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retail in india

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  2. 2. Retail RenaissanceAt NMIMS, we have taken an initiative in our own way to address Prominent names from the Retail Industry including Mr. Damodarissues concerning the Indian & the International Retail market. Mall, Consumer Group Director- Future Group, Mr Shammi Dua,Our flagship event Retail Renaissance is a platform for industry Logistics Head-Cadbury India Ltd., Mr. Pradeep Katyal, VP-Adityastalwarts to argue and debate on the most incumbent issues of Birla Retail, Mr. Neeraj Joshi, Head Operations-Raymonds, Mr.the sector. Rituraj Verma, Director-Retail- Knight Frank, Mr. Suhas Dutta, Head Retail Operations-Accenture, Mr. Shubranshu Pani ,MD-It has always been our endeavour to learn from the experience of Retail-JLLM; were some of the prominent guests present at thethought-leaders and generate insights through reasoning and event last year. These speakers deliberated on issues concerningresearch. It is this belief that formed the basis of shaping up an the Retail sector and possible implications on the sector. Throughinitiative such as Retail Renaissance, which celebrates the this discussion they also reinforced the need to identify theresurgence and revitalisation of the Indian organised retail sector changing trends and the current and future threats in order toand addresses the challenges being faced by the sector through a better understand and ascertain the growth path of the Retailcommon platform. Issues ranging from cultural and social industry across the globe.diversity across the globe, legal hurdles, infrastructuralbottlenecks, underinvestment in backend processes or the ever-changing consumer behaviour are all addressed and discussed onthis platform.
  3. 3. MBA - Retail ManagementThe objective of the programme is to increase the managerial Communication skills, Retail Mathematics, Data analysis tools,capacity of Retail Management professionals by means of Quantitative Modelling and Operations amongst others.developing an understanding of the fundamental principles ofmanagement as well as their applications in Indian/international To keep the course in compliance with the industry requirements,retail context. MBA Retail Management has kept a balance between the academic rigors of an MBA course along with the extensiveThe fast changing retail environment demands that professionals training schedule to provide students a better exposure. Toacquire new skills, improve their efficiency, learn to compete and improvise more on this approach, a majority of the curriculum isthink out of the box. Today retailing does not only mean selling to taught by faculty members who have remarkable experience inend consumer but it involves an in depth study of a number of International & Indian retail and related industries likeparameters like catchment analysis, location planning, logistic Infrastructure, FMCG, Consultancy and Information Technology,and supply chain, visual merchandising which lead to customer thus providing students with better insights and requirementssatisfaction. Hence it touches various aspects of management vis- demanded by the industry.á-vis Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT and Human Resource.This requires an education that is intensive, comprehensive and The extensive four & half month summer Internship is a hallmarkclosely linked to the retail business world. The need is to have a of this course which distinguishes it from other businesscurriculum which has all the inherent features of a business programs. The students, from the very outset have been taught tomanagement program and involves pragmatic learning work hard and manage their time diligently, so as to cope up withthroughout the course. the ever-so-changing dynamic retail environment. Students not only get the hands-on industry experience by working on a liveThe programme is designed to provide the students a better project with retail support sectors such as Real State, Informationunderstanding of retail environment and to make them Technology, Consumer Electronics, Telecom and FMCG, but alsoacquainted with various functions in the retailing business. gain better insights into macro aspects of the sector by workingStudents are required to attend workshops related to with client or marketing organizations of the retailers. 87
