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Jm 2010.June Long Cv

  1. 1. Jocelyn Marquis M.Sc 7095 Avenue de la Source Anjou-sur-le Lac Anjou Cellular : 514-295-6767 Profile: Highly scientific individual, capable of translating evidences into meaningful people benefit Result oriented, successful individual with proven track record in niche markets Highly motivated individual always looking to further advance and enhance both knowledge and relationships Strong personal skills in building relationship with KOL both at national and international level Entrepreneurial and innovative approaches toward objectives Autonomous individual with significant adaptability Strong asset in training, CME and marketing A unusual ability to find information, to analyze, share and maximize it Professional Experience: Medzone Strategic and Scientific Consultant November 2009 to date Company / Situational Background: Medzone , as an independent consultancy, is involved in meeting planning and project management of pharmaceutical and medical fields. In best answering customers needs, Medzone has developed novel strategies in CME in order to enhance engagement and opportunities. Achievements: Acted as a scientific advisor for the delivery of complex medical information and communication projects Contributed valuable strategic input for the expansion of current business activities and revenue Provided creative ideas to attract new business opportunities and to develop relationships with potential clients Created avenues for the increasing the company's network of professional contacts and business partners Maintained direct contact and ongoing accessibility to the business owner for the purpose of ongoing feedback and regular consultations Xprtiz Director, Strategic and Scientific Affairs January 2008 to date Company/ Situational Background: Xprtiz specializes in providing insights on current and future trends in pharmaceutical niche markets. With a perspective ranging from design to launch, in marketing, medical, CME and training, Xprtiz provide coherence, scientific correctness and technical integration and know-
  2. 2. how.Pro-active,transforming inertia into innovation, knowledge in action, Xprtiz has the practiced ability to bring together business,science, technology and the human element factor into the equation, breathing life into any project and or initiative in search of an optimal solution. Actual /Completed Project : Strategic Consultation on a palliative care agent in Oncology: from redaction of product monograph to 5 year planning : Building a brand. A pitch with Enzyme Astra Zeneca Contract position Maternity Leave replacement Neuroscience Medical Liaison July 2009 to April 2010 Company/ Situational Background: Astra Zeneca is a key player in the pharmaceutical field within a significant and extensive pipeline ranging from oncology, cardiovascular and CNS among others. In preparing for novel molecules, AZ has build one of the most solid medical liaison team to further enhance its visibility and presence within thought leaders of the various therapeutic filed it is a leader. Achievements: Rapidly established as a scientific resource internally and externally Attendee and analyst for many courses / symposium Massachusett General Hospital / Harvard Psychopharmacology Stal Quebec Psychopharmacology preceptorship Canadian Psychiatry Association Scientific literature review for CNS MSL and field representatives Site review for potential clinical trials In collaboration with Medical Advisor Project consultant for training programs for doctors Reviewer for scientific content Expansion into rheumatology and pain market as well Premarketing and prelaunch activities Symposium of Clinical efficiency in Psychiatric trials A one day program ( 2010 ) in sharing best practices in achieving maximal enrollment Co-Morbidities Symposium As a prelaunch activity towards newer indications, this symposium targets parallel symptoms as potential for out of indication usage of medication to support future expansion beyond actual indications Biovail Pharmaceuticals Contract position Neuroscience Specialist and Key Account Manager April 2009 to July 2009 Company/ Situational Background: Biovail, through the acquisition of Preswick Pharmaceuticals, has branched into brand name drugs with Nitoman, a drug indicated for the movement disorders. Psychiatrists and Neurologists are involved in treating this pathology, that is related in the majority of cases to neuroleptic therapy. A challenge for this market is identification of these patients, mostly depressive and schizophrenic.The business unit was dismantled in December 2009 Achievements:
