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Presenter manual with silver light (specially for summer interns)


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XPERT INFOTECH imparts qualitative training in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, PHP++, JAVA, J2EE, ORACLE DBA, ORALE D2K, RIA, SEO, WEB DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT, ANDROID and other latest technologies. The training is designed for the BCA/MCA/B.E./B-Tech students who want to speed up their technical skills and proficiencies into real time development environment.

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Presenter manual with silver light (specially for summer interns)

  1. 1. With 4.0 FrameworkSpecially For Summer Interns Effective from: Jan 20121 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  2. 2. Introduction to .NET Introduction to Visual Studio Overview of the .NET Framework Setting Profiles How .NET is Different from Traditional Creating a Project Programming Using the Code Editor Common Language Runtime (CLR) Setting Project Properties Common Language Specification (CLS) Adding References Common Type System (CTS) Compiling a Program .NET Assemblies Running a Program Microsoft Intermediate Language (CIL) Debugging a Program .NET Namespaces Using the MSDN (Help) .NET Framework Class LibraryLanguage Fundamentals Conditionals and Looping C# Program Structure if/else Defining Namespaces switch Understanding C# Data Types while and do/while Defining Variables and Constants for Comparing Value Types versus foreach Reference Types Working with Operators and Expressions Performing Type Conversions Using Console I/O Formatting Numbers, Date and TimesFunctions and Parameters Exception Handling Defining Static and Instance Functions What are Exceptions? Passing Parameters by value and by .NET Exception Hierarchy reference Catching Exceptions Overloading Functions Throwing Exceptions Optional Parameters Managing Resources with Finally Using Variable Length Parameter Lists 2 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  3. 3. Collections Object-Oriented Programming Defining and Using Arrays Overview of Object-Oriented Understanding System.Array Programming Using .NET Collections Defining and Using Classes Working with ArrayLists and Extending .NET Classes via Inheritance Hashtables Defining and Implementing Interfaces Working with Lists and Dictionaries Understanding the Role of Interfaces in Introducing LINQ .NET Working With EnumerationsIntroducing ASP.NET Creating ASP.NET Pages Overview of ASP.NET 4.0 Building ASP.NET Pages Understanding Client-Side vs. Server- Using Page Directives Side Execution Working with the Code-Behind Model Working with Web Forms Understanding the Life-cycle of a Web Understanding ASP.NET Application Form Folders Handling Page Events Using Web.configUsing Controls Handling Events Working with HTML Controls Understanding the Event Driven Working with Web Controls Programming Model Creating Controls at Runtime Writing Event Handlers Defining and Using Custom User Understanding PostBack versus Non- Controls PostBack Events Sharing Event Handlers between Events Using Global.asaxValidation Master Pages Understanding the ASP.NET Validation Understanding the Master Page Controls Architecture Performing Client-Side Validation Designing a Master Page Performing Server-Side Validation Designing Content Pages Using the Regular Expression Validator Customizing Validation 3 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  4. 4. Working with Validation GroupsMaintaining State ADO.NET Understanding why the Web is Understanding the ADO.NET Object Stateless Model Maintaining State within ASP.NET Connected vs. Disconnected Access Applications Using a Connection to Connect to a Using the Application Object Data Source Using the Session Object Using a Command to Execute Queries Using the ViewState Object and Stored Procedures Reading and Writing Cookies Using a DataReader to Work with Using the Query String Cursors Using the DataSet with Disconnected Data Using DataAdapters with DataSetsUsing XML Data Binding Understanding XML and XML Schemas Understanding ASP.NET Data Binding Reading XML Data with a DataSet Examining ASP.NET Data Bound Writing XML Data with a DataSet Controls Using the ListBox Control Using the GridView Control Using the DetailsView Control Using the FormView ControlSecuring ASP.NET Applications Introduction to Web Services Understanding the ASP.NET 4.0 Overview of Web Services Security Models Creating a Web Service Authenticating Users Using WSDL and Proxy Classes Authorization User Requests Consuming a Web Service Using the ASP.NET Login Controls Using the ASP.NET Web Site Administration ToolDeploying ASP.NET Applications Overview of ASP.NET Deployment 4 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  5. 5. Options Using Copy Web Site Tool Using Publish Web Site Tool Using Web Setup ProjectsAsp.Net AJAX Conceptual Overview about Ajax Technology Using Ajax Control Toolkits Using Server Side Asp.Net Ajax Using Client Side Asp.Net Ajax Client-Side JavaScript programming Microsoft Client Library for Ajax Remote method calls with ASP.NET AjaxLINQ AND C# Generics, Delegates, Anonymous Methods, Enumerartors&Yeild Local Type Interface, Lamda Expressions Extension Methods, Object Initialization Expressions Anonymous Types, Query Expressions LINQ Queries Query Operators Conversion Operators LINQ to SQL, DataSet, Entities LINQ to XML API LINQ to XML QueriesWCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Architecture of WCF Project Template of WCF WCF Composition Building a WCF Service Hosting a WCF Service WCF Client Application building 5 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  6. 6. MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) WPF in ASP.NET 4.0 WPF / E – Every Where Concept SilverLight and Media Working with JavaScript Client-side Programming SilverLight Server-side Programming SilverLight XAML [Extensible Application Markup Language] Developing SilverLight Pages with Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft BlendjQUERY Introduction The magic dollar sign ($) and a chain of operations jQuery Selectors Document.Ready() ASP .NET and JQuery Consuming ASP .NET web services using jQuery JSON serialized web service Consuming a web service using ASP .NET AJAX Consuming a web service using jQuery Calling an ASP .NET page method A dummy page method Calling a page method from jQuery Client Templating How to use jTemplate ASP .NET client templating engineNotes: Recommend Practical hours for student except class hours is 90 Hrs. We also provide weekend classes for all courses. After completion of 75% of course, student will go through Live Project Training, Interview Preparation and Recruitment process in Software Industry. Student will go through the training of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a complimentary package before starting of ASP.Net. This is optional. 6 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  7. 7. Our Technology Specialization and Certification Courses:7 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0
  8. 8. KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: KEY FEATURES OF XPERT INFOTECH: Training by Certified and Experienced Trainers. Industrial and Corporate Tie-ups for Live projects for student. Well equipped Computer Lab, Internet and Book Bank facility. Live project based Summer Trainings, Summer Internships and summer programs. 100% placement assistance on every course. Interview Preparation and Technical Events. On Campus Interviews in every month for the placement of students. WI-FI enabled classrooms. 100% Placement Assistance On Campus Interviews 58-61 (Basement), Vashist Park, Pankha Road, New Delhi-46 Ph.: 011-28526572, 65833100, 9990345891 Email: info@xpert-infotech.com8 COURSE OUTLINE FOR | XPERT INFOTECH | Confidential ASP.Net with 4.0