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Academic Position in Quantum Chemistry of Electronically Excited States


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Published in: Education
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Academic Position in Quantum Chemistry of Electronically Excited States

  1. 1. Academic Position in Quantum Chemistry of ElectronicallyExcited StatesAt the Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry. We are looking for a dynamic and highly motivatedindividual (m/f) with an excellent research record and teaching skills.DutiesResearchThe successful candidate should develop a research program and aspire excellence in the domain ofquantum chemistry/computational chemistry, with particular emphasis on the description of the(electronic, geometrical, vibrational) structure of electronically excited states by means of ab initio wavefunction methods. She/he will be expected to take the lead in intense collaborations with experimentalresearch groups at the KU Leuven (as well as in an international context), by offering quantum chemicalsupport and additional insight in the spectroscopic characterization of molecular materials. Thecandidate is expected to remain at the frontline during the development and improvement of quantumchemical techniques for the simulation of spectroscopic data. He/she will also keep close contact withdevelopments in methodologies (continuum models, embedding models, QM/MM) that maycomplement the description of the quantum mechanical region of the molecular system with a lower-level treatment of its surroundings, aiming at improving the correspondence with experimentalmeasurements.TeachingThe selected candidate will assume teaching responsibilities in Chemistry, including courses in quantumchemistry and computational chemistry. She/he is expected to play a leading role in the development ofinitiatives promoting the visibility/attractiveness of theory as part of the educational programme inchemistry. The candidate is expected to have a strong background in group theory, or should be able toacquire it in short time, for teaching purposes at the master level. The candidate will strive to achievethe objectives of the KU Leuven in academic level and orientation, and will subscribe to the teachingproject of the KU Leuven. Dedication to general education and quality is naturally expected.RequirementsInterested candidates should hold a Ph.D. or doctoral degree in Chemistry or equivalent.Qualified candidates are expected to have an excellent research record and very good teaching andtraining skills, in order to contribute to the research output of the department and to the quality of itseducational program. The high quality of the candidates research should be evidenced by publicationsin international peer-reviewed journals and by international research experience.If you do not speak Dutch, you will be expected to learn the language within three years of yourappointment. The required proficiency level will depend on the duties assigned to you. Dutch languagecourses are offered at KU Leuven.
  2. 2. Proficiency in the English language is also required.OfferThe full-time position can be offered in one of the academic levels (full professor, professor, associateprofessor, assistant professor), depending on the qualifications of the candidate.Interested?For more information please contact the Department Chair, prof. dr. Steven De Feyter, tel.:+3216327921, mail: problems with online applying, please contact Mrs. Katoe Buyle, tel.: +3216328324, can apply for this job no later than September 30, 2013 via the online application tool