  4. 4. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENTCourse StructureFIRST YEAR TRIMESTER – I - The FoundationAREA SUBJECTBUSINESS POLICY Research MethodologyECONOMICS Microeconomics For ManagersFINANCE Financial Analysis & ManagementHUMAN RESOURCES & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Individual & Group Behaviour in OrganizationsMARKETING Marketing Management Indian Retailing Retail Issues Concept & EnvironmentOPERATIONS / QUANTITATIVE METHODS Decision Analysis Operations Management TRIMESTER – II - Breaking The CeilingAREA SUBJECTECONOMICS MacroeconomicsFINANCE Cost & Management Accounting Finance in RetailingMARKETING Services Marketing Retail Shopper Behaviour Distribution & Inventory Management Buying & MerchandisingQUANTITATIVE METHODS Statistical MethodsSOCIAL ENTERPRISE CELL Corporate Social Responsibility TRIMESTER – III - Testing waters in Marketing & ResearchAREA SUBJECTINFORMATION SYSTEMS Information Systems in ManagementLAW Legal Aspect of Business – Retail SectorMARKETING Retail Category Management Retail Sales Techniques International Retailing Integrated Retail Communication Qualitative & Quantitative Research in MarketingOPERATIONS Retail SCM & Vendor DevelopmentQUANTITATIVE METHODS Operations Research 88
  5. 5. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENTSECOND YEAR TRIMESTER – IV – Information SuperhighwayThe extensive four & half month summer internship between April to September is a hallmark of this course which distinguishes it fromother business programs & in which student undergoes practical training in a modern retail format & work with marketing or retailsupport sectors like FMCG/CD, Consultancy, Logistics, Real Estate & IT giving them insights into the macro aspects of the industry. TRIMESTER – V – Pushing the EnvelopeAREA SUBJECTBUSINESS POLICY & STRATEGY Strategic Management for Retail IndustryFINANCE Strategic Cost ManagementHUMAN RESOURCES & BEHAVIOURAL SCIENCES Essentials of Human Resources ManagementMARKETING Location & Retail Geography Planning Visual Merchandising Mall ManagementOPERATIONS & DECSION SCIENCES Logistics Management TRIMESTER – VI – Fine TuningAREA SUBJECTINFORMATION SYSTEMS Strategic Planning of Information SystemsMARKETING Customer Relationship Management Virtual & Non Store Retailing Retail Brand ManagementOPERATIONS & DECISION SCIENCES Optimising Models Managing Technology VALUE ADDED AMMUNITION: HANDY TOOLSCOMPULSORY WORKSHOPS Workshop on Retail Mathematics Workshop on Quantitative Modeling 89
  6. 6. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENT MBA Retail Management BATCH PROFILE - II YEAR BATCH STRENGTH 29 ACADEMIC BACKGROUND WORK EXPERIENCE 3 Years & Above 3% Commerce 39% FresherEngineering 34% 2 - 3 Years 41% 21% Science 1 - 2 Years 10% 21% Management Upto 1 Year 17% 14% WORK EXPERIENCE SECTOR WISE SUMMER EXPERIENCE SECTOR WISE Consultancy Retail 10% 13% Others Others IT 7% 20% 10% Real Estate 7% Logistics 6% IT Manufacturing/ 34% FMCG Industrial 13% 10% Consumer Durables 20% CD Retail 10% 27% Telecom 13% * Unique feature: 4-5 months Summer Internship 90
  7. 7. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENT 0-12 MonthsADITI BIHANI ANSHUL AGARWAL24 Years 23 YearsBCOM BTECH (Bioinformatics)Maharanis College, Jaipur Dr D.Y Patil Institute of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, MumbaiTOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHERSUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. CADBURY INDIA LTD 1. TATA TRENTFinding the success of Must sell SKU strategy of Cadbury India Study the best practices of competitors in SCM on aLtd. national/International Level.2. PANTALOON RETAIL (INDIA) LTD. 2. GALLUP CONSULTINGCustomer and retail activation in Big Bazaar. Conducting market research of various companiesANUJ KARWA GAURAV SURANA23 Years 23 YearsBCOM BCOMA. C College of Commerce, North Bengal University Commerce College, RajasthanTOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHERSUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. PARLE AGRO PVT LTD 1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD.Marketing Strategy for Snack Food Business & Visibility To prepare strategies to increase market share in Suiting &solutions for Beverages & Confectionery Shirting industry for Donear2. GALLUP CONSULTING 2. GALLUP CONSULTINGConducting market research of various companies Conducting market research of various companiesKHUSHBU SANGHVI KUMAR VIVEK23 Years 23 YearsBCOM BE (Electronics & Telecommunication)The Bhawanipur Gujrati Education Society, Kolkatta Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, Pune TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHERTOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER SUMMER INTERNSHIP :SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD.1. SHOPPERS STOP INDIA Market research for 100% cotton yarn dyed shirting fabrics inCustomer and retail activation in Shoppers Stop normal & wrinkle free finish and WFC garments.2. SHOPPERS STOP INDIA 2. TATA POWER COMPANY LTD.Studying the loyalty programmes for Shoppers Stop To study the opportunities and benefits of implementing SAP ERP.MAYANK SANCHETI MOLSHREE GATTANI23 Years 22 YearsBBA (Management Studies) BCOMInternational Institute of Professional Studies, Indore Avadh Girls Degree College, LucknowTOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHERSUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. SUMMER INTERNSHIP :To prepare strategies to increase market share in Suiting & 1. VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.Shirting industry for Donear Strategic Analysis of Vending Machine Business2. CENTRAL MALL, FUTURE GROUP 2. VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.To study the aspects infuencing the operations & Visual Location Feasibility Analysis for installing food & beverageMerchanding of products in the Mall. Vending Machine across Mumbai 91
  8. 8. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENT0-12 Months NIDHI NAHATA PANKTI VORA 22 Years 23 Years BBM (Marketing) BCOM (Financial Accouting & Auditing) Christ College, Bangalore Narsee Monjee College, Mumbai TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD 1. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD Developing strategies for skincare products in food retail chains. Effect of merchandising on off takes in general trade 2. PANTALOON RETAIL INDIA LTD. 2. PIDILITE INDUSTRIES LTD. Develop Strategies to Improve Cashiering Process. a) Assessing the potental of PIL products in key accounts & retail and strategies to improve market shares. RAHUL GOYAL RAHUL RATHI 22 Years 22 Years BCOM (Honours) BBA St. Xaviers College, Kolkata S.P.B college Of Business Administration, Gujrat TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. 1. APTECH LTD. Research project, Analyzing consumer behaviour on their Business Development of Aptech N-Power shopping pattern 2. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. 2. APTECH LTD. Research project, Analyzing consumer behaviour on their Business Development of Aptech N-Power shopping pattern VANDANA JALAN AMIKSHA MEHTA 24 Years 24 Years BCOM (Honours) BCOM (Business Management) Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata Mumbai University TOTAL WORK EXP : 7 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : FRESHER KIMAYA FASHIONS PVT LTD. SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. AMARA FASHIONS PVT. LTD 1. LG ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD. Improving & developing new practices for inventory Market Analysis of LGEILs Premium Products & Dealer management & merchandising. Development 2. AMARA FASHIONS PVT. LTD 2. LG ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT. LTD. Improving & developing new practices for inventory "Go-To-Market" Scheme Management and Implementation. management & merchandising. DISHA MANWANI PINKESH SHAH 23 Years 24 Years BCOM BTECH (Electronics & Communication) Mithibai College, Mumbai Nirma Institute of Technology, Gujrat TOTAL WORK EXP : 12 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 12 Months ZEMAX INDIA INC. INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD. MARKETING EXECUTIVE SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. MILAGROW CONSULTING 1. ORIOS LTD. Multi Level Marketing & capacity building for Milagrow SME Portal Acquiring Luxury Brands and High Profile Clients for Flora2000. 2. GINI & JONY LTD. 2. ORIOS LTD. Perspective of garment industry in terms of operations and Acquiring Luxury Brands and Hi Profile Clients for Flora2000. marketing to end consumer. 92
  9. 9. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENT 13-24 MonthsVIKRAM BOTHRA ONITA BHAMBHWANI24 Years 23 YearsBSC (Honours) BMS (Finance)The Bhawanipur Gujrati Education Society, Kolkata Jai Hind College, MumbaiTOTAL WORK EXP : 22 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 23 MonthsRELIANCE MONEY LTD. TATA STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT GROUPSUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. PARLE AGRO PVT LTD 1. VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.Marketing Strategy for Snack Food Business & Visibility Strategic Analysis of Vending Machine Retailing Businesssolutions for Beverages & Confectionery 2. VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.2. KNIGHT FRANK INDIA PVT LTD Location Feasibility Analysis for installing Food & BeverageCatchment Analysis of BATA (Mumbai) & Marketing of Retail Vending Machines across MumbaiSpaces in India.TARU DHAWAN NILESH KUMAR25 Years 24 YearsBTECH (Computer Science) BSC (Honours - Mathematics)Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Engineering & Management, Gopalganj College, GopalganjSitapurTOTAL WORK EXP : 23 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 24 MonthsINFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD. AUSTIN ORTHOPAEDICSSUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD 1. HCL INFOSYSTEM LTD.Luxury and Tele shopping Market study & sales promotion for pilot product of Solio Solar2. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD charger.Designing and launching teleshopping as a sales channel for 2. BERTLING INDIALOreal with Star TV To study the logistic system of Bertling IndiaSUKRIT THAREJA VATSAL PATWA26 Years 24 YearsBE (Information Technology) BBM (Bachelor of Business Management)Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, BangaloreTOTAL WORK EXP : 24 MonthsTATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD. TOTAL WORK EXP : 24 MonthsSUMMER INTERNSHIP : UNITED SALES AGENCY1. RELIANCE RETAIL LTD.Research on Customer Preferences, Understanding and SUMMER INTERNSHIP :suggesting improvements in store operations, competition 1. SBI LIFE INSURANCE CO. PVT. LTD.analysis Study the scope of Mallassurance and Microfinance.2. NESTLE INDIA LTD. 2. UNITED SALES AGENCYTo suggest improvements in merchandising, route to Market, Customer Acquisition. Product Packaging. Study distributioncompany structure & compare with competitors. network.VIRAT KHANNA RAKESH ARORA23 Years 27 YearsBCOM BTECH (Information Technology)Dayanand Anglo Vedic PG College, Kanpur Maharishi Markandeshwar Engg. College, AmbalaTOTAL WORK EXP : 24 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 30 MonthsVIRAT ENTERPRISES 3I INFOTECH LTD.SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP :1. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD. 1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. 25-36 MonthsMapping feasibility of LOreal Paris and Garnier skincare Preparing strategy by analysing market potential for higher endthrough pharmacy key accounts. suitings Fabrics.2. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD 2. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. Feasibility study of Richesse (ammonia free) color, in the Preparing strategy by analysing market potential for higher endprofessional salon division. suitings Fabrics . 93
  10. 10. MBA RETAIL MANAGEMENT25-36 Months ASHISH BANSAL TAHA HASAN 27 Years 27 Years BE (Electronics) BE (Electronics & Communication) Sanjeevani Educational Societys Engg. College, Kopargaon Truba Institute of Engg, Bhopal TOTAL WORK EXP : 33 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 34 Months SASKEN RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS LTD. SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. TATA TRENT SUMMER INTERNSHIP : Optimization of Supply Chain Management at Tata Trent after 1. LOREAL INDIA PVT LTD forming KPIs based on study of its competitors. Developing an activation Plan for Garnier Men across Modern 2. MAERSK LOGISTICS Retail Format Re-negotiating terms with clients lost in past to get back their 2. PINSTORM TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. business & Cordinator for budgeting/estimation & Demand Assesment of Internet Services for specific group in tender/pricing in South Asia region. Mumbai city ANSHUL VYAS NIKHIL DOSHI 25 Years 26 Years BE (Electronics) BE (Computer Science) Rajiv Gandhi College of Engg. Research & Technology, College of Engg., Pandharpur Chandrapur TOTAL WORK EXP : 36 Months TOTAL WORK EXP : 35 Months Doshi Enterprises SYNTEL INDIA LTD. SUMMER INTERNSHIP : SUMMER INTERNSHIP : 1. MILAGROW CONSULTING 1. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. Multi Level Marketing & capacity building for Milagrow SME Preparing strategy by analysing market potential for higher end Portal suitings Fabrics 2. GINI & JONY LTD. 2. DONEAR INDUSTRIES LTD. Perspective of garment industry in terms of operations and Preparing strategy by analysing market potential for higher marketing to end consumer. end suitings Fabrics. VISHAL PRASAD SINHA 34 Years BSC (Honours) Bholaram Shivlal Khagaria College, Hazaribagh TOTAL WORK EXP : 63 Months ESSAR SHIPPING LTD. SUMMER INTERNSHIP :> 36 Months 1. GINGER HOTELS Making the website the most important tool for marketing 2. GINGER HOTELS Worked on database, using MIS for making business decisions 94