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Resume format for recommendations

  1. 1. Esther Rodulfa 5500 Cordona St., Lanham, MD 20706 (240)603 6764 CUMULATIVE G.P.A.: 3.57692 SPECIAL COURSES (HONORS, A.P., I.B., ETC.) TAKEN: • AP Biology • AP Calculus • AP Literature EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (CLUBS/ATHLETICS): • Drama Club • Gospel Choir • Asian Club • Dance Club • Concert Chorus ORGANIZATION: • The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) - Member since April of 2009 up to present (January 2010) COMMUNITY SERVICE/VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: • ESY Summer School (July 2009) - Assisted teachers and assisted teaching special Ed students • Feed the Homeless (June 2007) - Served the homeless people with free breakfast • Vacation Bible School (June 2009) - Assisted teachers in class activities and fun games and keeping the children under control • Community Forklifters (2008) (An organization that promotes less waste and cleaner and better environment through reusing and repairing building materials then, selling them in cheap and affordable prices.) - Helped in mixing paints and organizing disassembled donated nuts and bolts to their proper groups. Also, I helped in making sure that materials such as appliances and other donations are in their proper places • Tambourine Dance (2007-Present)
  2. 2. - Train(ed) other children/youth in learning contemporary dances involving a tambourine WORK EXPERIENCE: None LEADERSHIP: Secretary of the National Honor Society (At Parkdale High School) AWARDS: • Honor Roll Awarding Certificate (2007 up to present) • 4.0 Awarding Certificate (2007-2008) SPECIAL SKILLS: • Proficient with Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer • Tambourine Dancing • Playing basic piano • Soloist • Singing Soprano FAVORITE ACADEMIC SUBJECTS: • AP Biology • AP Calculus • PreCalculus • Chemistry • Psychology INTENDED COLLEGE MAJOR: WHY?: • Biology Reason: Biology had always amazed me in many different ways. Since it involves, basically, the study of life and its components such as nature, microscopic organisms, variety and behavior of animals, structure and function of diff. organism (including humans), etc., I became astounded by them and very much interested in learning the depth of Biology. Ever since I was young, I greatly appreciated the beauties of nature and had always been curious about the how and why of the mechanism of life. Now that I am becoming closer to the end of high school and the beginning of another journey in life at college, my desire to learn the
  3. 3. deepest parts of Biology is still firm. And also, by majoring in Biology, it will serve as a preliminary for my aspiration to be a Pediatrician. PERSONAL AND STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: • Personal Strengths: - Great listener to people who desperately need someone to talk to - I make peace with people around me or people I’m associated with - Try my best to calm an argument or absorb the conflict between two people - Have Confidence in expressing my talents - Know how to stand my ground (based on my personal beliefs) and not “go with the flow” - Encouraging people and bringing out the best in them - Possess dedication a persevering drive and to study and obtain excellent grades - Impervious of emotional disturbances or life problems or rebound from them when studying - Try my very best to help people with their problems even though I’ve never had their experiences - Slow to anger • Personal Weaknesses: - Fear of REJECTION - A wimp at times - Really gets emotional, depending on the circumstance - Overcoming disappointments - If not studying, unable to quickly rebound from bad experiences - Unable to control my anger once I get mad - When something REALLY AND TOTALLY upsets me, I cry - Easily upset - Easily discouraged - Tend to be pessimistic or sometimes a pessimist HOBBIES/SPECIAL INTERESTS: • Working with children • Internship on child care • Internship on working with chemicals • Internship or volunteer work as a nurse or pediatrician at remote places in Africa, Philippines, and other needy countries • Experience skydiving • Working with or for doctors or clinics while studying • Meeting prominent people in the medical field • Hands-on chemistry lab
  4. 4. • Wildlife Adventure • Being part of a dance team