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Windows 8 Is Changing the Game


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Windows 8 allows HP to combine the strengths of PCs and tablets in a single device, to the benefit of both IT and users.

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Windows 8 Is Changing the Game

  1. 1. Windows 8 is Changing the Game January 2013 TBR T E C H N O L O G Y B U S I N E S S R ES E AR C H , I N C . 1 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  2. 2. Contents Introduction .................................................................................3 Windows 8 Tablets and Convertibles ...........................................4 Windows 8 Devices for IT .............................................................4 Windows 8 Devices for Users .......................................................7 Conclusion ....................................................................................8 About TBR ...................................................................................9 2 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  3. 3. Windows 8 is Changing the Game A modern interface for users, mature security to protect business and compatibility to leverage IT investments Introduction Windows 8 is revolutionary. It combines the convenience and ease of use of modern touch-screen operating systems with the capabilities of the powerful and mature Windows PC operating system. With Windows 8, single devices offer the convenience of mobile devices and the power, interoperability and manageability of traditional PCs. Combining the benefits of mobile devices and PCs in a single device helps both IT and individual users. For IT, a Windows 8 device is just a Windows device, whether it is a tablet, a convertible or a PC. It is a PC, with the latest version of the familiar Windows operating system. This simplifies device deployment, management, support and security. With Windows 8 tablets and convertibles, users enjoy the simplicity of a single device for content consumption and content creation. With other operating systems, tablets are used primarily to consume content, leaving most content creation to PCs. Windows 8 tablets can be combined with conventional keyboards, mice and monitors to act as full-fledged PCs. Windows 8 convertibles are notebook PCs that can be converted into tablets when the tablet configuration is more useful. In either case, users don’t have to choose which device to use or bring, and they don’t have to transfer their data between two devices. In business, mobile devices are especially useful in jobs where users move around. Not only are they thin and light, but they are always on, have long battery lives and can be used effectively while standing, with the device in one hand. These characteristics make them appropriate in many logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and sales settings. With an increasingly mobile workforce, these mobile devices help increase productivity in many other situations, and the ability to combine the benefits of tablets with those of PCs makes them more useful. HP has embraced the power of Windows 8 to build devices that deliver the benefits of both PCs and tablet, to both users and IT. The HP ElitePad is a flexible, secure, manageable business-oriented Windows 8 tablet. The HP EliteBook Revolve is a thinSource: HP 3 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  4. 4. and-light business notebook PC with a touch screen that rotates to become a tablet. Touch isn’t just for tablets Touch enhances all PCs, not just portable ones. On a desktop device, a touchscreen lets users select with their most natural pointer, their finger. It’s a natural for choosing another application or hitting a large target, like a date on a calendar. A touchscreen is especially helpful if users are not seated in front of the desktop, with hands on mouse and keyboard. TBR believes Windows 8 tablets are a new type of device – tablets that are PCs. Unlike other tablets, these devices are not just like PCs — they are PCs, without built-in keyboards and touchpads. They are also fully functional tablets, with all the convenience of tablets. Windows 8 tablets are perfect for common tablet tasks, such as reading email, Web browsing, reading and viewing video. HP is leveraging the benefits of Windows 8 for its touchscreen all-in-one desktop PCs. These devices fit a wide range of business requirements. They are especially well suited for customer-facing environments, including healthcare, education and hospitality/retail. The touch interface lends itself to situations where users walk up to the PC for interactions, as in manufacturing as well as healthcare, education, and hospitality/retail. 4 Windows 8 Tablets and Convertibles Microsoft has made it possible for single devices to serve two purposes equally well by providing two interface modes – the classic Desktop user interface (UI) and the new Modern UI. The Modern UI is designed for touchscreens, but it also increases the power of keyboards and mice or touchpads. For users, this gives more power and flexibility, plus the simplicity of using a single device. Users can fully leverage their Windows expertise while taking advantage of a thoroughly modern UI. Convertibles provide all the power and flexibility of modern notebook PCs, enhanced with the convenience and portability of tablets. Convertibles are indisputably PCs, including keyboards and touchpads. Convertibles can be quickly switched to tablet mode, making them easy to cradle on one arm, like a tablet. In tablet mode, convertibles are slightly thicker and heavier than tablets because of the keyboard, but otherwise convertibles are tablets. Based on modern notebook PCs, convertibles are much thinner and lighter than earlier notebooks and have much longer battery lives. IT gains from being able to leverage its established Windows expertise plus its Windows-related procedures and software tools. IT also benefits from significant security upgrades in the new version of the Windows operating system. As with all operating system upgrades, IT faces challenges in deployment, training and support, but TBR believes IT will benefit from having to support only one operating system for PCs, tablets and convertibles. Windows 8 Devices for IT Windows 8 tablets and convertibles solve the problem of device proliferation for IT. IT can offer and support a wider array of form factors without the complications, expense and limitations of additional operating systems. Virtually all current Windows applications run on Windows 8, so IT will not be asked to find and support substitute applications. Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  5. 5. TBR Suitability for Business Use 100% 80% 60% No Yes 40% 20% 0% Windows Apple Android SOURCE: TBR ENTERPRISE TABLET LANDSCAPE REPORT With decades of legacy use and continual evolution, the Windows platform is unchallenged in the enterprise in terms of data integration and application compatibility. Windows 8 will build on this advantage to make life easier for IT departments implementing tablets in the workplace. As devices built on Windows platforms, Windows 8 tablets have clear advantages in manageability compared to tablets using other operating systems. IT managers know the Windows operating environment. IT departments already have the infrastructure necessary to handle updates to Windows 8, manage security efficiently, and enforce application and data access restrictions. Tablets using Windows 8 will accommodate existing environments due to their wide compatibility with printers, cameras, media players, displays and other devices. Windows 8 senses compatible products such as wireless printers and TVs on a home network and automatically prepares them for use. Windows 8 devices equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC) allow users to tap two devices together to share information via Windows 8’s Tap and Do feature, while the Tap and Setup feature lets users connect wireless devices such as keyboards, mice and headphones by tapping them against their PC. HP will enhance Windows 8 manageability in its tablets by delivering features similar to HP’s current line of enterprise PCs. Updates for HP tablets, for example, will be handled in the same way as updates for HP Elite PCs. HP will also engineer BIOS accessibility options similar to its Elite PCs into its Windows 8 tablets. With Windows 8, tablets can seamlessly integrate into a business environment with the same security, manageability and ecosystem — including keyboards, mice and monitors — as notebooks. Windows 8 features BranchCache, a tool that downloads files and apps from corporate headquarters and stores them at a branch office. Instead of requiring users to constantly download content over the network from headquarters, BranchCache provides the content locally to improve data access speed and reduce stress on the network. The feature also includes security functions such as cache encryption. 5 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  6. 6. Windows 8 is designed to be reliable and responsive on all systems, so PCs start quickly and applications run faster. Windows 8 delivers a fluid, secure business platform that minimizes performance-related support issues. Security Because IT organizations have mature security systems and processes for Windows, Windows 8 tablets will be more secure than the newer iOS and Android devices in most organizations. Windows 8 adds security features such as a new trusted boot process that identifies more intricate malware infections, such as rootkits, earlier in the boot cycle. AppLocker allows administrators to control which applications can be run and which data and files the applications can access. This helps prevent sensitive business data from being corrupted or destroyed. Windows 8 mobile devices will often be used for personal business. By allowing separate user accounts and syncing user data in the cloud, Windows 8 tablets will allow for data isolation for work and home use to ensure sensitive business data are not compromised by personal use on non-administered networks. Source: Microsoft Windows 8 comes with antivirus protection enabled by default, which means that tablets running the operating system will be protected from malware from the start. Windows 8 also includes extensive memory protection that works to reject invalid input. A new feature will prevent attacks that operate by adding code to the end of allocated memory, while another feature will close a program if it detects corruption in the system memory. Security is further boosted by Internet Explorer 10, which includes the innovative SmartScreen Filter to help prevent socially engineered phishing and malware attacks. Furthermore, the browser’s Tracking Protection privacy controls give users with more control over online privacy. User-Friendly and Flexible When users are happy with their devices, IT benefits. Windows 8 tablets from HP are designed to be pleasing to users, users’ customers and clients, as tablets 6 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  7. 7. are often used in client-facing situations. Despite being lightweight and having a thinner chassis than Microsoft’s ARM-based Surface tablet, HP’s tablets remain strong and durable, supported by Gorilla Glass 2 technology. HP’s thin design does not limit battery life, as HP’s Windows 8 tablets provide roughly 10 hours of use — more than enough for most users. An optional “Smart Jacket” supports an option to expand battery life up to 18 hours. HP will offer accessories and a broad array of connectivity options to appeal to specific business customers in verticals such as healthcare, or in roles such as administration, where the devices could serve as full PC replacements. With Windows 8 tablets from HP, IT will be able to offer more solutions. Windows 8 Devices for Users TBR believes Windows 8 devices are better for business-related tasks than other tablets and PCs with earlier versions of Windows. The new devices are more powerful, flexible, and easier to use for work-related tasks. For content consumption, either for work or pleasure, they are the equal of Android and iOS tablets. Once users go through a short learning curve, they reap the benefits of a single device that serves both purposes. For users the primary benefit is that they can use a single device for all their tasks. This makes things simpler and easier, and gives them additional power. There are no issues of which device to use for which task, and no issues of data transport and data compatibility. They have a single device that, without compromise, does everything they need to do with a PC or a tablet. Microsoft has made this dual usage possible by adding a new interface to its traditional Windows interface. The new UI, based on “tiles” that are easy to select by touch or mouse, is called the Modern UI. The traditional UI, still part of Windows, is called the Desktop. The Modern UI is now the primary interface, but the Desktop is one touch, click or key-press away. As with all operating system upgrades, there are changes to the Desktop UI; however, experienced Windows users will adapt quickly to invoking the Desktop and running the updated Desktop UI. Virtually all legacy Windows applications run on the Desktop. Source: Microsoft The Modern UI, which comes up when the device is started, is completely new. Like other mobile user interfaces, it is easy to learn. It is based on “tiles” for 7 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  8. 