processes instead • Better quality, no locking issues• C language for core part of Zabbix • Best possible performance and efficient resource usage• Ready for embedded environments • SQLite FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  29. 29. Focus on quality!• A new branch is created for each new feature or a bug fix. Done!• Independent testing and code reviews. Done!• Obligatory Release Candidates. Done!• Coding standards. Done!• PHP string freeze phases for translators. Done!• Automated unit testing to cover most of the code. API helps! In progress.• Zero bug policy. Not there yet...• Release when ready • Agile approach: Zabbix is ready to be released anytime • Do not try to put as much features as possible • Release in time, tested and stable FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  30. 30. So, what’s next? Zabbix 2.0! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  31. 31. Better user experience• Refreshed design• Improving usability of Zabbix front-end• Review of all forms and pages FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  32. 32. Better performance• Performance is better with every release of Zabbix• In-memory cache for nearly all configuration data• More efficient Zabbix API FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  33. 33. Database integrity• Why it is important • Consistency of data • It help to catch all sorts of bugs at very early stage• Drawbacks • Lower performance• What it is all about • Foreign keys • Cascade operations (deletes, updates) FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  34. 34. Low level discovery• Current situation • Host level discovery only • Difficult to use templates for hosts having different file systems, network interfaces, etc• Zabbix 2.0 • Automatic discovery of network devices, file systems, processes, etc • Discovery of SNMP interfaces and JMX counters • One template for hosts having different resources! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  35. 35. Multiple network interfaces• Current situation • One IP address per monitored device • Unable to monitor different resources on different IPs• Zabbix 2.0 • Monitored device to support multiple IPs • One IP: monitoring by SNMP, another: Zabbix Agent FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  36. 36. JMX remote monitoring• Current situation • Use of ZapCat or other 3rd party tool• Zabbix 2.0 • Native support of secure JMX monitoring • Discovery of JMX counters • Monitoring of Java infrastructure: JBoss, WebLogic, WEBSphere, Tomcat • Monitoring of Java Applications FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  37. 37. Automatic collection of hardware inventory data• Current situation • Host inventory should be manually updated• Zabbix 2.0 • Can be automatically By camknowns, Flickr collected • Manual processing as well FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  38. 38. Remote commands• Remote commands based on Telnet and SSH • Can already be scripted but not natively supported • Will simplify automatic actions on network devices• Remote commands based on IPMI (remote shutdowns, restarts)• For devices having no Zabbix or SNMP agent running FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  39. 39. GNU Translation framework• Easier contribution• More languages• GNU Translation framework• Obligatory string freeze phase FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  40. 40. WHEN???I am very bad at estimating release dates... FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  41. 41. To be released when ready Last estimate: this summer FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  42. 42. Zabbix 2.xSomething to expect soon FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  43. 43. General Directions• Large scale distributed monitoring. Horizontal scalability.• Easier to use & maintain & integrate (Zabbix API)• Better separation of all parts of Zabbix. Provide APIs between all modules.• APIs everywhere to extend Zabbix functionality• Business level monitoring FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  44. 44. Zabbix is all about monitoring. FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  45. 45. Zabbix Interface• MVC (Model-View-Controller) model for GUI • Strict separation of logic and presentation levels • Better scalability • Easy to make unit tests• Make it more user friendly • Usable with all information interconnected • Personalization (a user can create his own resources) FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  46. 46. NoSQL storages• Zabbix Supports: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLite • Problem: maximum 15.000 of values per second • Cannot scale! • Performance drops significantly when size of historical data increases• Solution: • Use NoSQL storages for historical data (Cassandra, Hadoop, Hbase, Hypertable, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J). Terrabytes of data. • Theoretically, performance can be higher than 100.000 of values per second • Can be horizontally scaled. More servers - more performance! • API for history data, you can choose any engine! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  47. 47. Zabbix in a Cloud• Integration with cloud APIs • Amazon EC2 • Rackspace Cloud • VMWare• Monitoring• Management (add or remove resources on demand) • High CPU load -> add a new cloud server • Lack of disk storage -> add a new cloud storage FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  48. 48. Zabbix for virtual environments• Virtual environments • KVM • XEN • VMWare• Monitoring• Management (add or remove resources on demand) • High CPU load -> add a new VMs FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  49. 49. Global task scheduler• We already have everything to make it possible• Kind of global calendar for the whole monitored environment• Can be used to: • Schedule backups and other periodical tasks • Start/shut down physical and virtual servers, cloud resources • Conditional execution of commands depending on existing problems. Example: Turn off cluster nodes at night only if CPU load is low. FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  50. 50. Questions? FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre
  51. 51. WWW.ZABBIX.COM The presentation will be available on soon! FISL12 2011, Porto Alegre