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[X+1] Platform Description

  1. 1. The [x+1] Platform
  2. 2. About the platform The [x+1] platform is a self service ‘digital marketing hub’ that allows users to manage multiple campaigns 2 All information proprietary and confidential
  3. 3. One platform, multiple campaigns With the [x+1] platform, marketers can control their inbound and outbound communications to make campaigns more relevant and successful. Site+1 Media+1 3 All information proprietary and confidential
  4. 4. Creating a targeting profile: Leveraging data • The platform integrates behavioral targeting segments, real time data, 3rd party data and search string data to target audiences. These profiles can be saved for future use. 4 All information proprietary and confidential
  5. 5. Creating a targeting profile: Selecting criteria • To create a targeting profile, you simply select from a list of criteria, including geography, day/time, internet connection type, demographic segments, and behavioral data. 5 All information proprietary and confidential
  6. 6. Creating a targeting profile: Integrating profiles • Once a targeting profile is created, it can be used for a Media+1 or Site+1 campaign. 6 All information proprietary and confidential
  7. 7. Media+1: Relevant outbound communication • Media+1 makes it easy to identify, target and buy specific audiences for outbound communications. • With Media+1, you can buy exchange based media and optimize your overall display campaign. 7 All information proprietary and confidential
  8. 8. Media+1: Creating a campaign • Campaigns are created by inputting insertion order information, uploading creative and selecting targeting parameters. • From there, you can select which media sources your campaign will run on. 8
  9. 9. Media+1: Transparent metrics • Media+1 allows you to track your campaign metrics in real time and allows you to make adjustments instantaneously. 9 All information proprietary and confidential
  10. 10. Site+1: Relevant inbound communication • Site+1 makes the most of inbound communications and drives profitable relationships by showing customers offers that are most relevant to their needs. 10 All information proprietary and confidential
  11. 11. Site+1: Creating a dynamic website • To create a dynamic website with Site+1, you simply enter the URL of the page you’d like to optimize and let the platform grab the website information. • From there you can draw placements right on top of the webpage by clicking and dragging the areas that will be optimized. 11
  12. 12. Site+1: Seamless IT integration • The platform automatically generates tags for the webmaster. The platform works with your existing site infrastructure and is easy to implement. 12 All information proprietary and confidential
  13. 13. Site+1: Creating targeting rules and optimizing • Once the tags are put onto the site, you can set rules to show customers the creative that is most relevant to them. Our Predictive Optimization Engine (POETM) selects which offer to show customers who are not in the targeting profile. 13 All information proprietary and confidential
  14. 14. Site+1: Attribution and reporting • Site+1 delivers easy-to-understand reports such as Post Click and Post Impression vs. Control, Attribute Importance, Creative Grouping Distribution and Responders vs. Non- Responders. 14 All information proprietary and confidential
  15. 15. To see a full preview of the platform presentation, please contact us at sales@xplusone.com or call 212-741-4222