  3. 3. Rapidly established as a key scientific resource both internally and externally Attendee and analyst for many courses / symposium APA 2009 AMPQ 2009 Competitive intelligence and new literature analysis APA 2009 Project Leader for many CME Consulting role in training and building Key Account tools Provincial scientific and field resource for Nitoman within Neuroscience and CNS sale forces XpO Scientific and Strategic Advisor January 2005 to April 2009 Company/ Situational Background: XpO is an integrated healthcare communication firm involved in brand ( marketing and educational material), logistical themes, and conference ( event as well conference) development. XpO offers service ranging from marketing to booth exhibit design and management, as well. Among their many customers, WebMD is one of the best known as well as, but it also has many highly niched biotechnological companies as well, in various therapeutic fields such as cardiology, hepatitis, HIV and PAH among many. From January 2005 to December 2008, these functions were on a part time basis and attendance to conferences were also an asset in my role as Scientific Advisor for CCPE, which could not pay for me attending these conferences. Achievements: Scientific and Logistic consultant for many vendors in various therapeutic fields Oncology, HIV and Cardiology Project Leader on many advisory boards HIV and Cardiology Attendee and analyst for many courses / symposium ASCO, AHA, APA, ACR, ISHLD,ACCME and others Project manager for for WebMD / Medscape symposium and WebMD clients Boston Scientific at HFSA Novartis at AHA Actelion at PAH venues in Canada CME / CHE logistical planner for the above mentioned symposia Business plan and strategic planning of opportunities Web and logistical development Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education Scientific Advisor November 2005 to December 2008 as in House Advisor Company/ Situational Background: The Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Educational, a non-profit organization, is responsible for accreditation of healthcare representatives as well as providing them with continuing education in both therapeutic knowledge as well as newer field such as pharmaceutical management. In providing such services to the pharmaceutical community, the CCPE must keep track on all of the newer advances in our industry, and new insights on diseases. I had to be
  4. 4. fluent in 24 various therapeutics field ranging from Cardiology, Infectious diseases, to Oncology among others. Achievements: Scientific and strategic recommendations based on competitive intelligence Consultant for various member companies on new business opportunities and launches Speaker at various venues on behalf of CCPE (Univ de Laval Pharmaceutical management MBA) Scientific review of courses and new course material Author and Subject matter expert on various subjects within new course material (PAH in rheumatology, Evidence Based Medicine and Metabolic Syndrome and Project leader for the New Oncology Course curriculum Evidence Based Medicine Speaker and Workshop Consultant Just in time / tailored made course construction from existing CCPE material, writing of new material and reviewing third party material Actelion Pharmaceuticals January 2003 – July 2005 Associate Manager Marketing and Training March 2004 – July 2005 Product :Tracleer in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Company/ Situational Background: Actelion is an independent biopharmaceutical company discovering, developing and marketing drugs for high unmet medical needs. In doing so, it brought a new light on pulmonary arterial disease, a rare disease affecting 1 or 2 individuals per million, building it into a billion dollars a year business. The challenge resided in making physicians aware of this issue and integrating the involved physicians( cardiology, pneumology and rheumatology) into a team. I first joint them in a field based position and was promoted into marketing, training and CME functions Marketing Achievements: Activities organized Cardiology Workshop for field application, from conception to CME deployment, with development of speakers / KOL Endothelin Symposium at CCS 2004 Litterature analysis, program building and review Speaker training Prelaunch activities for newer indications First Canadian Pediatric Congenital Cardiologists meeting at Hop Ste- Justine Prelaunch activities into cardiac indications ( Eisenmenger`s syndrome) Zavesca Launch in Montréal Sept 2004 An entire Literature Review and Tool Objectives development for field Interaction with Actelion International colleagues Market intelligence (Stride 2, Martine Clozel) Medical Science Liaison facilitator Training Acheivements : In House and field training of 5 new representatives from 2004 to 2005 and 2 MSL Scleroderma training / patient discussion at Hôpital Notre-Dame with Dr Jean-Luc Senécal Congenital Heart Disease Preceptorship for MSL and Medical / Marketing team organized at Institut de Cardiologie de