8. each application, tiles that can show information about the application. The Modern UI is made for touch screens, but it is equally useable with a mouse or touchpad. On touch-screen devices, the Desktop UI is also enabled for touch. Microsoft has made the Modern UI the primary interface, so all users will use it for many system functions as well as the many new applications available for it. Because the Modern UI makes it easier to invoke applications than a traditional menu, Microsoft has chosen to eliminate the Start Button on the lower lefthand corner of the Desktop, relying instead on the Modern UI’s Start Screen, its main screen. When working with the new devices, users can build on their long-developed knowledge and expertise. TBR expects users to rely primarily on the Desktop UI when using productivity applications, such as word processing, presentation graphics and spreadsheets. The Desktop provides greater flexibility in using windows to manage multiple applications. For consuming content, Web browsing and email, users will migrate to the Modern UI, and they will use the Modern UI when using devices as tablets. We believe experienced users will adapt to the new operating system, especially with the Modern UI and its substitution for the Start button. The Modern UI also relies on gestures, movement of the finger or mouse for a lot of functions. Users will have to learn them, but the learning period should be brief. Users are rewarded, however, for going through the learning period. The new operating system gives users more power and more flexibility, and it allows them to fully leverage their existing Windows expertise. The fact that these capabilities are combined in a single device, without compromising the strengths of separate PCs and tablets, makes Windows 8 devices better and easier for users. Conclusion Windows 8 allows HP to combine the strengths of PCs and tablets in a single device, to the benefit of both IT and users. These devices are no-compromise PCs. As the next generation of Windows, these devices offer improved performance, security and manageability. At the same time, these devices are tablets, as easy and pleasant to use as any on the market, with a full array of apps and other content. The combination in a single device, without compromise, makes these devices more powerful and flexible than singlepurpose devices, and we believe, will better meet the needs of IT and users. HP is, of course, offering its full array of PCs with the Windows 8 operating system. In addition, HP has two new devices for business, leveraging the capabilities of Windows 8: the ElitePad tablet and the ElitePad Revolve convertible. The ElitePad tablet is thin, light and powerful, strengthened with Gorilla Glass 2® and an aluminum chassis. It has a 10.1-inch diagonal 8 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  9. 9. 1280x800 WXGA wide-viewing display, dual-array microphones, stereo speakers, 8MP rear-facing camera and 1080p front-facing camera. HP made this tablet flexible by making it capable of supporting optional “Smart Jackets” that enhance the table while adding little to thickness and weight. One Smart Jacket has an option to extend the ElitePad’s already generous 10-hour battery life* to up to 20 hrs. With its desktop dock, the ElitePad delivers a familiar desktop PC experience. The ElitePad Revolve is an ultra-thin, full-performance Windows 8 notebook with an intuitive touch-screen display that can be rotated and folded down so that it becomes a Windows 8 tablet. TBR believes HP has risen to the challenge and opportunity of the Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 has made possible new types of devices, better suited to the demands of work and home use, and HP has delivered a pair of innovative, powerful devices.. * Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. ** Requires separately purchased HP ElitePad Expansion Jacket with additional battery. Testing conducted by HP consisting of full battery discharge while running a series of productivity scripts against the following applications (which may or may not be included with your particular product): Adobe ® AcrobatReader 7.0, Adobe® Illustrator® CS2, Adobe® Photoshop® CS2, Apple® Quicktime 7.1, Intervideo® WinDVD® 8, Macromedia® Flash 8, Microsoft® Office® 2003 Pro, Microsoft® Project 2003, and Winzip® 10.0. Prior to testing, the system was fully charged, display brightness was set at 60 nits, wireless was turned off, and auto dim, suspend, hibernate and all other programs, utilities, and services not essential to running the computer system or battery life test were disabled. Battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. About TBR TBR Technology Business Research, Inc. is a leading independent technology market research and consulting firm specializing in the business and financial analyses of hardware, software, networking equipment, wireless, portal and professional services vendors. Serving a global clientele, TBR provides timely and accurate market research and business intelligence in a format that is uniquely tailored to clients’ needs. TBR analysts are available to further address client-specific issues or information needs on an inquiry or proprietary consulting basis. For More Information TBR has been empowering corporate decision makers since 1996. For more information, visit 9 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.
  10. 10. This report is based on information made available to the public by the vendor and other public sources. No representation is made that this information is accurate or complete. Technology Business Research will not be held liable or responsible for any decisions that are made based on this information. The information contained in this report and all other TBR products is not and should not be construed to be investment advice. TBR does not make any recommendations or provide any advice regarding the value, purchase, sale or retention of securities. This report is copyright-protected and supplied for the sole use of the recipient. Contact Technology Business Research, Inc. for permission to reproduce. 10 Windows 8 Game Changer White Paper | January 2013 ©2013 Technology Business Research Inc.