Getting Your Business LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is a social network that was designed and built specifically for doing business. Learning how to leverage this important tool to grow your business is a must in the age of digital marketing.

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Getting Your Business LinkedIn

  1. 1. Are you LinkedIn to your target market? Presented by: Wendy Schollum April 2011
  2. 2. 98% of businesses rely on referrals for sales
  3. 3. Cold calling v referrals conversion rates… Not more than 10% Not less than 50%
  4. 4. LinkedIn is essentially an …online referral generation system
  5. 5. We are going to cover… • Who uses LinkedIn. • How LinkedIn works. • How to setup a LinkedIn profile. • How to turn your profile into a self-service lead generation tool. • How to stimulate referrals. • How to get the most out of LinkedIn.
  6. 6. Social media influences… • Search engine results • Consumer opinions • Product popularity • Perceived company reach and size • (most importantly) sales
  7. 7. Top used social media platforms of 2010…
  8. 8. Social media tools used by B2B v B2Cs…
  9. 9. Social media marketing is a cheaper option…
  10. 10. Marketers intended use of LinkedIn in 2011…
  11. 11. LinkedIn statistics (as of March 2011)
  12. 12. LinkedIn is like Facebook… with a tie
  13. 13. LinkedIn is made up of…
  14. 14. Personal profiles outline… • Previous work experience • Education • Highlight online recommendations • Links (e.g. to websites, blogs, etc) • Applications • Connections.
  15. 15. Company profiles outline… • Overview of the company • Statistics on the company • Areas of expertise • General contact details • Specific products offered • Feed from corporate Twitter account
  16. 16. LinkedIn Groups… • Establish new business relationships • Demonstrate your expertise • Create interest in your offerings • Stimulate leads.
  17. 17. Creating a LinkedIn Profile is easy and free…
  18. 18. Very few details are required up front…
  19. 19. The profile “completeness bar” indicates credibility … the more complete it is, the more credible your profile is considered.
  20. 20. Profiles will a 100% “completeness bar” … are 40x more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.
  21. 21. To get you completeness bar to 100%, start by … ensuring you upload a photo to your profile.
  22. 22. Photo selection needs to be done with care … don’t upload a photo of your company logo, the photo needs to be you.
  23. 23. Photo selection needs to be done with care … don’t upload a “funny” or “unprofessional” photo of yourself.
  24. 24. Photo selection needs to be done with care … do upload a photo of you looking straight at the camera – with a smile!
  25. 25. Use you executive summary to boost your rankings
  26. 26. List your higher education – to build credibility
  27. 27. Add the last 3 places you have been employed
  28. 28. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations…
  29. 29. Isn’t my profile complete once I reach 100%? No. Take the additional opportunities available to stand out on LinkedIn.
  30. 30. Make sure your profile can be found ... Setup a “Custom Profile Link” that’s easy for people to remember.
  31. 31. You can select a 5 – 30 character name
  32. 32. Use your name (if it’s available) ... this will foster name recognition with users.
  33. 33. Change your profile headline to grab attention ... Rather than just being your current role, it should say what you offer.
  34. 34. Setup links to your website, blog, etc ... This can assist to boost the search engine ranking of corporate websites.
  35. 35. LinkedIn defaults will try to label your links ... applying your own names can help with search engine ranking.
  36. 36. Select the “other” option to set labels ... Use wording that includes keywords and entices users to click them.
  37. 37. Use every opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  38. 38. Use applications to showcase your expertise…
  39. 39. We like: Portfolio Display – to display work
  40. 40. We like: Slideshare – to showcase presentations
  41. 41. We like: Tweets – to share your twitter feed
  42. 42. There are loads of applications available to use ... But, only add those that you think help to profile your show what you do.
  43. 43. Don’t add just any application to your Profile…
  44. 44. Before adding an application, ask yourself… • Does this provide information my target market need/want? • How does this resource encourage users to get in contact with me? If you can’t answer these questions, …don’t add the application to your profile.
