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What is Agile?


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Most of the times Agile is described as a set of practices. In this presentation I will give a different point of view of Agile, where practices are just a means to build an effective working culture.

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What is Agile?

  1. 1. Agile@Work
  2. 2. What is Agile?
  3. 3. My Definition Business Driven Empirical Process (that shapes an) Organization Culture
  4. 4. Business Driven
  5. 5. Business is changing Steady Decline of Traditional Economy
  6. 6. Business has changed New economy model has emerged
  7. 7. Creative Economy Steve Denning "It exploits an Interconnected Costellation of technological innovations and brings to the marketplace drammatic reductions in cost, size, time and convenience"
  8. 8. Management "Coherent constellation of different principles in leadership and management has emerged"
  9. 9. Innovation Innovation is not an option: it's an imperative. The only question is how.
  10. 10. Destructive Innovation could be Destructive! (for Traditional Economy)
  11. 11. Some Examples Electronic Payment Mobiles Messaging systems Cloud Startup Ecosystem Opensource
  12. 12. Focus Focus on what’s really Valuable Engage Customer Less is more
  13. 13. What’s needed A process and culture that enable Innovation
  14. 14. Empirical Process
  15. 15. Empirical Process “The empirical model of process control provides and exercises control through frequent inspection and adaptation for processes that are imperfectly defined and generate unpredictable and unrepeatable outputs”
  16. 16. Key principles Few simple starting rules & Inspect the outcome Adapt the process & Do it Frequently
  17. 17. Scientific Method “A method or procedure consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses” Oxford English Dictionary
  18. 18. Learning Process “software development is a discovery and learning process” Steve Blank
  19. 19. Creativity Learning leeds to Creativity Innovation needs Creativity
  20. 20. Creativity in IT?
  21. 21. How we discover a model
  22. 22. How we design UX
  23. 23. How we write code
  24. 24. How systems comunicate
  25. 25. Organization Culture
  26. 26. Team Oriented “The sum is more than the sum of its parts” Aristotele
  27. 27. Whole Process People has a broad view on entire process and product
  28. 28. Empower People Create the condition to let people perform
  29. 29. Let Problems Emerge
  30. 30. Our Culture is based on Collaboration and Cultivation
  31. 31. Instead of Control & Roles
  32. 32. How we do it
  33. 33. How we Inspect Generate feedback, and collect data
  34. 34. Feedback Loop Planning BusinessCode
  35. 35. Code Test Driven Development Continuous Integration Acceptance Criteria
  36. 36. Plan Short Iteration Flow Based Process Metrics
  37. 37. Business Business Metrics Customer Involvement
  38. 38. How we Adapt Iteration Plan Retrospective Continuous Improvement
  39. 39. Iteration Plan Change Priority Change Scope Change Time Change Budget
  40. 40. Retrospective We discover action to be implemented Process Technical Business And We measure the outcome
  41. 41. Continuous Improvement Adopt well known practices
  42. 42. Continuous Improvement Create new practice based on your needs
  43. 43. Continuous Improvement Drop no more useful practices
  44. 44. Agile is more than a set of practices
  45. 45. Agile is a Culture
  46. 46. Be Agile!
  47. 47. Marco Trincardi Agile Coach @Trink0