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Marketing communication for hospital management


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It is a presentation made for a lecture by the doctor on the need of marketing and communication for the hospital and it's management.

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Marketing communication for hospital management

  1. 1. Marketing Communication forHealth Care Services
  2. 2. Marketing: Meaning & Scope Marketing is a management process Marketing is about giving customer what theywant and includes identifying and anticipatingcustomer requirements. Marketing offers exchange of ideas, goodsand services . Marketing involves pricing, promotion anddistribution of ideas, goods and services.
  3. 3. What is Marketing Communication?Communication is an essential part of Marketing In fact it is one of the elementof marketing mix i.e., promotion.Promotion can be broadly understood as “ communication by marketersthat informs, persuades and reminds potential buyers of a product toinfluence an opinion or elicit a response.”
  4. 4. Prevailing trends of Health CarePromotionAdvertisingMedia Publications& Promotional CampsCorporate AssociationWord of Mouth (W.O.M)
  5. 5. AdvertisingA Healthcare advertisement should incorporate fivedimensions of service quality:• Assurance• Reliability• Empathy• Responsiveness• Tangibles
  6. 6. Media Publication &Promotional CampsMedia Publications Conducting interviews of specialists on visual media. Informative and interactive website . Printing and making readily available various emergency orappointment numbers are the commonest marketing tools.Promotional CampsBoth indoor and out-reach programme, play a significant role inmarketing of healthcare institutions. Continuous medical education Awareness sessions for general public Check-up camps for public Organizing events on various health days
  7. 7. Corporate AssociationUnlike earlier, now the Corporate prefer a long-term association with the healthcareinstitution by signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU). Some popularpackages that hospitals offers to the Corporate are: Preventive Health Check-up Executive & Master Health Check-up Advanced Heart Check-up Whole Body Check-up Diabetic Check-up Senior Citizens Health Check-up Well Women Check-up Child Health Check-up
  8. 8. W.O.M (Word of Mouth)Word of mouth is more effective than advertising in the fieldof health care.Health care providers, therefore, must make a greater effortthan marketers in other industries to make complaining easyand acceptable.Health care organizations should encourage its employees,their spouse to become involved in community andneighborhood groups to educate them on what to say whenthey get their, in hope that a source of word of mouthcommunication is listening.Word of mouth communication not only increasesawareness and knowledge, but it also persuades and lead toaction, such as actually choosing the provider one has heardabout.
  9. 9. Case studies of marketing strategies offew hospitalsFortis, NoidaFortis was the first hospital to organize an exhibition in the National Capital Region,wherein the general public could visit all departments of the hospital and getanswers from experts. Secondly, Fortis launched a dialysis technician program forwomen from the weaker section of society in which they were given free training bythe hospital and they will be assimilated in the hospital itself.Apart from organsing CMEs almost every week, camps, there’s a special OPDwhere consultants charge Rs 100 only. Internally, they have patient co-ordinators,counsellors, ward in-charge etc to take care of all need of patients. There’s also asystem of taking feedback from patients and visitors.
  10. 10. Case studies of marketing strategies offew hospitalsJaslok Hospital, MumbaiThe marketing strategy of Jaslok Hospital involves tying up withcorporates, some of them being Oil and Natural Gas Commission(ONGC), Mumbai Port Trust (MBT), Bhabha Atomic ResearchCentre (BARC) and Air India. One of the most effective marketingtool is a web site (, which is constantlyupdated by our technical staff. Other marketing strategies involvethat the hospital conducts free health check-ups like diabetes andcardiac check ups for the general public, inviting foreign faculty andholding joint symposiums with the foreign delegates to share theirskills, knowledge and experience. The hospital has a tie up withStanford University Medical Centre, US and they hold videoconferencing every month with the doctors of the centre, whointeract with the faculty of Jaslok hospital.
  11. 11. Case studies of marketing strategies offew hospitalsApollo Hospital, ChennaiApollo hospital, Chennai has chosen a different approach to communicate theirmessage to the target customers. They interact with doctors on one on onebasis. Regularly conduct seminars and continual education programmes toexplain to doctors the advances in the medical sciences and the infrastructurethat their hospital has.To reach the consumers, they rely mostly on public relations. Whenever theirdoctors perform pioneering surgeries or winning awards for their achievements,they talk and publish it to media. They also presents various health programmesto the corporates who form a significant chunk of their customer base.
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