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Maya angelou power point

  1. 1. Maya AngelouDue date: April 26,2011 Xavier Salter April 19, 2011 English 3
  2. 2. Table of ContentsSlide 1 contains : Title SlideSlide 2 contains : Table of contentsSlide 3 contains: Childhood & background historySlide 4 contains: Educational & Achievement HistorySlide 5 contains: Author‟s writing careerSlide 6 contains: Published works of the authorSlide 7 contains: Poetry Highlight: “And Still I Rise”Slide 8 contains: Poetry Highlight: “Alone”Slide 9 contains: Poetry Highlight: “Human Family”Slide 10 contains : Discuss the influence of your chosen author on Americanliterature and societySlide 11 contains: Note how the author‟s work has been adapted by the mediaSlide 12 Contains: Note how you have been influenced by the author
  3. 3. Childhood & Family Background Maya Angelou, born on 4th 1928, in St. Louis Missouri Maya Angelou grew up during a time of racism and discrimination. Although Maya Angelou dealt with the harsh realities of a racial society, she was still able to focus on the things that mattered most in her personal life. Such as her faith, the values of a traditional African American family, culture and the Community. As a teenager Maya Angelou won a scholarship to study dance and drama, at San Franciscos Labor School, Maya Angelo loved art.
  4. 4. Educational history &Achievements As a teenager Maya Angelou won a scholarship to study dance and drama, at San Franciscos Labor School, Maya Angelo loved art. Maya Angelou dropped out of school at the age of 14, but later went back to high school after the birth of her son, Guy. During Maya Angelou‟s time away from school she became San Francisco‟s first African- American female cable car conductor In 1993 Maya Angelou was asked by Bill Clinton to read a poem at his inauguration. The poem, On the Pulse of the Morning was heard world wide. Maya Angelou has received 3 Grammy awards. In 2000 Maya Angelou was awarded the Presidential Medal of Arts, and in 2008 she was awarded the Lincoln Medal. Maya Angelou has also received over 30 honorary degrees. Maya Angelou also fluently speaks six different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and West African Fanti.
  5. 5. Author’s writing career  Maya Angelou‟s writing career consists of the following: poetry, personal essays, children‟s books, autobiographies, plays, and screenplays.
  6. 6. Published works of the authorPoetry by Maya Angelou: Maya Angelou’s Children’s books: Personal Essays: Autobiographies:Just give me a cool drink ofwater „fore I diiie, which was Life doesnt frighten me, Wouldnt take nothing fornominated for the Pulitzer I know why the 1993 my journey now, 1993prize in 1971 caged bird sings, 1970 My painted house, my Even the stars lookedOh pray my wings are gonna lonesome, 1997fit me well, 1975 friendly chicken and me, Gather together in 1994Still I rise, 1978 my name, 1974 Kofi and his magic, 1996Shaker, why do you sing, Singin‟ and swinging Screenplays:1983 and getting merry Plays: like Christmas, Georgia, Georgia, 1972Now Sheba sings the song, 1976 Cabaret for freedom,19601987 All day long, 1974 The heart of aOn the pulse in the morning, The least of these, 19661993 woman, 1981 All God‟s children Gettin‟ up stayed on my,A brave and startling truth,1995 Need Traveling 1967 shoes, 1986From a black man to a black Ajax, 1974woman, 1995 A song Flung up to heaven, 2002 And still I Rise, 1976Extravagant spirits, 1997Amazing peace,2005 Moon on a rainbow shawl, 1988Mother, a cradle to hold me,2006A pledge to rescue our youth,2006Celebrations, rituals of peace& prayer,2006
  7. 7. And Still I Rise.. What this poem means to meYou may write me down in historyWith your bitter, twisted lies, is that no matter how hard aYou may trod me in the very dirtBut still, like dust, Ill rise. person tries to break your spiritDoes my sassiness upset you?Why are you beset with gloom?Cause I walk like Ive got oil wells they can‟tPumping in my living room.Just like moons and like suns,With the certainty of tides,Just like hopes springing high,Still Ill rise.Did you want to see me broken?Bowed head and lowered eyes?Shoulders falling down like teardrops,Weakened by my soulful cries.Does my haughtiness offend you?Dont you take it awful hardCause I laugh like I got gold minesDiggin in my own back yard.You may shoot me with your words,You may cut me with your eyes,You may kill me with your hatefulness,But still, like air, Ill rise.Does my sexiness upset you?Does it come as a surpriseThat I dance like Ive got diamondsAt the meeting of my thighs?Out of the huts of historys shameI riseUp from a past thats rooted in painI riseIm a black ocean, leaping and wide,Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.Leaving behind nights of terror and fearI riseInto a daybreak thats wondrously clearI riseBringing the gifts my ancestors gave,I am the dream and the hope of the slave.I riseI riseI rise.
  8. 8. AloneLying, thinkingLast nightHow to find my soul a home The world is a cold andWhere water is not thirstyAnd bread loaf is not stone lonely place whenI came up with one thingAnd I dont believe Im wrongThat nobody, people do not care forBut nobodyCan make it out here alone. one anotherAlone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.There are some millionairesWith money they cant useTheir wives run round like bansheesTheir children sing the bluesTheyve got expensive doctorsTo cure their hearts of stone.But nobodyNo, nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.Now if you listen closelyIll tell you what I knowStorm clouds are gatheringThe wind is gonna blowThe race of man is sufferingAnd I can hear the moan,Cause nobody,But nobodyCan make it out here alone.Alone, all aloneNobody, but nobodyCan make it out here alone.
  9. 9. Human FamilyI note the obvious differences  People have more inin the human family.Some of us are serious,some thrive on comedy. common with eachSome declare their lives are livedas true profundity, other than we realizeand others claim they really livethe real reality.The variety of our skin tonescan confuse, bemuse, delight,brown and pink and beige and purple,tan and blue and white.Ive sailed upon the seven seasand stopped in every land,Ive seen the wonders of the worldnot yet one common man.I know ten thousand womencalled Jane and Mary Jane,but Ive not seen any twowho really were the same.Mirror twins are differentalthough their features jibe,and lovers think quite different thoughtswhile lying side by side.We love and lose in China,we weep on Englands moors,and laugh and moan in Guinea,and thrive on Spanish shores.We seek success in Finland,are born and die in Maine.In minor ways we differ,in major were the same.I note the obvious differencesbetween each sort and type,but we are more alike, my friends,than we are unalike.We are more alike, my friends,than we are unalike.We are more alike, my friends,than we are unalike.
  10. 10. Ms. Angelou‟s writing, dance career,political activism, acting career andspeaking engagements have made her anational treasure. She is known as a“global renaissance woman”. Her impacthas been felt throughout the literary worldand the general media.Influences…
  11. 11. Author’s influenceMs. Angelou is interesting to me becauseshe has made such an impact on Americanliterature and culture.
  12. 12. Quotes From Maya Angelou