  5. 5. Montréal as pre-launch activity Complete literature review in form of an interactive CD for both field representatives and MSL Journal Review and marketing direction for key papers Market intelligence & Market analysis of potential competition Manager Scientific and Commercial Affairs (Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension) January 2003- March 2004 Territory covered: Quebec and the Maritimes provinces Scientific field activities in light of absence of MSL Facilitator and liaison for the initiation of PAH clinic in Halifax CME Activities organized Dr Olivier Sitbon multiple CME in the province of Quebec In-house Halifax 2 days clinic preceptorship with Dr John Granton Advisory Board meeting for HIV physicians ICAAC with Dr Olivier Sitbon (Fall 2003) Dr Lewis Rubin’s multiple CME for the province of Quebec (Jan 2004) Dr Peter Docherty St-Johns PAH in house training Agouron Pharma Virology specialist March 1998 –December 2002 Product : Viracept in HIV Company/ Situational Background: Now integrated within Pfizer, Agouron Pharmaceuticals, formed to exploit the potential of rational drug design. It became a major biotechnology company and its first rationally designed drug, Viracept ,a leading HIV protease inhibitor at one point. It represented in Montreal, half of all scripts for this class of agents through innovative marketing and drug positioning based on a favorable genotypic mutation making it a first line option that would preserve future options. Pre-launch activities prior to launch Managing Extended access programs, scientific literature requests and symposia Involvement in building the launch program both nationally and provincially Provincial program from speakers to content Field Medical / Science Liaison activities leading to many abstracts and posters ICAAC with Dr Jean-Guy Baril ( Clinique Méd Quartier Latin) Diarrhea Dietary Management program initiator at Clinique Médicale du Quartier Latin Calcium and dietary intervention as a solution to moderate to severe diarrhea in 60-80% of patients Medical and Marketing intelligence activities Literature search Clinical trials field activities CME programs, from initiation, to material review to training of
  6. 6. speakers Building of the first training in genotypic resistance in Canada Dr Rodger MacArthur (Wayne State University, Detroit) genotyping preceptorships for Canadian HIV specialists Pediatric HIV preceptorship program at Ste-Justine and Montreal Children`s Hospital with Dr Patricia Garcia (Northwestern University,Chicago) Programme National de Mentorat sur le VIH-SIDA This program targeted infectious diseases physicians in order to increase their knowledge First Clinic week-end for Clinique Médicale du Quartier Latin As of the most significant HIV clinic in Montreal, we build a complete scientific week-end program for the physicians as well as a parallel program for nurses and administrative personnel CPAVIH, and multiple patients group in the province Agouron had bi-weekly CME presence and activities in the territory Patient liaison with CPAVIH In-house training of colleagues Zeneca Pharma July 1996 to March 1998 Oncology sales specialist Products : Arimidex (breast cancer hormonal therapy), Tomudex (colorectal cancer) and Merrem (antibiotic) Company/ Situational Background: Zeneca, a leading force in breast cancer with tamoxifen, was introducing 2 new agents in oncology as well as a new carbapenem. In doing so, they were looking for experience in antineoplastic agents and hormonal therapy for breast cancer. I acted as a reviewer for promotional material adapting them to our Canadian market. Responsible for full listing of Arimidex despite initial restricted provincial formulary listing obtained through Government Affairs Tomudex Pre-launch and Marketing team member for Canada Both at office and field level in Quebec Marketing review Pricing task force Scientific and clinical trial review ESCO Tomudex World Marketing Task Force Member Arimidex trainer for field expansion summer 1997 Field and in-house training of new representatives Field Consultant for Quebec colleagues Bristol Myers Squibb April 1990 to July 1996 Oncology and HIV sales representative Key Products :Taxol , Vepesid, Ifosfamide (all antineoplastic agents), Megace (Breast Cancer Hormonal therapy), Videx (HIV) and Cefipime (antibiotic) Company/ Situational Background: Fresh out of university, I joined BMS Oncology to promote what was the most significant oncology portfolio at that time, with significant
  7. 7. breakthrough, such as the first taxane, paclitaxel. Representative of the year 1991 Field and in-house training of new representatives Launches and pre-launch activities Pre-launch activities for Taxol, Cefepime and Stavudine Market introduction Hospital and provincial formulary working group ( Régie du Medicament ( Québec ) ) Taxol anti-generic task force John Hopkins Oncology preceptorship Presence at ASCO every year