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this is my english project

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  1. 1. ABOUT INSPIREO Inspireo is a small town located in the middle of the Democratic Republic of Unitopia. Inspireo’s main focus is to build a community where everybody’s voice is heard. We believe that each person has their own needs that need to be taken care of, and so we do our best by satisfying their needs by providng for all. We hope that you will visit us very soon ABOUT INSPIREO ABOUT THE SYMBOL We are the Inspireo community The leaves around the picture founded in 1987, focusing on represents sustainability and the creating a better comfortable and environment, Also the right sustainable society. Our exquisite represents good and purity cuisine is one of a kind and is symbolizing justice. The man known world wide. symbolizes a voice for the people, U n l i k e o t h e r p l a c e s , I n s p i re o the earth the man is holding is only believes that everyone should live one-fourth of the globe symbolizing side by side, helping each other and that we are slowly destroying our being by each other’s side without planet, it also talks about the disturbing their privacy. globbal warming issue. Lastly the background image is a a picture of REMEMBER “TWO a developed place meaning that H A N D I S A LWAY S Inspireo is not just modern in the looks but also in the mind. BETTER THAN ONE” INTERESTED? Call 159-876-763-009 or EMAIL- Imagination is more important that skill
  2. 2. INSPIRATION IS THE BIGGEST ADMIRATION........................................... .............. RULES Inspireo Animal 1) Right to free speech The inspireo 2) No Littering society animal is 3) M u rd e r i s a g a i n s t t h e the antlered law :P hare. It os only found in 4) Any kind of Assaults are Inspireo. It also against the law b re e d s d u r i n g 5) Everybody has a right to autumn and is 2 vote ft tall 6) Vandalism is against the law 7) Shop-Lifting is against the law 8) No drinking and driving 9) Drugs are illegal 10)C a n n o t have an unregistered weapon at home
  3. 3. SCHEDULE AGE CHILDREN UNDER 10 YOUNG ADULTS 11-19 ADULTS OVER 20 DAY MON If under 4, then should be attending Continue with the secondary education If you are under 22 means that you must nursery. If under 5, then should be process. Once you turn eleven, you have be attending college during the day. If you attending kindergarden. If over 5 then to also continue with your hobby and take are over 22 you must get a job to should be attending elementary grade it up professionally. (its like an alternative financially support you and sometimes school. in your career) your family. TUE Same as monday for kids under 5. If the Same as monday Every adult must meet in the community child is over 6 then should be allowed to centre at the end of the day to plan the pick a hobby to get better at to later upcoming events perfect. (activities will be help after school in a separate location) WED All children should be sent to the health Same as monday SAME AS MONDAY centre for health check up (twice per month) THURS Similar to tuesday Same as monday SAME AS MONDAY FRI Baby sitting nursery open, can stay over if Are allowed to hand out anywhere they Same AS MONDAY but you get half the any problems want to after school. :P day off SAT FREE DAY FREE DAY FREE DAY SUN Church in the morning CHURCH IN THE MORNING CHURCH IN THE MORNING
  4. 4. We are the Inspireo Community Known for its exquisite cuisine, Inspireo offers a varitey of food from its one of a kind cusine. Call 159-876-763-009 or EMAIL-