  45. 45. Google loves LinkedIn profiles…
  46. 46. To leverage LinkedIn …you need to establish your own online network
  47. 47. Think this is what using LinkedIn will do for you?
  48. 48. You do not make money using social media…
  49. 49. You develop relationships with people…
  50. 50. It’s these relationships that generates money.
  51. 51. To build relationships, you need to…
  52. 52. To get you started, upload your Outlook contacts…but, only upload contacts who will know who you are (to prevent confusion)
  53. 53. You can also manually create new connections …by searching for people and clicking the “Add to your network” button.
  54. 54. You will be asked to indicate how your know them…make sure you use the “personal note” field to jog their memory about you.
  55. 55. LinkedIn will also recommend connections …based on who you already know and who they know.
  56. 56. Use LinkedIn to: Stay top of mind with prospects and existing clients.
  57. 57. Some of the issues with staying in contact… • On average, a prospect needs 5 interactions with a sales rep, before they will purchase. • Existing clients need contact every 90 days or they may more to a competitor. • Facilitating the above can be “time crippling” to a sales rep (albeit essential). • Sales reps tied up on the above can stunt the growth of a business.
  58. 58. How LinkedIn can help… .
  59. 59. The newsfeed lets you keep an eye on your contacts …allowing you to see who they connect to, what they’re up to, etc.
  60. 60. The same feed allows you to interact with contacts …by posting updates & comments– keeping you top of mind.
  61. 61. Automatic update emails are sent to all users …by posting updates, you will appear in these (keeping you top of mind).
  62. 62. Use LinkedIn to: Generate leads, by establishing your credibility in an area of expertise.
  63. 63. How to build credibility on LinkedIn… • Give to receive. • Provide examples of work, in the form of white papers, blog posts, charity work, etc. • Demonstrating your expertise will reap a return. • Post nothing and you’ll attract the same. • Use groups to provide helpful hints & tips that set you up as the “go to person” in your area.
  64. 64. Be a proactive contributor in LinkedIn groups …this will expose you to new connections and establish your credibility.
  65. 65. Learn to craft good copy. Because many struggle, it leaves room for your to “stand out” by doing it right.
  66. 66. 5 top tips for writing comments/posts… • Don’t act any differently from how you do in “real life” – make your online voice authentic. • Write every comment so users can easily answer the question: “What’s in it for me, if I connect with this person?” • Craft copy to highlight the “do’s and donts” of your industry – people love this type of copy. • Ask leading questions, rather than making lots of statements. • Learn the art of education and communication v promotion
  67. 67. Use LinkedIn to generate referrals.
  68. 68. Some of the issues faced by sales people… • Leads generated through “traditional” advertising often attracts “price focused” buyers. • Conversion rates on leads generated by cold calling and “traditional” advertising are low (10% or less). • Asking contacts who they know that needs your services often yields little response - they don’t know how to sell your products/services. • You don’t know who your contacts know (unless they review your hit list, or share their client list) – making it hard to know who to chase for referrals/introductions.
  69. 69. How LinkedIn solves these problems… • You can see everyone that your contacts are connected to, on LinkedIn. • You can ask your contacts to introduce you to specific people – taking the responsibility off them to determine who needs your services. • The conversion rate for leads generated by referrals is never less than 50%. • By actively using LinkedIn, you can ensure you have an up-to-date “hit list” of people to get in front of that your contacts can actually introduce/refer you to. … the rest is up to your sales skills.
  70. 70. You can see your LinkedIn contacts connections …up to three degrees of separation – helping you to request referrals.
  71. 71. Don’t forget to pick up the phone.
  72. 72. Now you know… • Who uses LinkedIn. • How LinkedIn works. • How to setup a LinkedIn profile. • How to turn your profile into a self-service lead generation tool. • How to stimulate referrals. • How to get the most out of LinkedIn.
  73. 73. Want to know more? • Call: NZ Freephone 0800 100 900 or +64 (0)6 8342482 • Email: • Visit: • Follow: • Become a fan of: